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March 20, 2013

The "Spring Breakers" Apparel We Really Need

Yes, a Spring Breakers clothing line is happening. Might we suggest including some of these items?

Reddit's "Explain Like I'm Five" Series Is Just The Beginning

Reddit's general manager says other subreddits will get the video treatment soon too.

Who Is In The Trunk On "Pretty Little Liars"?

The season finale ended with a cliffhanger as the girls opened the trunk of Wilden's car and found — cue credits. Here are a few ideas.

7 Tips For Picking Your Bracket If You Know Nothing About Basketball

Go ahead and pick teams by mascots or colors, but put a little science behind it. A BuzzFeed original analysis of the last 15 NCAA tournaments.

Chicks Swarm Cat

And yet the cat remains impressively unmoved by it all.

Young Miley Cyrus Looks Exactly Like Gollum

Her words! Plus more celebrity tweets you missed today.

Amanda Bynes Is Clearly Going Insane And Wants To Weigh 100 Pounds On Amy Scarlata's Blog

In case you've been living in a hole or just living a normal life without constant updates from a former Nickelodeon star, just to let you know, Amanda Bynes is publicly having a nervous breakdown as we speak. The All That cast member of yore has been taking to twitter and

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots Through The Years

This week, the notorious party girl posed for her sixth mug shot! See all of her less-than-flattering jailhouse photos

20 Reasons You Shouldn't Date Men Who Wear Fedoras

Friends don't let friends date people who wear fedoras.

Something Cool Actually Happened In A NIT Game

You don't have to make the NCAA tournament to have your One Shining Moment.

Why Are We Afraid To Talk About Gay Porn?

After I was invited by a student group at Corning Community College to give a talk on sex and culture, my presentation was canceled when the school's president found out that I do porn. This is exactly why we need to have more candid conversations about sex, porn and American culture.

Will The "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter Revolutionize Indie Film?

Crowdfunding has been a way of life for indie film for years, but with fractions of the $3.7 million (and counting) banked by Veronica Mars. Could indie films ever measure up?

College Blocks Speech By Gay Porn Star

Conner Habib was invited to speak at an upstate New York community college — until the school's president realized he is a working porn actor. A student says administrators tried to keep students from seeing him speak off-campus as well.

The United States Of Auto-Complete

What do people want to know about your city according to Google?

13 Alternative Haggadahs To Brighten Up Your Passover Seder

Did you know there's a Haggadah for Buddhists? And hip hop fans?

Legendary Manager Suggests That A Baseball Trade Was A "Rape"

Dear Lou Piniella: if you "don't want to use the word 'rape,'" then DON'T USE THE WORD "RAPE."

Gerard Butler Autographed Some Girl's Head

This is silly because you can't sell your head on ebay.

42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

No one should feel pinges of guilt at your wedding when they decide to throw out your useless wedding favor. So make it something indispensable, as opposed to just putting more crap out there into the world.

Watch The Dropkick Murphys Chokeslam A Nazi On Stage

"Nazis are not f**king welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show."

Then & Now: Harmony Korine

In 1995, the writer-director of Spring Breakers got the Sassy treatment.

Obama Goes Conservative With March Madness Picks While Marco Rubio Lives Dangerously

Rivals' political leanings don't extend to tournament strategy.

Ryan Gosling To "Take A Break" From Acting

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

How Gchat Controls Your Life

What is it about those little boxes that makes you feel so confessional?

How To Have The Best Beauty Swap Ever

Forget clothing swaps — this new party idea has it all: friends, booze, and makeup galore.

Win Your March Madness Pool Using Devious Trickery (i.e., Math)

Winning a pool doesn't mean picking the most likely winners; it means making picks that distinguish you from the pack. Here's how to find the teams that will win you cash money dollars, not just a high score.

31 Tips For Achieving The Perfect Duckface

With this guide, you'll be duckface-ing like a pro in no time flat.

Cereal Mascot Madness - Entertainment

Sure, Wheaties may be the breakfast of champions, but cereals packed with sugar are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of people who sit around watching those champions play college basketball. Plus, the cartoon characters who grace their boxes are… Using a selection committee made up of the foremost authorities on cartoons who endorse breakfast foods that taste better than bananas, CMM pits 16 of the country's, nay, the world's most epic spokestoons against each other in a seeded NCAA Tournament-style bracket. You vote each week on who you like more (and/or think would win in a knife fight -- why not!), and the mascots with the most votes will advance until a champion is crowned. First up: the Cereal Mascot Madness Sweet Sixteen...

