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    30 Ways To Make Drinking Tea Even More Delightful

    As if that were even possible.

    Fact: everyone digs tea.

    These lemurs know.

    It's a wonderful bonding ritual.

    Perfect for a first OKCupid date.

    Or something to enjoy all on your own.

    Sometimes you just want to relax with your own thoughts and some nice oolong.

    So how do you make a perfect thing even more perfect?

    1. For starters: with Lionel Ritchie.

    Available here.

    2. Or Mr. T(ea)

    This is so, so good.

    3. Or this baby sloth doing yoga.

    Available here.

    4. Or Ryan Gosling.

    Available here.

    5. Put your old teabags to creative uses.

    Find out how to use tea to clean your home at Apartment Therapy.

    6. Use origami tea bags.

    Available here.

    7. Make your own heart-shaped tea bags.

    Or cat-shaped, or star-shaped, or rhombus-shaped, or whatever shape your tea-loving heart desires. Directions here.

    8. Turn old teacups into candle holders.

    I did this in my apartment, and although at first my roommates mocked me, now we light them every time we have people over HAHAHAHAHA. Directions here.

    9. Or lamps.

    10. Or planters.

    11. Drink from a sidekick mug.

    Available here.

    12. Or a mug with a pocket cozy.

    This is a great knitting pattern for a beginner. Directions here.

    13. Or a teacup you painted yourself.

    14. Keep your tea close and your cookies closer.

    That doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Available here.

    15. Make sure you're brewing it at the right temperature.

    16. Make your tea last longer with a tea cannister.

    You can prolong its life up to a year. This one is available here.

    17. Label canning jars with chalkboard paint to keep track of loose-leaf tea.

    Directions here.

    18. Store a small amount of yarn in a tea infuser for portable projects.

    19. Invest in some teapot-shaped sugar cubes.

    Whooooa, meta. Available here.

    20. Make custom sugar cubes yourself.

    Directions here.

    21. Keep this important reminder nearby.

    Available here.

    22. Also this one.

    Available here.

    23. Ask for "no water" in your Starbucks iced tea.

    Apparently they're made with half water and half tea, so you'll get twice as much tea (and buzz for the rest of the day) with this order.

    24. Dye fabric or yarn with tea.

    25. Tea-dye an egg.

    An incredibly low-key Easter DIY. Directions here.

    26. Mustachify your mugs and all who drink from them.

    Crochet pattern here and knitting here.

    27. Make a flying tea bag rocket.

    We haven't tried this, so we can't guarantee you won't set your house on fire, but if it works it's totally awesome. Directions here.

    28. Get a T(ea)-rex infuser.

    Available here.

    29. And a hedgehog tea cozy.

    Available here.

    (Hedgehogs, as we all know, are a crucial part of teatime.)

    30. And wherever you go, make sure the rest of the world knows what time it is.

    Available here.

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