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March 8, 2013

Other Anti-American Samira Ibrahim Tweets Emerge

The Egyptian activist thought that the U.S. was funding the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa to help Israel. And called for Egypt to expel all Israeli citizens.

The Voice Of NBA JAM Returns To Call Top 10 Dunks Of 2013

Mr. Boomshakalaka always brings that mid-90s flava.

What Happens When Kids Play With An Electric Fence

Nothing to see here. Just electricity and fun. Certainly nothing happens that one wouldn't expect to happen when playing with electrified farm equipment.

10 Movies I Wish I Hadn't Seen With My Parents

Let's go to the movies they said, it'll be be fun they said. Here are 10 of my personal horrors - which family viewing do you wish you could erase from your memory?

Nobody Liked The White House Tours That Much Anyway

The tours have a thoroughly average 3.5 stars on Yelp. "Worst club in DC. And I got caught planking on secret service car," wrote one reviewer.

Steve Martin Tweets A Mini SNL Reunion

Plus nine other things you missed today on celebrity twitter!

Justin Bieber's Trip To London Proves Again That He Is Actually The Worst On Amy Scarlata's Blog

Remember when there was actually a shred of something to like about Justin Bieber? The cute kid with a bowl cut, who was living the American (Canadian) dream? More recently though he's been trying to thug it up and can't seem to keep his pants above crotch-level. His fancy sweats

31 Actresses That Went Gay For Pay

These (supposedly) straight actresses have switched teams for television and movie roles, sometimes more than once. And we love that about them.

30 Highly Questionable Disney Inspired Tattoos

These people are expressing their love for Disney in some pretty adult ways.

A Bulldog Puppy Who's Also A Cowboy

And 19 more in this week's Instagranimals Roundup!

27 Ways To Maximize Space With Room Dividers

Just think of all the things you can do with your new "wall." You can paint a mural on it, push a desk up against it, or even project a movie onto it. Just don't assume that your roommates won't hear you having sex behind it.

Truly Incredible Picture Of A Sloth Getting Her Makeup Done

This is a picture of CC the Sloth from the Staten Island Zoo getting her makeup zone before her appearance on the "Today Show." That is all.

The 10 Ways Musicians Ironically Cover Hip-Hop And R&B Songs

Oh, yes, please, show me the "Bitches Ain't Shit" cover you put on your Youtube channel...

Dress Your Best: Job Interview

A reader came to us for help. We showed him how to dress professionally while leaving personality intact.

Guess What Happens To These Kids Playing With An Electric Fence

Hint: They get electrocuted. (Don't worry. They're fine.)

The Trailer For Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring" Is Out And It Looks Amazing

Sofia Coppola directs Emma Watson and Gavin Rossdale in the film based on the crime spree that targeted Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Where To Find Every Baseball Statue In America

With more than 200 baseball statutes spread across this country, from Seattle to the Deep South, you've got to know where to look.

39 Ways You Know You're A True Wiffleballer

There are some things you never outgrow.

High School Kid Wins Game For Wrong Team

An Oklahoma high school lost at the buzzer when their own player scored on the wrong basket. But hey — this kind of thing happens, even to the pros.

Anna Kendrick Is Single Again

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Humanity's Long Road To Colonizing The Moon

We've only been seriously trying for almost 400 years. We'll figure it out eventually.

How To Hunt A Yeti

With a visual assist from the Supernatural cast. If you're going to hunt monsters, you better bring the professionals.

The Evolution Of "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" Book Covers

Which one these covers did your book have?

Animals March Madness, Round One: Otters Versus Lambs

It's time, people. Time to decide: otters or lambs. See the full bracket here, and find out how to vote at the bottom of this post!

14 Delightful Things You Didn't Know About "Jumanji"

The family film that was also kind of terrifying

Relive Your Y2K Freakout In 19 Steps

New Year's Eve, 1999: You embrace for the impending demise of civilization. Or just nothing.

Hockey Player Punches Ref In The Face, Is Banned For Life

First rule of sports: don't punch the ref in the face.

24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

If they say no after all this, they're an actual monster.

Should These Foods Go On Your Face Or In Your Mouth?

I tested eight weird food face masks to see whether or not they make more sense on your skin or in your mouth.

Everything You Are Missing By Not Following James Franco On Instagram

For starters, the doll version of himself that he carries around everywhere. And oh so much more.

17 Of The Most Creative Wedding Invitations Ever

A selection of the most creative wedding invitations the Internet has ever seen. Let's all get married to each other now!

