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17 Valentine's Day Cards Full Of Hot Love And Emotion

You can have my heart or we could share it like the last slice.

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1. This one that tells your boo just what to do:

Nostalgia Collect, $6.50.

2. This one that makes sure the sentiment really sinks in:

Rumble Cards, $4.46

3. This honest confession:

PabloPanda, $5.81

4. This one for the apple of your eye:

5. This one that took the words right out of your mouth:

Let Me Draw Your Picture, $4.

6. This one that kills two memes with one stone:

darlingBhumen, $4.

7. This one that captures all the greatest hits:

Hunny Bunny VNTG, $3.99.

8. Or this one that captures his greatest move:

Redbubble, $3.02.

9. This one that makes a promise you can keep:

YeahOh Greatings, $4.

10. This beautiful artistic rendering of your passion:

ECTOPLASMIC prints, $5.50.

11. This one that knows how crazy love makes you:

Nocturnal Paper, $4.

12. This one that asks the question for you:

Let Me Draw Your Picture, $4.

13. This one for the cutie you'll always share your password with:

Adventure Of Letters, $3.50.

14. This one that's perfect for your motherflippin' BFF:

BestPlayEver, $5.20.

15. This one for the girl who won't take it wrong:

Adventure Of Letters, $3.50.

16. This one with a surprise twist:

PrimpPrints, $5.

17. And this one for the one you want to share the last slice with:

BEYGOODco, $4.44.