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March 6, 2013

"I Knew You Were Tribbles" Boldly Goes Into Taylor Swift Territory

The trouble with tribbles is they make great subjects for catchy songs.

9 Crucial Things You Won't Learn In Culinary School

It's all fun and games until it's time to work in a real restaurant and they're paying you, not the other way around.

A Glimpse Into Google's Brain, Hidden In A Spreadsheet App

Give it two examples, and Google's spreadsheet can make a list of almost anything. A strange peek at how Google — and by proxy, the internet — sees the world.

23 Reasons Leggings Are The Worst

Was there ever a more confusing and confused item of clothing? I think not.

Indiana Dude Makes Super Racist Video Called "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian"

One of his major complaints is that all Asian people look alike.

Why Marilyn Hagerty Is A Better Writer Than You

Everyone is missing the point.

11 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Jose Canseco is painting Donald Trump, plus 10 other celeb tweets from today.

Crucial Booze Hacks For The Accomplished Drinker

All these hacks were worth a try. And some are worth doing over and over.

What Do Hugo Chavez, Mother Teresa And Chris Christie Have In Common?

"I give the Obama-Christie alliance a 10. And not just because they resemble that number when standing side by side." —John Fugelsang

Sugar Ad Features Very Wrong Cupcake Image

Uh, those are NOT sprinkles.

Drugs, Sex Toys And Other Things One Woman Saw Cleaning Mansions For A Living

"I had to go back into the bedroom to grab the vacuum, and the homeowner was standing in his massive closet, butt-naked."

32 Hilarious Rejected Vanity Plates

And the most commonly rejected words, from the Washington, DC DMV. "Cat" and "dog" are surprisingly common.

Say Hello To Emma Watson's Brother, Alex

Yes, there is a male version of Emma Watson in this world.

Vintage Anatomical Charts Claim Hip Size Determines A Child's Intelligence

In 1942, women with wide hips were all the rage, and mens bodies were built for violence. Yay science!

Horror Stories Of Snapchat

Snapchat has made its way into the hallowed pantheon of internet lit known as creepypasta. Here are reviews of spine-tingling tales about the photo messaging service.

The Definitive Modern Hip-Hop Alignment Chart

Jay-Z is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Drake is Luke Skywalker, and Kanye West is Han Solo. Sorry, but it's totally true.

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Saying "Awww"?

If you "awww" EVEN ONCE, you lose. Are you up to this challenge? It will not be easy, but it's important. OK, ready?

What It's Like To Be An Only Child

Sure, you get your parents' undivided attention — but that's not always a good thing.

"Dynasty” Fragrances: A Glimpse At ‘80s Glamour

This was the perfect complement to your shoulder padded Nolan Miller ensemble.


Most people under 35 aren't establishing the greatest careers. Here's why.

Amazing Irish Cheesecake For St. Paddy's Day

Made with Cashel blue — Ireland's first farmhouse blue cheese. YUM.

How Rope Was Made The Old Fashioned Way

This is a clip from the BBC series Edwardian Farm that shows how rope was made in the olden days. The entire series is availabl

11 People Whose Lives Were Destroyed By Marijuana

Heed the warnings, people! Don't do it! Please, don't do it!

Will Foodies Flock To YouTube?

Three former Demand Media executives joined forces to launch an online multichannel network for foodies. Is this the future of food media?

Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter Among Rumors Liam Hemsworth Cheated On Her

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

9 Nifty Items That Were Created With 3D Printers

3D printing technology is making its way into regular production and the results are really cool. (via Reuters)

The Underground Library Is The Best Idea You'll Hear Today


13 Shots You Have To Be Crazy To Take

Flames, scorpions, and other unorthodox ingredients make these shots for daredevils only. Kids, don't try this at home.

11 Classic Video Games That PETA Should Protest

A brief history of animal cruelty in gaming.

28 People Having A Worse Spring Break Than You

Your parents' couch isn't looking so bad after all.

19 Things You Probably Don't Know About FLDS Polygamists

Hot tip: FLDS stands for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and they're currently led by Warren Jeffs. Did I mention Warren's in prison?

The Yelp For Concerts

ShowScoop is an app that lets users rate musicians' live shows. But can you apply the rules of restaurant reviewing to concerts?

Washington, D.C. Is The Worst During A Snowstorm

When it snows even the tiniest amount in Washington, D.C., the entire city shuts down. In wintertime, there's really sNOw worse place to be.

New Owner Of NBA Washout's Home Describes Basement Shooting Range, Jar Of Urine, Abandoned El Camino

Ex-Sonic Robert Swift's foreclosed on million-dollar home is a garbage-strewn disaster. Its new owner tells BuzzFeed about the scene she found when they arrived to clean it out.