Bill Maher Complains That His Taxes Are Too High // Current TV

Bill's only getting what he's asked for all these years...More taxes What is shocking to Bill is that when they rant about taxes,

Is Hollywood America's Best Truth Teller On Iraq?

A few impressive projects, a few bombs, and a kick-ass movie by the guys who made The Matrix in the works. Hollywood’s quest to tell the truth about the Iraq War.

32 Board Games You Might Not Know Existed

This list will make you wish you had the Urkel board game.

Everything You Need To Know About Dailymotion, YouTube's Dark Alter Ego

The last big video sharing alternative to YouTube has a history of picking up seedy content that the video giant won't touch. And Yahoo is interested.

33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

They just...they just CAN'T right now.

American Eagle Is Currently Offering Spray-On Skinny Jeans

Either American Eagle thinks that teenagers are actually going to spray their naked bodies with blue dye OR this is a very early April Fools' prank.

Could Airport Blues Change The Sequester Narrative?

The most powerful voting bloc: annoyed airplane passengers.

2010 Amanda Bynes Vs. 2013 Amanda Bynes

Alternate title: How Amanda Got Her Twitter Groove Back.

30 Signs That You're A Buckeye

So, you went to Ohio State University? Congrats on attending the best school ever!

16 Songs That You Didn't Realize Were Dirty As A Kid

Wait, THAT'S what "ride it, my pony" really meant?!

20 Baby Animals Say Hello To Spring

Today is the March Equinox and we'll be celebrating with these little guys.

The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

The Internet loves sloths and so should you.

19 Tacky And Confusing Moments From "MTV Cribs"

Décor depression. It's a real thing. You may experience it after reading this post.

Watch A Massive Bridge Explode In Super-Slow Motion

Infrastructure renewal turned into art.

Will Lawrence O'Donnell Be The Next MSNBC Host To Go?

Maybe he'd prefer a job that doesn't “offend [his] artistic sensibilities"?

Obama: U.S. "Will Investigate Thoroughly" Reports Of Chemical Weapons In Syria

"We intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened," Obama says."

Katherine Webb And Some Other People Debuted On ABC's Splash

Still riding her wave of fame from the BCS Championship Game, Katherine Webb made her debut on ABC\'s Splash and did worse than Louie Anderson.

Donald Faison And Zach Braff Are The Ultimate Best Friends

Can't think of a better IRL celebrity friendship.

The Real Face Of The Sequester

This isn't cancelled White House tours, these are real people losing pay and losing their jobs. Today's sequester news, as reported by local cable news outlets.

14 People Who Probably Should Have Cleared Their History

Some people need to learn about Incognito windows the hard way.

The Best Of The “Mean Mad Men” Tumblr

Mean Girls + Mad Men = Genius.

How To Build The Ultimate Office Setup For March Madness

The games are on, but you're "working." Here's how to build a desk-based 360-degree basketball experience.

The 13 Most Bizarre Anti-Smoking Print Ads In The World

This isn't the usual batch of ads you've seen elsewhere.

College Basketball's Freshmen Were Garbage This Year

After a year in which a freshman-powered team won the national championship, the top recruiting classes have struggled mightily. What changed?

The 18 Best Tyrion Lines From "Game Of Thrones"

The Halfman says the darnedest things.

Victory For Gay-Friendly Mayor Of Lima Still Troubles LGBT Activists

Leftist Lima Mayor Susana Villarán survived an evangelical-backed recall election on Sunday. LGBT activists, though, say their cause was sacrificed to keep her in office.

15 Matzoh-Free Recipes For Passover

Matzoh may be kosher for Passover, but that doesn't mean it tastes good. (Think cardboard.) Here are a few alternatives.

Michelle Shocked Responds To Anti-Gay Rant Reports

The singer pens an open letter to fans. "I'm very sorry: I don't always express myself as clearly as I should."

How The Military Is Controlling Online Speech — By Embracing It

Soldiers are legally prohibited from speaking out against the military. But an official site encourages them to do just that.

What Uniform Is Tina Fey Wearing In This Photo?

From this leaked footage of the new Muppets...Again! sequel, she looks like a Soviet-era Russian.

