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    29 Insanely Easy Ways To Get Ready For Easter

    Having the fam over for Easter this year? Use these tips and tricks to stay stress-free.

    1. Use a toothbrush to make speckled eggs.

    Flickr: ljc_pics

    Dip the toothbrush in brown dye and flick the bristles to create a speckled effect.

    2. For an easy place setting, wrap utensils in orange napkins and fasten with a green pipe cleaner.

    Get more information here.

    3. If orange and green aren't your thing, make bunny napkin holders out of pipe cleaners.

    Get the instructions here.

    4. Or master the bunny napkin fold.

    Get the directions here.

    5. Add simple painted dots to napkins for pops of color.

    Directions here.

    Get the instructions for these neon dot napkins here.

    6. Use a whisk to dye Easter eggs the fast and easy way.

    Place egg inside of the whisk and dip into the dye. More info here.

    7. Use a (clean) rubber ear syringe to blow out egg contents.

    8. Carrot crescent rolls stuffed with tuna or egg salad make for a festive snack.

    Get the directions here.

    9. Use up leftover Peeps by making colorful s'mores with them.

    10. Or make a bouquet of Peep kabobs as a centerpiece or a gift.

    11. Dye your eggs with Kool-Aid.

    Your kids will appreciate the smell more than vinegar. Get more information here.

    12. Turn a crudité tray into a bunny.

    So cute and easy. Get the directions here.

    13. Easiest dessert ever: chocolate pudding cups with rainbow Twizzler carrots.

    Get the instructions here.

    14. Decorate the easy way by filling a pretty umbrella with flowers.

    An umbrella is a subliminal way to conjure up spring and April showers. Better Homes and Gardens says: "If using real flowers, create a simple vase with water in a plastic resealable bag. Secure at the base of the flower stem with a rubber band."

    15. Use clear adhesive glue dots to make really easy polka-dotted glitter eggs.

    Get the full instructions here.

    16. Follow this tip to keep hard-boiled egg yolks from turning green:

    17. Serve all the drinks with impaled-Peep straws.

    Just thread a straw through the center of the peep.

    18. Make Lego Easter eggs by gluing round mints and painting over them.

    19. Cut a triangle into one end of a burrito for a bunny-inspired lunch.

    20. Cracker sandwich pops are just as cute as cake pops, only much easier to make.

    Get the directions here.

    21. Peeps in a glass vase make for an easy centerpiece.

    22. So do carrots and lettuce.

    23. For a bare-bones, au naturale look, hang eggs off of bare branches.

    Get more details on making your own Easter egg tree here.

    24. Use painted egg cups to display bulbs.

    Or, you could display your dyed eggs in them.

    25. Get the kids Easter-ready with simple DIY bunny pants.

    You could use fabric paint or iron-on felt cut into bunny shapes.

    26. Refashion thrift-store teacups to hold flowers, candy, or dessert.

    27. Make the easiest and cheapest garland ever with paint chips.

    Get the directions here.

    28. Craft a burlap table runner.

    Hopefully no one spills anything on the bunny tails. Get the directions here.

    29. Use coffee filters to make egg-nest flowers.

    Get the directions here.