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23 Products For The Brooklyn Girl In Your Life

No matter which neighborhood she's from.

1. This map that spells out all of the borough's neighborhoods.

2. A travel mug for her to have with her favorite Brooklyn deli coffee and bagel every morning.

3. This chic black tee, especially if she's Brooklyn-Italian.

4. This comfortrer that's absolutely Fabo-lous, like the rapper.

5. This handmade necklace to rep the borough in.

6. A Brooklyn Lager tulip glass, if she's a beer drinker.

7. An oversized Biggie T, so maybe she'll quit stealing your clothes.

8. Spike Lee socks!

9. This throw pillow cover.

10. This dope jersey, with an old image of a Coney Island Beach crowd on it, by Brooklyn based apparel Kid Super.

11. If a bangle is more her style, try this pretty personalized one.

12. This makeup pouch for any lady who is also a HOVA aficionado.

13. Timbs. Only IF she's dead ass. Perfect for post snow day iced sidewalks.

14. This clock, to remind her of summer days on the boardwalk.

15. A Big Poppa sweatshirt.

16. An MTA phone case because for a majority of us, the subway is life.

17. This tote.

18. A beanie of Brooklyn's home team.

19. This timeless novel. An American classic.

20. A sleek pair of sneakers, to win at street style.

21. A pizza name plate ring because pizza is an essential part of the Brooklyn diet.

22. A wall tapestry with one of New York's most iconic bridges on it.

23. And Licensed To Ill vinyl. Beastie Boys for life.

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