20 Things We Learned From The Cast Of "Parenthood"

Find out which TV family members live together in real life, and which actor's family cries the most watching the show. We spoke to the cast of Parenthood on the red carpet at PaleyFest.

14 Things We Can All Appreciate About Neil Degrasse Tyson

When you declare that everyone's favorite underdog planet is no longer a planet, you become a pretty polarizing figure. But Neil Degrasse Tyson really has a lot going for him.

The Rewards Of Being White, Male And A Rule Breaker

Rule-breaking pays off for white men, but not so much for everyone else. Major success often requires taking risks, a new study shows — but women and people of color often pay a price.

Jimmy Kimmel Made Fun Of Kobe Bryant And Kobe Laughed Like A Lunatic

Kobe's laughter was clearly covering up the fact that he wanted to murder Kimmel on the spot.

How To Break 15 Laws In 33 Seconds

Law enforcement professionals, please don't watch this.

Hugo Chávez Won't Be The First Embalmed Leader To Be Put On Display

The Venezuelan President will join a small group of world figures to have their bodies preserved and put on display for eternity.

15 Reminders That Bruce Springsteen Is A Stone Cold Fox

I mean, have you seen his butt in a pair of jeans?

7 Best Ads Ever On A Taxi

Including the famous Sopranos stunt. It's a great way to grab a lot of eyeballs, if it's a great idea.

This Illustrated Malala Yousafzai Quote Might Make You Cry

The wonderful Zen Pencils created this powerful cartoon based on a quote by Malala Yousafzai, who is recovering from being shot in the head by the Taliban. She has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The New High-Security Sexting App For Discerning Teens

A new app called iDelete promises to step in where Snapchat falters, by "protecting" you from screenshots. You can still take them, but it's trickier.

Your Official NBA Eastern Conference Rooting Guide

We're getting close to the finish of the NBA season, and it's time to choose a horse. A go-to horse that can score in the clutch.

Here's A '70s Board Game Based On Crappy Weather

For when you're snowed in with your parents and forced to play a game about the miserable circumstances that brought you there.

The 16 Pros & Cons Of Having A Girl Best Friend

Yes, we hang out with only each other. No, we're not dating.

17 Awful Date Night Ideas That Will Make Your Partner Breakup With You

Warning: Only try these if your goal is to be alone for the rest of your life!

Jesse Metcalfe In The Snow

Bobby Ewing's not accustomed to the snow in Dallas.

21 People Who Might Need New Friends

Re-think some of these friendships people.

WIN A Trip To The LA Premiere Of The Host On We've Got You Covered's Blog

The Host premiere is going down in Hollywood – and you can be there to celebrate! Buzznet is giving one lucky fan and their guest an amazing all-expense paid trip to the City of Angels to attend the World Premiere of the highly anticipated new film based on the book by Stephenie

13 Pandas Who Aren't Even Trying Anymore

What's the point of it all.

Kevin Smith Is Writing "Clerks III"

He even showed off some of the writing. A film twenty years in the making...

When The Breast-Feeding Vs. Formula Wars Hit Home

I was unable to breast-feed my newborn. But why do I still feel so guilty about feeding my baby formula?

It's Time To Stop LOL Abuse

A PSA for the most used and abused abbreviation of our generation.

The 32 Greatest Justin Timberlake Dance Moves Of All Time

If you can replicate every move, you are, by definition of '90s boy bandom, on the road to bringing sexy back.

This Pot-Bellied Russian Man In A Speedo Is A Better Dancer Than You

A large man in a tiny speedo dances his heart out in the Russian viral video.

'90s Female Alt-Rock Songs That Spoke To You

Sixteen songs you had on your high school mixtape and what they said about you.

Puerto Rican ATM Prints Out Highly Offensive And Hateful Receipt

This incredibly homophobic receipt has been going viral on Latin America social media, causing an outrage in the Puerto Rican LGBT community.

Norwegians Are So Bored They're Broadcasting A Ball Of Dough

Half of Norway once tuned in to a 134 hour live broadcast of a ship's voyage. Who's to say this is absurd?

Soccer Ref Runs Away From An Angry Mob

There were armed guards there! They did nothing.

How All Football Players And Coaches Feel About Kickers

A hilarious candid look from Ohio State practice.

Watch A Miami Security Guard Drag An 82-Year-Old Singing Woman Off A Train

“He snatched so hard until I fell. I fell backwards."

The 30 Funniest Conversations You'll See On Tumblr

Tumblr is full of bright, funny people who share their lives with tight-knit communities in very profound, meaningful ways. It's also full of these people.

The Jobs Report Is Wrong

What headlines say about the monthly jobs numbers is actually no more accurate than chance. A BuzzFeed original analysis.

