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March 9, 2013

Arizona Knows What's Up Because It Doesn't Do Daylight Savings Time

If only the rest of the country could get it together like AZ.

Drunk Driver Sues Friend, Restaurants After Crash Kills Two Teens

A man with five DWIs to his name killed two young women while driving drunk in 2010. He is now suing the restaurants who served him alcohol that night and the friend who he says let him get behind the wheel.

Meet The Pope's Oddly Costumed Bodyguards

The Swiss Guard: The Secret Service meets court jesters.

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake's Best 'SNL' Skits Of All Time

The "Suit & Tie" singer is bringing sexy back to Saturday Night Live when he hosts the show for a fifth time this weekend

16 Extra Large Condom Ads From Around The World

Most of these are via real ad agencies. Exactly zero (0) of them are real ads that ran in real publications.

So Long, Apps: How Hardware Took Over South By Southwest

Forget CES: Austin is where you show your new gadgets. An old-school turn for the tech world's trendiest show.

New "Star Trek Into Darkness" Trailer Will Get You Totally Pumped

The new action-packed trailer features more Spock and McCoy, and a solid shot of Benedict Cumberbatch as the movie's villain.

432 People Who Think The White House Is Trying To Hide This Photo

Obama's not actually trying to hide this, guys.

The Most Fab Or Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

Is Solange Actually Beyoncé's Daughter?

LOL, well, that's what some people on the internet think.

Is This Guy Charlie Sheen's Son?

The following photo is of a Norweigan who came to an unfortunate realization in the mirror after learning that his mother allegedly had an affair with Sheen years and years ago.

A Democrat And A Republican Play 'Ask A Tea Partier'

“The reason why we lost in this last election is because they gave us a moderate,” Hughes says. “Somewhere the establishment — sorry, Rockefeller Republicans — kept telling us that the moderates are the ones that win. They don’t.”

What Happened When Johnny Carson Asked Lily Tomlin Why She Isn’t Married

Actress Lily Tomlin talks with “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar about her partner of 42 years, Jane Wagner. Tomlin also recalls what happened in 1973 when Johnny Carson asked her on his show if she’d ever get married and have children.

Suicide Bomber Hits Afghan Defense Ministry As Hagel Visits Kabul

Taliban claim responsibility: “This was not a direct attack to target him [Hagel] but we want to send a message that we are always capable of hitting Kabul.”

Booze Products That Won't Stand The Test Of Time

Plus, 49 other strange and sure-to-be shortlived liquors.

Spring Break Destinations

Looking for a vacation that doesn't make you worry about the future of humanity?

Celebuzz Live Twitter Party On Ashlee Holmes' Links

Celebuzz Live Twitter Party:Join Ashlee Holmes, Todd Bridges, and Celebuzz for our weekly Twitter Party! recorded on USTREAM. Other Entertainment

2014 Porsche GT3

Once you behold this, there's no going back.

Reddit's Victim Complex

The Reddit panel at SXSW went terribly wrong. A powerful site struggles with introspection.

Nicolás Maduro Sworn In As Venezuelan Acting President

Venezuelan opposition challenges Nicolás Maduro's legitimacy as Venezuela's interim president, Guardian reports.

Schmidt's 10 Commandments Of Being A Renaissance Man

If we've learned anything from watching New Girl, it's that Schmidt wants it all. P.S. Ladies can be Renaissance men, too.

151 Years After They Perished At Sea, Civil War Soldiers Buried At Arlington National Cemetary

One hundred and fifty-one years after the Civil War ship the USS Monitor sank off the North Carolina coast, two unknown crewmen found in the ironclad’s turret were laid to rest. (via AP)

Expressing Feelings

This week, a reader with a non-communicative girlfriend asks for advice.

Drinking And History

Men have been waking up hungover for millennia. Here's how our drinking culture has evolved.

David Sirota On Chávez: America Should 'Ask If There's Anything We Can Learn From [his Record]'' contributor David Sirota looks at the legacy of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Shockingly, income inequality in the U.S. is twice that of Venezuelan citizens under Chávez’s leadership.

Clippers Star Lamar Odom Fell Asleep On A Bench During His Child Custody Hearing

Lamar Odom napped while lawyers battled over his child custody case.

Prisoner Gets $15.5 Million For 22 Months In Solitary Confinement

After 22 months of neglect while imprisoned without a proper trial, Stephen Slevin was awarded $15.5 million for his ordeal.

Howard Stern To Replace Jimmy Fallon On 'Late Night?'

NEW YORK, March 6 (UPI) -- NBC is talking with Howard Stern about taking over "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" if Fallon takes over "The Tonight Show," the New York Post reported.

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