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17 Valentine's Day Cards Full Of Hot Love And Emotion

You can have my heart or we could share it like the last slice.

1. This one that tells your boo just what to do:

2. This one that makes sure the sentiment really sinks in:

3. This honest confession:

4. This one for the apple of your eye:

5. This one that took the words right out of your mouth:

6. This one that kills two memes with one stone:

7. This one that captures all the greatest hits:

8. Or this one that captures his greatest move:

Redbubble, $3.02.

9. This one that makes a promise you can keep:

10. This beautiful artistic rendering of your passion:

11. This one that knows how crazy love makes you:

12. This one that asks the question for you:

13. This one for the cutie you'll always share your password with:

14. This one that's perfect for your motherflippin' BFF:

BestPlayEver, $5.20.

15. This one for the girl who won't take it wrong:

16. This one with a surprise twist:

17. And this one for the one you want to share the last slice with:

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