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March 19, 2013

"High Probability" Syria Used Chemical Weapons

President Bashar al-Assad accused rebels of a deadly chemical weapons missile attack on Tuesday. Rebels rebuffed the claims and blamed the regime. At least 25 people died and more than 110 others were injured in the town of Khan al-Asal, Syrian state media said.

What Is A Subtweet?

Additionally: what is an "intimifave," or a "canoe tweet," and why do they all make everyone so upset?

David Brent, 10 Years Later

Ricky Gervais revived his classic character from The Office for Britian's Comic Relief special. Good news! David Brent still making music. And he's made a tune called "Equality Street."

Pope Francis Celebrates Inaugural Mass

The new pope urged world leaders to care for the poor and helpless as he officially began his ministry as leader of the Catholic Church. Before the Mass started, the pope spent time greeting the hundreds of thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square and even left his Popemobile to bless a disabled man in the crowd.

U.S. Defense Contractor Charged With Spying

Benjamin Pierce Bishop allegedly hid his relationship with a Chinese woman from the government even though his position and security clearance requires him to report contact with foreign nationals.

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