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25 Pictures Of LGBT Couples Then Vs. Now That'll Overwhelm You With Joy

"I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life."

We recently asked LGBT members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us pictures of their relationship through the years. Here are just some of the heartwarming submissions:

1. At the March on Washington in 1993 and celebrating the holidays in 2018. —Nick Cardello

Nick Cardello

2. We met on MySpace in 2005, but she lived in Illinois and I was in North Carolina. Five years later, she flew out to meet me for the first time. The first picture is our first night together. We married two years later. Now we have two beautiful boys. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. —jamieb25

3. We met online in 2010. On our first date, I was so nervous that I smacked him in the face with my umbrella. Cut to now, and we have gone on so many adventures and done so many things. I can’t imagine him not by my side. He makes me laugh and feel special every day. —JD and TC

4. The top photo is from Aug. 2007 after dating for two months. The bottom photo is from Dec. 2018 after 11 and a half years together — a life to be truly proud of and grateful for. I can’t wait to see what the future brings! —Kate Hendrickson

Kate Hendrickson / Via

5. 2008 to 2018. —Mike RT

Mike RT / Via

6. Then vs. now. —Andrea N Rago-Craft

Andrea N Rago-Craft / Via

7. We started dating in 2009, got married in 2015, and are still in love in 2019! —billymd

8. 2006 vs. 2018: dating for 14 years, married for seven! —allies45482021f

9. 2008 to 2019: five degrees, one marriage, and one baby later. —anance119

10. 2011 (nervously taking our first picture together) to 2018 (preparing to celebrate three years of marriage). It really did get better. —jennt4d388eb84

11. We met in 2014, and she immediately stole my heart. We have stood by each other during some of the hardest moments of our lives. There will never be a day when I’m not grateful for all the love she's given me and the sacrifices she's made. We have come so far. She continues to be a blessing every single day! —s413d7ed10

12. The top picture was taken about a week before we were officially dating, back in Nov. 2011. The bottom picture was taken in Jan. 2019. We've had our ups and downs, but the truth is I'm still as in love with her today as I was then. What I like most about us is that we have grown together and overcome so many things. We aren't officially married, but I refuse to call her just my girlfriend after all we've gone through. She's my wife, and I know she thinks the same about me. —florsiem

13. First love to forever love! Life took us apart to teach us some lessons, and now we get our happily ever after! —samanthac4de31d2a6

14. 10 years, one wedding, and a kid later. Thanks, MySpace! —heatherh4b31aacc7

15. In 2007, we were friends; in 2017, he asked me out on a date; and in 2018, he proposed to me. —seans4d9d5057d

16. Casually on a boat in 2009, and celebrating another birthday as a married couple in 2019. —timb24

17. 2009 to 2019. —heathers400386fe0

18. 2005 on our first date to 2019 on a family trip with our son. —malv

19. 14 years, one house, one wedding, and triplet 2-year-olds later, we are tired. —sarahr428809935

20. 2010: trying to pretend we were just “friends” to spare family and friends' feelings while trying to sort out ours. 2018: happily married for almost five years with two beautiful kiddos and a wonderful life. ♥️ It can be hard/scary/heartbreaking to find yourself, but it’s 1000% worth it. —Cassie Mae Elizarraraz

Cassie Mae Elizarraraz / Via

21. 2012 to 2019. We've changed quite a bit. 😂 —Casey Shaw

Casey Shaw / Via

22. Almost 11 years and three kids later. Love is forever. And more. ❤️ —Karin Nylund

Karin Nylund / Via

23. 2012 and 2018. We will have been together seven years in June. —Nathaniel J. Shafou

Nathaniel J. Shafou / Via

24. 2011 and 2018. —Keith Ryli McDonald

Keith Ryli McDonald / Via

25. Celebrating almost 31 years together! —Paul Fogarty

Paul Fogarty / Via

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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