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March 12, 2013

How To Stud Anything

Jk, jk. Amost anything. But really, please don’t spend tons of cash on something with studs on it — learn to do it yourself.

Welcome To Facebook's Midlife Crisis

Facebook's most important feature, its social graph, is getting old. And it's not clear the company knows what to do about it. Why app developers are planning for the worst.

Glenn Beck To Debut His Own "60 Minutes"

Amid a growing debate about the future of conservative media, The Blaze's For the Record aspires to 60 Minutes-level credibility, run by Beck's own "Woodwards and Bernsteins."

Mila Kunis, Will You Be My Date?

College senior Kirsten Bledsoe created a YouTube video to ask Mila Kunis to her school's spring dance at Hollins University. Can't blame a girl for trying.

What Did You Learn From "The L Word"?

In spite of ourselves — and the show's many flaws — we are still talking about The L Word. It says as much about the show as it does about the lack of lesbian characters on television. With that in mind, we asked the internet one simple question: What does The L Word mean to you?

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