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March 17, 2013

New Nair For Hair Down There Ads

I, for one, am not rubbing that stuff anywhere near my stuff.

Emma Watson Will NOT Be Doing The "50 Shades Of Grey" Movie

Watson cleared up that rumor for us over Twitter.

Ad-Creep Creep Is Getting Creepier

Teen girls' thighs. Subway commuters' armpits. The peephole in your front door. Where will ads show up next?

Here Is The NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament Bracket

Start figuring out what arbitrary method you'll use to make your picks.

Beyoncé's New Song "Bow Down" Is HARD

She is not messing around at all on this track, which will presumably be on her next album.

Marilyn Manson's Exit Strategy Leads The Weekend Links

Plus Kate Middleton being adorable, mind-reading headphones, and the bus ride from hell.

SWAT Officer Attracts Ridicule After He¿s Pictured With His Rifle Sight On Backwards

A SWAT team in upstate New York is being held up as an example of the difference between military and police training after an officer was captured peering through a backwards sight on his combat rifle.

Halle Berry Has More Box Office Magic Than "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"

But Oz: The Great and Powerful has the most magic of all.

Dan Stevens From "Downton Abbey" Looks Totally Different

The Matthew Crawley we all knew is dead.

The Narwhal Is The World's Most Magical Animal

If the unicorn of the sea isn't already your favorite animal, it should be.

9 Images From The Massive South Carolina Fire

About 110 homes were affected by a fire in the Carolina Forest.

28 Life Lessons From "Hey Arnold!"

These were things to live by then. And continue now.

Police In Riot Gear Break Up University Of Dayton St. Patrick's Day "Disturbance"

"I feel like I'm in Project X," one person tweeted.

19 Cats & Dogs Who Came Face To Face With Their Doppelgängers

Everyone has a twin somewhere out there, when will your dog and cat meet theirs?

Judge Finds Steubenville High School Football Players Guilty Of Rape

Two players sentenced to at least one year in juvenile jail.

Signs A Girl Likes You

The "yawn and lean"? The "lean and touch"? These are just some of the signals you should be able to read.

28 Amazing Graffiti Vans And Trucks

All via New York City, the street art capital of the world.

Kim Jong-Un Will Launch On America The Minute He Sees This Painting

Way to go young man, you just started World War III.

Justin Timberlake Is Apparently Releasing Another Album In November

Or at least that's what Questlove is saying.

Stella 34 - Eat - Thrillist New York

Since you likely already have all the sensible cardigans you'll ever need, here's another reason to step foot in the Herald Square Macy's: a completely legit sixth-floor restaurant with sick views of the Empire State Building. Dodge those…

North Korea Uses Live Artillery In Drills Near Border As Kim Jong Un Continues Threats

The exercise was personally supervised by leader Kim Jong Un, who has issued a series of inflammatory threats against South Korea and the U.S. in recent days.

'Healer' Infects With HIV

A music teacher who allegedly ran an off-the-books acupuncture practice has been indicted on charges of intentionally infecting 16 people with HIV.

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