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15 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About "The Sims" That Sum Up Your Dating Life

Happy WooHoo — I mean Valentine's — Day!

1. When dating doesn't come easy:

2. When you're single for a reason:

3. When dying this way doesn't seem so bad:

4. When your love life isn't the only thing that's not together:

5. When you're reminded of just how single you are on Valentine's Day:

6. When flirting isn't your strong suit:

7. When your Sim's love life is more progressed than your own:

8. When you feel more connected to your bed than any living human:

9. When you mix up the rules of relationships:

10. When you still kiss like a middle schooler:

11. When all your friends are in relationships and you're sitting there like:

12. When you avoid the awkward questions at family dinners:

13. When you're just trying your best:

14. When you at least try to make up for your shortcomings:

15. When you think you have all the knowledge you need:

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