James Dean In The Most Eerie Set Of Photos He Ever Took

In early 1955, he posed for some photos that gave a haunting premonition.

17 People Forced To Hold Signs As Punishment

You've seen Dog Shaming... Welcome to the magical(?) world of People Shaming.

John Fugelsang: 'I Stand With Rand' — But Not All Of His Plan

But there’s one thing friends, that I can’t understand — If Senator Paul’s the civil liberties man, As he claimed to be when he took that brave stand, Why do so many liberties not fit in his plan?

"After Earth" Trailer Doesn't Grasp How Evolution Works

Danger is real, fear is a choice, and evolution hates humans so much it'll speed up just to kill us. M. Night Shyamalan directs Will and Jaden Smith on their sci-fi bonding experience.

Just Eva Longoria And A Cat

That cat looks miserable, no?

Blind Dog And His "Seeing-Eye Dog" Looking For A Forever Home

Meet Chico and Jack, two Australian Cattle Dog mixes who are looking for love — as long as they can stay together. Everyone needs someone.

Kittens Show You How To Start A Knitting Group

Because who knows yarn better than baby cats? No one, that's who. Got tips? Contribute below.

Cats Still Rule The Internet With An Iron Fist

Their fluffy reign knows no borders. Artist According To Devin accurately captures their pervasive influence.

The 15 Best Moments In 20th Century Drunk History

These people (and a few dogs) know how to rage.

Liev Schreiber Shirtless And Pouring Water All Over Himself

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good day.

Rob Gronkowski: Tom Brady Always Wears "His Tight Little Shirt"

"He's always got fashion showing," said Gronk, before showing his OWN fashion with a little runway modeling.

10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

They're under 400 square feet total and are almost too adorable to be real. All for sale via Tiny House Listings.

Every Lesbian & Bisexual TV Character Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The folks over at AfterEllen have taken on the role of the sorting hat. Complete with appointed head of houses and prefects, wait till you see who made the cut for “she-who-must-not-be-named.”

Justin Bieber Apologizes For Attacking The Paparazzi

Here's video of Justin yelling "I'll beat the fuck out of you" to a paparazzi after an altercation in London. He's had a rough week.

This Man Is Not A Burrito

Chip Clark is squatting the Twitter account @Chipotle. Here's a glimpse into a life hounded by complaints about bad burrito bowls.

Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails - Drink

As the age-old proverb says, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Give a man some Samoas & liquor, and he'll turn them into an awesome cocktail." And since Girl Scout cookies are just now going on sale, we sexted a trio of the country's… The Samoa by Kevin Diedrich, Jasper's Corner Tap, San Francisco How to make it: Measure out 2oz bourbon. Drink it. Nicely done! Okay, now measure out 2oz more of bourbon, plus 1oz cream, 1/2oz creme de cacao, 1/2oz egg white, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Shake it all w/ ice, then top with the namesake cookie and shredded coconut (toasting coconut with flame torchy thingy optional). The Tagalong by David Alan, Bar Consultant/Author, Austin How to make it: Take 2oz rum, 3/4oz peanut rum creme, 1/4oz vanilla creme de cacao, and 2 dashes of mole bitters, shake it all vigorously with ice and strain it into a coupe. Now garnish with a mini-spoon scoop of peanut butter. Whatever you do, don't Skippy that step. The Thin Mint by Justin Fairweather, Evelyn Drinkery, New York How to make it: Procure 1oz London dry gin, 3/4oz creme de menthe, 1oz creme de cacao, 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, a handful of mint leaves, and 4 cookies. Put them all in a blender, pulse them until they're almost smooth, then pour directly into your mouth a 16oz pint glass. (Samoas photo in grid via

4 GIFs Of Justin Bieber Lashing Out At The Paparazzi

Chill out, Bieber. But we get it.

This Woman Named Her Son Jihad And Sent Him To School In A Shirt That Read "I Am A Bomb"

She claims that she simply wanted to let everyone know when her 3-year-old son Jihad's birthday was. She's currently charged with "glorifying crime."

15 Bizarre And Awesome Bacon Paintings

Bacon? Check. My Little Ponies? Check. Dentures? Present.

How Do I Hit On People On Twitter?

Stars. It's all about stars. Also: How many pictures can you post of your kids?

Tina Fey To Paparazzi: "Go Fuck Yourself"

This is what happens when you ask Tina Fey about her "feud" with Taylor Swift.

Topanga Covers Maxim

Well, Danielle Fishel the real person covers Maxim, but she'll always be Topanga to me.

