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March 4, 2013

The 15 Snobbiest Moms On The Internet

Urban Baby is like Reddit for snooty New York City parents. The people who posted to a thread about what makes someone a "striver" will scare you.

19 Reasons To Be A Good Tipper

The number-one reason to be a good tipper is because it makes you a good person. But these other reasons are pretty good too.

Batman Is Real, Delivers Wanted Criminal To Police Station

The Caped Crusader, as it turns out, is British and could probably stand to lose a few pounds. An unidentified man in an ill-fitting Batman outfit escorted a wanted burglar to a police station in northern England, then disappeared awkwardly into the night.

Florida Home Where Man Was Swallowed Alive By Sinkhole Being Demolished, Body Still Not Recovered

The house where Jeff Bush, 37, was sucked into the earth is in the process of being knocked down. Authorities hope to get a better look at the sinkhole and finally reclaim Bush, who is presumed dead. Demolition crews are attempting to save as many family keepsakes as possible during the sensitive operation. The demolition will be completed today.

Test Apple News Image

With competitors such as and Whyd, it may not be the most original idea, but newly-launched Songdrop — which is perhaps best described as a ‘Delicious for music’ — is a fun and well designed take on solving the music discovery and sharing problem, at least for music fans that live outside of the paywalls of services such as Spotify. Today the company is announcing its first round of funding. SOIC Capital, a seed and early-stage fund that largely focuses on social fashion and music startups, has invested £100,000 (~$150k) in the burgeoning London-based company.

Snow Kills 8 In Japan

Heavy snow this weekend on Hokkaido island in northern Japan killed eight people, including a family trapped in a buried car. The storm caused six-and-a-half-feet drifts and derailed a bullet train in Akita prefecture, south of Hokkaido.

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