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12 Pandora Rings And Bracelets You Need In Your Life

Buy one for yourself or send to someone who should get one for you!

1. A tiara ring because, let's face it, you're a Disney princess IRL.

2. A ~charming~ bracelet that reminds you of your favorite place.

3. A unique, sparkling leaf to wrap around your finger.

4. A charm bracelet that'll make you paint with all the colors of the ~wind~.

5. Colorful, stackable rings that you bring life to your fingertips.

6. A Disney-inspired bracelet that'll keep your fave characters close at hand.

7. A straight-up Mickey and Minnie charm bracelet to show your fandom.

8. Daisy rings that feel totally dainty and special.

9. A classy rose and silver charm bracelet that you can wear just about anywhere.

10. A cute little heart to brighten up your day.

11. A pearl and star duo to look effortlessly ~cool~ all the damn time.

12. A lil' themed bracelet to celebrate the hobbies that mean the most to you.

Treat yo'self or get ~treated~, gurl.