Ain't No Corgi Like A Japanese Corgi

'Cause a Japanese corgi don't stop!

High School Wrestler With No Arms And No Legs Is Awesome

He's kicking ass, so what's your excuse?

Bin Laden's Son-In-Law Pleads Not Guilty To Conspiracy To Kill Americans

Al-Qaida spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith makes his case from a federal court in New York.

13 Delicious Ways To Say "And"

Photographer Emily Blincoe beautifully combines photography and typography for a series she calls "This Ampersand That." The ampersand has never looked so good.

The 13 Cheesiest Songs About Pizza

These hungry musicians have all written odes to the holiest of foods.

28 Haunting Photos Of Fukushima, 2 Years Later

Schools and streets remain eerily deserted as workers rebuild the nuclear power plant.

Speechwriters? What Speechwriters?

There's only one way for a president or ex-president to compose his work, according to anonymous people around him.

Lee Merlin, Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957

The pageant was created to celebrate the continuous nuclear testing at Yucca Flat, Nevada, a mere 65 miles from Las Vegas.

"Veep" Season 2: Exclusive First Look At The Poster!

The HBO comedy, starring the Emmy-winning Julia Louis-Dreyfus, returns April 14.

Republicans Hit Judd Over Kentucky Residency

National Republicans aren't taking the actress' potential Senate challenge to Mitch McConnell lightly.

South By Southwest Isn't A Kingmaker Anymore

"The secret's out." How SXSWi morphed from a tech insider cabal to a party week for startup spring breakers.

The Wonderfully Weird Bus Tour For Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing"

The cast of the Shakespeare adaptation piled into a tour bus to travel from L.A. to the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Things got... interesting. (UPDATED!)

Senator Takes Part In Heartwarming Twitter Proposal

Virginia Senator Mark Warner took part in a Twitter proposal between Brett Wanamaker and his press secretary, Beth Adelson. This is the cutest thing ever.

Growing Up In The World's Deadliest City

Thanks to a truce in the drug wars, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, for the first time in years, no longer has the world’s highest murder rate. But for a generation that grew up around constant violence, the fight for normalcy is just beginning.

Lana Del Rey Is A Time Traveling 60s Mod

Perhaps she's discovered the fountain of youth?

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike

North Korea says it is scrapping all non-aggression pacts with South Korea and closing its hotline with Seoul, BBC reports.

The Brazilian Sex Doll Virginity Auction Leads The Evening Links

It's basically impossible to describe how creepy this is.

Shameful New Teen Pregnancy Ads

Shameful to mothers, shameful to children, shameful to the City of New York.

The 16 Worst Types Of People On Twitter

Looking at you, people who love to humblebrag!

Mobile Computing

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all scrambling to innovate. Will the Galaxy S4 show us the way forward?

Marilyn Monroe's 1954 I.D. Card

The starlet's government issued I.D. was recently up for auction at Bonham's.

Justin Bieber Collapses During Concert In London

Justin Bieber collapsed due to breathing difficulties. After going backstage for 10 minutes, Bieber returned and finished his show. UPDATE: Justin Bieber shares Instagram saying he is "Gettin better listenin to Janice Joplin."

Rand Paul's New Friends

A filibuster, plus friendly relationships with key Senate elders, has made Paul newly popular in Congress, where his father spent lonely decades as Dr. No. "

Foods To Help Grow Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Dull hair, thinning hair, dry hair -- all a reflection of how healthy your diet is. If you start getting more vitamins and minerals every day you can turn those bad hair days around

Pit Viper Sunglasses - Own - Thrillist Nation

Because only David Caruso can pull off those other shades, check out Pit Viper Sunglasses: awesomely ostentatious, military-grade sunnies "built to make your every move seem like that of a Greek god". Sporting hand-painted, '90s-esque frames, each pair's lenses are not only powerful enough to protect your peepers from both sun and lasers, but're also capable of stopping a freakin' bullet traveling at 650ft per second.

28 Passover Mains For A Seder Of Any Size

This holiday is all about including guests, which can mean anything from a huge crowd to a small circle of friends. Here's how to cook for any scenario.

Report: Chris Brown Argues With Bodyguard In Bermuda

HAMILTON, Bermuda, March 7 (UPI) -- U.S. recording artist Chris Brown was involved in an altercation with his bodyguard, a Bermuda airport worker told the Bermuda Sun Thursday.

Mel B Booed At 'America's Got Talent' Auditions

Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B had a rough first day on the set of her new gig as a judge on "America's Got Talent." TMZ broke the news, reporting Tuesday that the former Spice Girl was loudly booed by the audience after she made some potentially rude…

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