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12 Pandora Rings And Bracelets You Need In Your Life

Buy one for yourself or send to someone who should get one for you!

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. A tiara ring because, let's face it, you're a Disney princess IRL.

Instagram: @theofficialpandora

This sterling silver ring features a cubic zirconia center stone and feels oh so whimsical.

Get it for $45.

2. A ~charming~ bracelet that reminds you of your favorite place.

Did you study abroad in London and LOVE it? Or maybe you just like to wind through the streets of Paris with a fresh baguette? Let a travel bracelet take you there.

Travel-inspired charms start at $40.

3. A unique, sparkling leaf to wrap around your finger.

This cubic zirconia-studded ring is set in a blush-hued metal and will shimmer *all* *night* *long*.

Get it for $100.

4. A charm bracelet that'll make you paint with all the colors of the ~wind~.

Instagram: @validitydgedkee

These glass beads come in every color and offer various features like inlaid cubic zirconia stones, painted floral designs, faceted shapes, and a lot of shimmer.

Glass beads start at $40.

5. Colorful, stackable rings that you bring life to your fingertips.

These sterling silver and crystal rings come in every color of the rainbow and can be used to represent a birthstone or maybe just someone'e ~signature color~.

Each ring is $45.

6. A Disney-inspired bracelet that'll keep your fave characters close at hand.

These hanging, enamel charms depict the most ~iconic~ princess dresses.

Each charm costs $65.

7. A straight-up Mickey and Minnie charm bracelet to show your fandom.


Pandora's Disney collection has a range of charms to rep your fave characters, and materials range from enamel to silver and beyond.

Disney charms start at $50.

8. Daisy rings that feel totally dainty and special.

These sterling silver daisy rings are peppered with tiny cubic zirconia stones. Wear them alone or stack 'em up.

The daisy band (on ring finger) costs $65 and the larger daisy ring (on middle finger) costs $60.

9. A classy rose and silver charm bracelet that you can wear just about anywhere.

Mix metals with silver and rose charms.

Rose charms start at $40.

10. A cute little heart to brighten up your day.

This dainty ring is perfect for wearing stacked or solo.

Get if for $45.

11. A pearl and star duo to look effortlessly ~cool~ all the damn time.

Mix and match with these mini sterling silver darlings. The raised, freshwater pearl is framed with cubic zirconia accents. As for the star ring, its shimmering cubic zirconia pave says it all.

Get the pearl ring for $85 and the star ring for $36.99.

12. A lil' themed bracelet to celebrate the hobbies that mean the most to you.

Sylv Hughes / Via

Do you love sailing? Or maybe you're obsessed with your dog? Perhaps you're a huge a football fan? Pandora offers 24 hobby-oriented charms so you can find the perfect fit.

Hobby charms start at $35.

Treat yo'self or get ~treated~, gurl.