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    21 People With A Healthy Sense Of Perspective

    Listen, everything can't be all Zima and kitty cats all the time. Sometimes it's healthy to think realistically about the world.

    1. The family man who wrote this book:

    2. This realistic student:

    3. The world's okayest mom:

    4. This discount bakery:

    5. The people behind this inspiring message:

    6. The employees at this nuclear reactor:

    7. Ethan:

    8. These box salesmen:

    9. This real estate agent:

    10. The manufacturers of these shoes:

    11. Shane Zellow:

    12. This PSA sign vandal:

    13. This person who is technically correct:

    14. Arias:

    15. Anyone who calls Crayola out for their BS:

    16. The janitorial staff at this pool:

    17. People trying to cut back on their energy intake:

    18. This bum/amateur therapist:

    19. People who take their clothing literally:

    20. The owners of this house:

    21. This bag thief sympathizer: