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17 Times You Wished Nick Jonas Was Your Valentine

♫ You got me in chains for your love♫

1. When he was fire:

2. When he played ball:

3. When he stared straight into your soul:

4. When he was V chill:

5. When you wished you were this piano:

6. And when you wished you were J.Lo:

7. When he was dapper AF:

8. When he looked like a damn model:

9. When he was thinking:

10. When he supported Sick Kids Toronto:

11. When Shania Twain did this:

12. When he and Demi were BFF goals:

13. When he showed off his bod.

14. When you wished you could go hiking with him:

15. When he was super classy:

16. And when he held his niece:

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