LeBron James' Kids Have Awesome Kid 'N Play Haircuts

LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James are the coolest.

Lego Spill Shuts Down Section Of West Virginia Highway

Thankfully no one was walking barefoot down the road at the same time.

Nicolas Cage Roulette Is Just As Awesome As It Sounds

If you have a Netflix account and can't decide which side of Nic you want to see, then this is the site for you.

Heidi The Rabbit Goes Swimming In A Lifejacket To Help With Her Arthritis

Vet-recommended hydrotherapy is "working incredibly well" for Heidi's hip and knee arthritis and has also proven to be therapeutic for humans who look at these photos.

Never Use That Weird Period On Twitter Ever Again

How to skirt one of Twitter's least-understood rules — and confuse your friends in the process.

Chavez Death Dominates Front Pages Around The World

From Switzerland to Jamaica, the death of the Venezuelan president was the front page story.

WTF Is Up With Justin Timberlake's Hair?!?!

Enough with the relaxer. Enough with it!

Kate Moss Will Be Playboy's 60th Anniversary Cover Girl

According to a secret memo, the photo shoot will take place this week.

6 Easy Tricks That Will Change Your Life

You're living your life all wrong, and you don't even know it. These tips will make you a better person.

8 Studies That Debunk Male Gender Stereotypes

Nature didn't really design men to be especially rational, aggressive, or insensitive. A lot of that has to do with nurture.

So This Is What Cat Armor Looks Like

World domination just got a lot more adorable.

This Rabbi Creates Torah-Inspired Manicures Every Week

"God clearly gave us ten fingers so we could paint the ten plagues on them."

Kate Winslet Talks Sam Mendes Divorce, Ned Rocknroll Marriage

Actress Kate Winslet reflects on the ups and downs of her love life in the April issue of Harper's Bazaar U.K.

Someone Stole Kobe Bryant's Towel

This is the work of a brave soul.

8-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed And Jailed For Throwing A Tantrum

Police officers were called to Jmyha Rickan's school and then detained her for over two hours, all because of a temper tantrum.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Baby Echidnas

True facts about the world's most upsettingly cute creature. You'll never look at an echidna penis the same way ever again.

Kate Hudson's Topless Glamour Cover Hints At Fashion-World Conspiracy

It's a sign: They don't want us to wear shirts anymore.

Remember That Time Ichiro Met Michael Jordan In 1995?

Watch the 22-year-old future Hall of Famer adorably geek out meeting his idol.

40 Awkward Photos From The "TRL" Photo Booth

If you were a star in the '90s or early aughts, you paid a visit to the TRL photo booth.

Loyal Dog Stops Woman From Committing Suicide

A French woman's German Shepherd stopped her from committing suicide by knocking aside the rifle she tried to fire into her heart.

43 Vintage Photographs That Prove Cats Are A Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds have nothing on these whiskers.

"World's Largest Light Sculpture" On San Francisco Bridge Is Beautifully Trippy

Now the Golden Gate Bridge won't be the only Bay Area bridge people care about.

The Cutest 1985 Duran Duran Fan Letter

"You remind me of adorable Cabbage Patch Dolls."

Turns Out The Russian Ballet Acid Attacker Was "Ivan The Terrible"

Of course. Police say dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko confessed to orchestrating January's Black Swan-style attack.

Gabby Giffords At The Site Where She Was Shot: "Be Bold, Be Courageous"

The former Congresswoman and her husband Mark Kelly were holding an event in support of stricter gun control laws at the Safeway where she was attacked in 2011.

Obama To Host Republicans At Posh Hotel As Spending Cuts Deepen

Hoping to break sequester deadlock, Obama and Republicans are sitting down for dinner at hotel with a $1,776 "tasting menu" option.

Chuck Grassley Tells The Stories Behind His Most Famous Tweets

Despite a scare, the Senator now promises his Twitter feed isn't going anywhere. Here, he explains some of his greatest Twitter hits.

No, That's Not "So Gay"

Ash Beckham gives a kick-ass presentation how to deal with derogatory phrases like "That's so gay." She even has flowcharts! Everybody loves flowcharts.

The LA Spring Breakdown 2013 - Drink

David Myers's tucked-away resto is gonna do daytime service this Spring, so instead of martinis or Scotch, build a power lunch around their Nakatomi Plaza cocktail, then just wait for the money to start falling from the sky. In the form of bearer…

City In Georgia Wants To Make Gun Ownership Mandatory

"It's a deterrent ordinance," said Nelson City Councilman Duane Cronic, who proposed the ordinance. "It tells the potential intruder you better think twice." City leaders could make it law next week.

How Much "Sex" Is At SXSW? is an app that lets you send your STD report by text. They think it might come in handy at SXSW Interactive!

