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17 Reasons Valentine's Day Was So Much Cooler In The '90s

No Instagram posts of bouquets!!!

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1. No thrill compared to opening your box of valentines at the end of the day.

2. Maybe you got a Lisa Frank card, if you were really lucky.

3. Or *swoon* this one.

4. And you would choose very carefully which cards to give to certain boys...

If you got this one... ouch.

If you got this one... ouch.

5. Instead of drowning your unrequited love in white wine, you got turnt on cookie cake.

6. Or on the ultimate Valentine's Day treat:

7. You probably gave your crush a mix CD, which was SO much better than a Spotify playlist.

BIanca J / Via Flickr: 42795492@N07

8. Or if you were too chicken to burn a CD-R, you would play your favorite love song over and over, just thinking of them.

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9. If you had good friends, they would send you a VERY IMPORTANT candygram.

If you were popular, you would get at least three.

If you were popular, you would get at least three.

10. And everyone knew the Disney valentines were the coolest.

Instagram: @disneygirlprobz

11. Like, this one meant you were at the peak of your game.

12. But the best valentines were the ones that came with SUGAR.

13. You probably ate a lot of these cookies, too, which seemed Valentine's-y for some reason?

Abby_patterson / Getty Images

14. And soooo many of these.

15. Texting wasn't a thing yet, so you raced home and waited for your crush to call your family landline.

16. And when they didn't, your mom definitely let you have your favorite ice cream.

17. But at the end of the day, you REALLY only wanted one thing for this holiday:

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