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    Justin Timberlake's New Video Will Make You Cry

    Justin gets personal and honors his grandparents in the video for "Mirrors."

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    "Mirrors" opens with a dedication – "For William and Sadie" – to Justin's grandparents, who were married 63 years. His grandfather, William Bomar passed away last year.

    The video depicts his grandparents' love across generations – from meeting in the 50s, to rolling around on shaggy carpet in the 70s, to the couple in old age. The video's "Sadie" remembers her husband by re-enacting memories in the bedroom featured in the other time sequences.

    Justin doesn't show up until the 5:45 min. mark, when he catches his grandmother's wedding ring.

    It's a moving tribute, but more somber than we would've imagined. Keep the tissues close.