8 Facts About America's Craziest Commuters

Prepare for a blast from the past.

Animals March Madness, Round One: Quokkas Versus Cockatiels

Round one continues with some Australian alliteration.

Tiny Toon's Banned Cartoon About The Dangers Of Drinking

Tiny Toon's warned you about how your drinking could get out of hand.

Arrested Miserables Is Exactly What You Think It Is And It's Awesome

The Arrested Miserables blog combines "Les Miserables" and "Arrested Development" to great effect.

If Britney Spears Can Make It Through 2007 Then You Can Make It Through This Day

Its been six years since Britney Spears shaved her head. Let's remember where she came from and pay praise to the power of the Holy Spearit.

The SF Spring Breakdown 2013 - Drink

On April 1st, they celebrate five years with an all-night cocktail & pizza extravaganza. Afterwards, stop by Photobooth to take a tintype that will make you look like you just turned 150yrs old.

Rand Paul: "I Will Speak As Long As It Takes" To Stop Brennan Nomination

The Kentucky senator is filibustering John Brennan, the Obama administration's nominee to be CIA director, over the administration's drone policy.

The 13 Most Annoying Questions People Ask Dogs

Physically written by a human, but with all the true opinions and feelings of a dog.

20 Racy, Funny, Insulting, Creepy "Down There" Care Ads

You know, down there. The ads run the gamut — both female and male ads.

16 Pairs Of Shoes That Don't Make Any Sense

Not that that will stop everyone from wanting them really badly anyway since they were on the Paris runways, and all.

They Actually Tried To Pass Off Carrots As Popsicles During WW2

The year is 1941 and the kids aren't fooled.

Mother Finds "Diet List" In Her 7-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom

"I know this will not be the last time I talk about food and weight and bodies with my daughter; I am just ultra pissed that it had to start when she was seven." (via

Why Hockey Players Should Always Wear Visors

Protect your faces, dummies!

The Horror Of A Female Driven Society

According to Silver Age comics. Don't strain yourself.

First Photos From The Set Of "Anchorman 2"

It's happening! It's really happening!!

The Guy Who Played Kevin G. In "Mean Girls" Is Now A Calligrapher

His real name is Rajiv Surendra, and he's really good at what he does.

4 Reasons Dry Ice Is Badass

What is dry ice? Nobody really knows*. But it's the most awesome substance on the planet. (*Many people actually know.)

Angela Merkel Doesn't Like Her New BlackBerry

Cheer up, Merk! It's just a phone.

This Is What The Florida Sinkhole Looks Like

Detailed wire photos have emerged of the terrifying sinkhole that swallowed a Florida man and destroyed his home.

31 Awesome Perks Of Being An English Major

As if being a bookworm is a bad thing?

12 Iconic, Completely Over-Dressed Pop Stars

Some of these makeup advertisements are downright LEGENDARY.

Ted Cruz Grills Eric Holder On Hypothetical Use Of Drones On American Soil

The Senator wants to know if it would be constitutional to kill an American in a café with a drone strike. "You have to look at all of the facts," says Holder.

How To Make Easy Pasta Carbonara

Crack eggs, boil pasta, throw a party.

Gay And Trans Lawmakers Sit In Polish Parliament's Front Row

Last week, Nobel Prize laureate and former Polish president Lech Walesa said Polish gays should have no rights in Parliament and should be put "behind a wall." In protest, Parliament leaders switched their seats around so gay and trans members could sit front row.

It's About Time We Forget About Dre

Yeah, I got something to say.

James Franco Plays "Marry, Hit That, Or Dump A Pale Of Water On" With Stephen Colbert

As well as discussions about Franco's "fraudness," his upcoming gig on Broadway playing George in Of Mice and Men and also getting schooled in Tolkien by Stephen Colbert.

The Classiest Chimp In Human History Leads The Morning Links

Kokomo did four decades of television work before retiring in 1983. But in addition to being more famous than you, he was also FAR more refined. (h/t Gothamist)

This Is The Exact Way That You Should Not Play Basketball

DeMarcus Cousins has perfected the way you do this game wrong.

Will Princess Leia Be Back For The New "Star Wars" Films? [Updated!]

This casting news is murkier than the inside of a Jawa's hood. What is going on!?

Little Boy Picks His Nose And Does Pee-Pee Dance In Front Of Kate Middleton

And is now a little superstar. Say hello to 3-year-old Ollie Axel, your new favorite Brit tot.

Lobbying Firm Connected To Malaysia Scandal: "We Never Paid A Journalist To Write Anything"

APCO Worldwide says it has nothing to do with the propaganda campaign by the Malaysian government. The lobbying firm is listed in a blogger's foreign agent filing.

Google's Creepy FBI Chart

Just how often does the FBI demand information from Google?