Powerful "Last Letter" To Bush And Cheney From Dying Iraq War Vet

Tomas Young, who was paralyzed on his fifth day of deployment in Iraq in 2004 and is now dying of complications from that injury, writes to the men who sent him to war. (via TruthDig)

"Stop The Madness" Was "We Are The World" Of Anti-Drug PSAs

The ‘80s taught us that anything can be accomplished through an all-star music video.

15 Reasons We Must Liberate Little Jon Hamm


13 Adrenaline Rushes For The Everyman

Essentially, this video is like bungee jumping for broke people. Also, please don't do any of these things.

15 Quotes That Show That Mr. Rogers Was A Perfect Human Being

Your favorite neighbor would be 85 today. Happy birthday!

This Guy Needs Your Help To Remove His Pornsite Face Tattoos

Billy "The Billboard" Gibby, who legally changed his name to "Hostgator Dotcom," is trying to raise enough money to remove 24 face tattoos he sold to various websites.

23 People You Shouldn't Ask For Help Picking Your Bracket

Trust your instincts, not these "experts."

A Surefire Way To Piss Off Your Girlfriend

Narrated by NBA legend and surprisingly funny person Chris Webber.

J.J. Watt Took His Photobombing Skills To Afghanistan

Maybe we should come up with a different word than "photobomb" in this case.

28 Signs You Were Raised By Persian Parents In America

Dasteh shomah dard nakoneh for reading this.

10 Dresses Worn By Princess Diana Auction For $1.3 Million

The star piece of the lot was the gown Diana wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House in 1985, which went for $363,000.

I Hate Labels So Much, I Decided To Change My Name

Labels have always made me uncomfortable, so I started to try on different ones. Throughout my life, I've changed my name(s) several times, but I've always been more aware of the shortcomings of these labels than their ability to describe who I keep becoming.

Miley Cyrus Is Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again

She'll have you know that she and Liam Hemsworth are still on and she'll tell you while she's wearing a horse-head hoodie.

Melissa McCarthy Masters Choreography On Sesame Street

She can do jazz hands like no other.

Birdwatching's Digital Crisis

The biggest website for birdwatchers is having major privacy issues. Privacy for the birds, that is, not the humans.

Al-Qaeda Operative Indicted In New York

Spin Ghul tried to bomb U.S. facilities in Nigeria and harm personnel in Afghanistan, the FBI says.

Here's A Heisman Winning Quarterback With A Moody Cat

Johnny Football? More like Johnny Footb-AWWWWW!

40 Movies Turning 20

These films came out in 1993… now you and I both feel old.

The Worst Actor In The World

One of the NBA's best players showed last night that he should probably stick to basketball.

Colorado Governor Signs Major Gun Laws Hours After State Official Shot And Killed

The signing comes exactly eight months after the Aurora theater shooting left 12 dead and 58 injured.

Real Or Fake Cosmo Sex Tips?

"These are the techniques that send them over the edge." Yup, sounds about right.

Geri Halliwell Visits The Tigers At The London Zoo

She's got the eye of the tiger.

Of Course There's An Online Fandom For Ohio Shooter T.J. Lane

"T.J. Lane is my spirit animal." NSFWish

Awkward Chatbot Lets You Practice Your Awkward Chatting Skills

Are your conversations with your friends not uncomfortable enough? Give the Awkward Chatbot a go!

Hollywood Has Never Been More Perfectly Mocked

Indie film festival ads perfectly skewer unoriginal big studios.

The Ladies Of Ultra 2013 - Entertainment

Even if you got caught in Ultra traffic and missed the first half of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, there's still a bright side. Actually, way more than one. And they're often wearing similarly bright outfits, if they're wearing anything at all.…

The First Round Of Celebrity Diving On The US Edition Of "Splash"

In the series premiere, Louie Anderson scores higher than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

13 Incredible Tiny Paintings Made Out Of Food

Artist "Red" Hong Yi is making a new food-painting every day in March. (Although it'll be really hard to top the dragon made entirely of dragon fruit.)

The Month That Goats Won YouTube

Beating cats and dogs. Blame memes. Google Trends, which lets you see what people are searching for, is expanding to YouTube. Here are a few more lessons Google has shared with us.

Rebel Wilson Spills Zac Efron's Secret And Talks About A Possible "Hunger Games" Role

"Bridemaids was my first job in America, and basically it was just a week of coming in early every morning and just improvising all day with Kristen and Matt Lucas."

The Funniest Site In Gaming

Welcome to /r/gamingcirclejerk, the community for fed-up Reddit gamers.

