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19 Products To Keep You From Screwing Up Your Valentine's Day Dinner

Slobber now, slobber later.

1. A dinner cookbook chock full of GOOD recipes because engagement chicken and sex pasta are just plain dumb.

2. A dry rub seasoner for smearing on a tantalizing concoction.

3. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that let's you slit, pit, and slice up avocado for the perfect guac.

4. A pair of cut-resistant gloves so you don't dress the salad in blood.

5. This mandolin slicer to evenly slice cheese, veggies, and other oh-so-romantic eats for a top-notch presentation.

6. A pretty place-setting sheet for serving (and easily cleaning up) the sloppiest of meals.

7. A sushi bazooka so your SO thinks that you used a bamboo mat to make picturesque rolls.

8. A cauliflower tool for zipping through ingredient prep.

9. A silicone spatula that's heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F, will prevent a sitcom-style fire-alarm snafu.

10. An instructional pastry mat that'll help you master the art of rolling out dough.

11. A simple knife sharpener that gives you some versatility.

12. A seasoned cast-iron skillet that's ready for your culinary creations.

13. A lemon squeezer that'll help you juice up a variety of dishes.

14. A pot lid-holder and spoon rest to keep your counters (and dinner prep tools) pristine.

15. A rapid egg cooker so there'll be one less thing you have to keep an eye on.

16. A scraper to rake up every morsel of dough and clear the way for more food prep.

17. A small cooking torch for melting cheese, browning meat, carmelizing sugar, and handling other fiery tasks.

18. A pair of kitchen shears to cut through strips of bacon, romaine, whatever.

19. And a microplane so you can actually get the perfect consistency of cheese or citrus zest that a grater just can't manage.

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