"Age Of Ultron" Creators Discuss Oedipal Complexes And The Destruction Of Marvel

Submit or perish. After years of buildup, Ultron has finally returned to lay waste to the world of man.

Tail Feather Camper - Own - Thrillist Nation

A great alternative for anyone without a vehicle hefty enough to tow a traditional trailer, the Tail Feather's a sub-500lb modular camper that fits in the bed of a small pickup or on a modest utility trailer, and can be fully assembled in less than… Developed by a dude who shockingly found sleeping on the ground uncomfortable, the rig's made of a series of interlocking, weather-stripped panels and -- unless you starred alongside Billy Crystal in My Giant -- is tall enough to stand up in. Plus, despite its portability, it's equipped with creature comforts including a dining area that doubles as a bed, zip-close storage cabinets, screened windows, and even a functioning sink.

Zoo Workers Imitate Mother Gorilla To Save Adorable Baby

After Gladys' mother rejected her, the Cincinnati Zoo helped the young gorilla find a new family.

Leonardo DiCaprio Does A Spot-On Jack Nicholson Impression

During an interview in Japan, Leo showed his skills and adorableness.

A GIF Tribute To The Late Paul Bearer

'90s wrestling icon Paul Bearer passed away Tuesday at age 58.

15 Infographics That Will Make You A Great Dancer

Let these simple diagrams show you how to bust a move like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, or, uh, Elaine Benes.

See The New Knives, Clubs, And Bats Allowed On Planes

TSA's updated guidelines will allow you to carry on things like small blades and pool sticks.

And Now: The Worst Harlem Shake Video Of Them All

But not for any reason you're expecting.

RIP Paul Bearer (William Moody) 1954-2013

WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer. Moody made his WWE debut in 1991 as the manager of The Undertaker and went on to become a memorable part of WWE over the course of the next 20 years.

Justin Timberlake Is Hosting SNL This Weekend

He's also the musical guest, natch. An early reminder to set those DVRs.

Cory Booker Will Make Senate Announcement After Governor's Race

The Newark mayor says he'll wait to make his campaign announcement until after the N.J. gubernatorial race this fall. "It would would be wrong to hold a press conference," says Booker.

Young Christoph Waltz Singing In A Unitard Leads The Evening Links

15 precious seconds of adorable German-language insanity.

Qualities Of A Leader

Here's what it takes to be in the top 10%.

The 17 Most Outrageous Quotes From Hugo Chavez

The Venezuelan president's greatest hits.

Cory Booker "Unapologetic" About Spending Time Outside Newark

The only passage charged with politics in the mayor's State of the City address Tuesday night. Part of an effort to "dismantle these narratives one after the other,” Booker tells BuzzFeed.

Bill O'Reilly Loses It

Who says Fox News is stale?

Robert Pattinson Looks Terrifying With Rotten Teeth

It's for a film he's shooting but OH GOD, MY EYES.

Here Are Your 2013 MTV Movie Award Nominees

Django Unchained and Ted lead the pack, but we're most excited about the new category Best Shirtless Performance.

The 15 Things You Need To Know About Zeke The Plumber

There is a 98 percent chance he left you psychologically damaged when you originally saw him in 1992.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Today's edition of your daily dose of the happenings on celeb twitter.

Here Is The Butt Of Sloth From "The Goonies"

John Matuszak, a former NFL defensive lineman, did a racy Playgirl spread in 1982. Turns out Sloth was really a hot bear. [NSFW for male butts]

Supporters Of Hugo Chávez Mourn In Caracas, Venezuela

Supporters of Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez pour into the streets of Caracas after the announcement of his death.

Heidi Klum Joins 'America's Got Talent' As Judge

The Project Runway star may have plenty of hosting experience, but that doesn't mean she'll be a great judge of singers and dancers -- here's why!

Cinder Block Throwing Robot

I don't want to stand in the way of all science, but I am completely on board with the banning of all research into the creation of a dancing dog robot that throws cinder blocks with ease. Oops, I am too late. And now this is happening.

Pope Resigns 2013: Gay Sex Rings, 'The Filth' Corrupting The Vatican...and Why The Pope REALLY Quit

Sickened by moral corrosion in his own shadowy cabal, Benedict can only rid Rome of its malign influence by resigning... a leading Catholic writer's explosive analysis.

Hindenburg Mystery Solved 76 Years After Historic Catastrophe

The cause of the May 6, 1937, incident that killed 35 of the 100 passengers and crew members on board was static electricity, says a team of experts who have been looking into the real trigger.

British Cyclist Junior Heffernan Killed In Crash With Car During Race

A British cyclist was killed in a head-on collision with a vehicle during a road race in England Sunday while apparently trying to pass to the front of the race.

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