The Great Yoga Pants Recall Is Good For Lululemon

They care about their customers' embarrassment in yoga class. You can't say that about many companies, much less people.

By 2050, Hurricane Katrina Could Happen Every Two Years

A new climate model shows the frequency of huge hurricanes skyrocketing as the planet warms.

How To Make Your Own Cadbury Creme Eggs

Because Easter baskets shouldn't be reserved for children.

A Heartfelt Musical Tribute To Google Reader

As far as songs go, this one... well, it contains a lot of information! So it's got that going for it.

How The World Covered The Iraq War

15 international front pages from the start of the Iraq war.

Someone Bought The House Next To Westboro Baptist Church And Painted It Rainbow

An organization called Planting Peace came up with a colorful way to protest the Westboro Baptist Church.

"Microwave Cooking For One" Is A Real 1980s Book

And it's even more depressing than it sounds.

Awkward 1986 Interview Asks Mötley Crüe Blatantly Obvious Questions

"What is it about strip joints that you find so fascinating?"

Power Company Ads You'll Never See In America

One shows the Pope officiating a same sex, interracial marriage. New Zealand's Powershop's ads are the most original power ads you'll ever see.

Justin Timberlake's New Video Will Make You Cry

Justin gets personal and honors his grandparents in the video for "Mirrors."

Everything I Know About Passover I Learned From "Rugrats"

Nobody explained the story of Passover to ignorant gentiles better than Tommy Pickles and his grandpa Boris. Although, I will admit that I'm still a little confused about why ancient egyptians used babies as slaves.

Troian Bellisario And Patrick Adams Are Your New Favorite Couple

They're both on hit shows, but did you know they're a couple IRL? Update: They're engaged!

15 Fitting Fergie Fill-Ins For The Black Eyed Peas

With Fergie's impending hiatus from The Black Eyed Peas here are 15 songstresses who could TEMPORARILY fill her spot between and what's.his.face and the other whats.his.face!

David Axelrod's First Month At MSNBC

Nice work if you can get it.

Obama: "I'm Ready To Win Some Money" In March Madness This Year

President tells ESPN he's "feeling good" about his bracket.

Suicide Bomb Levels Pennsylvania Home

A grisly act of revenge leaves one dead and two injured.

23 Kitties Of Congress

Ready for the Feline Government?

America's Unhealthiest Places Are Also Much More Violent

Counties with the worst health also have far higher rates of violent crime, birth to teenage moms, and childhood poverty than the healthiest counties, according to new research.

Reenactments Of 12 Famous Photos On The Simpsons

As if you needed another reason to love the show — history lessons!

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To George Osborne Joining Twitter

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has started tweeting ahead of his Budget announcement. And everyone is determined to give him a warm welcome.

South Korea Suffers Server Outages At Major TV Networks, Banks

Computer networks of the nation's key broadcasters and banks were completely paralyzed Wednesday in what appeared to be a cyber attack, police said.

13 Pictures Of People Ice Swimming

As the winter season comes to an end, people in Poland, Russia, Germany, and China decide to go for a dip in icy lakes.

Firefighters Rescue Subway Construction Worker Trapped In "Muck" 100-Feet Deep

An ambulance was on the scene to take the worker to an area hospital. He was said to be stable and talking, CBS New York reports.

10 Ways To Seduce Jess Day

If you're Nick Miller that is. Spoilers for this week's New Girl episode.

Religious Right Could Be Left Behind By New GOP Plan

Abandoned by the Establishment, beset by libertarians, the base is playing defense.

Remember When Chris Brown Was On "The O.C."?

I do. Yes, this is real life.

Cory Booker Tries To Show He's A Team Player

At a campaign event for New Jersey's Democratic candidate for governor, Barbara Buono, Booker plays a role he's not used to. "El Futuro Barack Obama!"

35 Remarkable Photos From The Iraq War — And The Stories Behind Them

War photographers tell the shocking, sad, and scary stories behind the images they captured during the Iraq War.

Lindsay Lohan's Latest Mugshot

Lindsay turned herself in to the Santa Monica Police department today, resulting in her latest mugshot. She was released immediately because her jail time is being wrapped up into her rehab sentencing.

This Photobombing Dog Is The Best Thing To Happen To Craigslist In A Long Time

Safe to say that this pooch has what it takes to be a photobomb legend.

11 Disney Stars Who Shed Their Wholesome Images

They may have started in family-friendly fare, but they've moved on to more adult projects.

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