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    15 Matzoh-Free Recipes For Passover

    Matzoh may be kosher for Passover, but that doesn't mean it tastes good. (Think cardboard.) Here are a few alternatives.

    1. Baked Potato with Ricotta and Tomatoes

    Without bread, it's important to keep up on carbohydrates. Recipe here.

    2. Passover Granola

    A breakfast go-to. Make a big batch at the beginning of the week and it should get you through all eight days. Recipe here.

    3. Eggplant Roll-ups

    You've heard of fruit roll-ups, yes? These are nothing like those! Recipe here.

    4. Coconut Pavlovas with Tropical Fruit

    We all know Passover is a great excuse to eat dessert all day, every day. Recipe here.

    5. Vinegar Coleslaw

    If you're sick of lettuce by day three, try making a large batch of this instead. Recipe here.

    6. Lavender-Earl Grey Flourless Chocolate Cake

    It's also gluten-free. Recipe here.

    7. Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho

    8. Mini Crustless Quiche with Asparagus and Oven Dried Tomatoes

    Don't let the "crustless" part get you down. Some of the best things in life are better crustless (ahem, PB&J.) Recipe here.

    9. Lemon Rosemary Roast Chicken & Potatoes

    Chicken can be bland at times. Add some great flavor. Recipe here.

    10. Frisee and Wild Mushroom Salad with Poached Egg

    Seriously, lettuce can get really boring during Passover. Try putting an egg on it! Recipe here.

    11. Vegetable Tian

    Recipe here.

    12. Slow Roasted Salmon with Tarragon and Citrus

    Omit fennel seeds as they are not kosher for passover. Recipe here.

    13. Beef Brisket with Lemon Oregano Sauce

    Recipe here.

    14. Quinoa and Asparagus Salad with Mimosa Vinaigrette

    15. Braised Lamb with Roasted Squash and Onion Sauce

    You will need to omit the cardamom in this recipe as cardamom is not kosher for passover. Recipe here.

    And of course, every dish needs corn-syrup free ketchup.

    Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews follow different dietary rules during Passover. Please adjust ingredients based on your restrictions.