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March 5, 2013

3 Classy Ways To Get Drunk On St. Patrick's Day

Eventually you'll end up soaked in Guinness. Start the day off on a slightly more ambitious note.

Terrence Howard On His Sex Scene With Oprah's "Tig Ol' Bitties"

Oh god, such an overshare. TMI to the millionth degree.

"GIF Graffiti" Takes Animation To The Streets

Graffiti that moves like an animated gif? Street artist INSA takes his graffiti to the next level.

GIFS Are Teaching Art History Now

Do we even need school anymore? You'll retain more about the painting Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time from this GIF than from anything a professor could say.

13 Stores You Will Never Shop At Again

In memoriam to the stores that helped shape your youth.

15 Things That Need To Be Put Out Of Their Misery

Will somebody please end their suffering?

9 Hilarious Examples Of Mortuary Student Test Questions

From necromania to the KKK, a how-to guide for ethical mortician behavior. These are all from the 6th edition of the Funeral Service Compend, a review textbook for mortuary science students, but they're also just solid tips for life.

Hugo Chavez's Final Tweets

The Venezuelan president, who passed away today, sent his final tweets two weeks ago praising his doctors, nurses, Fidel, Cuba, and the people of Venezuela. Translated to English.

Democratic Congressman Praises Hugo Chavez In Death

José Enrique Serrano is a Democratic Congressman representing parts of the Bronx. Serrano worked with Chavez to bring Venezuelan heating oil to the South Bronx.

12 Reasons The World's Most Uncomfortable Clothes Are The Best

Twelve reasons, one name: Alexander McQueen.

21 People Who Are Pretty Sure The CIA Was Involved With Chavez's Death

It's all so obvious, connect the dots, people.

Where Is The Cast Of "Empire Records" Now?

The most underrated/best teen movie of the '90s spawned some great careers and a LOT of police TV drama stars... But what happened to WARREN?!

21 Ways 1999 Could Have Been Completely Different

Your mind is about to be blown.

The 10 Weirdest Film-To-TV Adaptations

Some films make perfect sense as TV series, but most of these will leave you scratching your head.

A Day In The Life Of You And Your Tamagotchi

You weren't living until you had one of these.

13 Creepy Food Faces That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Typing this from the fetal position, AHHHHHH.

Hugo Chávez Is Dead At 58

A look back at the Venezuelan president's life, from the failed coup that launched his career to the cancer that ended it on Tuesday.

Surprisingly Beautiful Junk-Food Prints Lead The Afternoon Links

Cheez Whiz and Kool-Aid and bubble gum don't necessarily bring to mind gallery walls. But artist Matthew Brandt is undaunted by your doubts.

Happy Hamm Tuesday

It's time for a Hamm break. Here he is on the set of Mad Men for your viewing pleasure.

Do Not Use Pixy Stix Instead Of The Flavor Packet For Ramen

"I made ramen noodles using blue pixie stix instead of the included flavor packet and let me tell you friend, I’m about to puke."

Alec Baldwin Is "Not Interested" In Shia LaBeouf's Opinions

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

12 Signs You Were A "Gwenabee"

For the Gwen Stefani-obsessed citizens of the Tragic Kingdom.

This Pizza Delivery Guy Was Tipped $10 For A $1,500 Order

At least that's what his friend is saying on Reddit.

Justin Theroux Has A Hot Brother Named Sebastian

In these photos they are dressed like twins in matching leather jackets. I don't think they matched on purpose but it's working for them either way.

18 Cats As Rage Faces

These are all the cats that those cartoon rage faces you see on the Internet are modeled after.

Serena Williams Was Denied A Photo Of Tiger Woods At The Honda Classic

Tennis star Serena Williams was hanging out in the gallery at the Honda Classic golf tournament in Palm Beach Gardens over the weekend, and just like everyone else, she really wanted a picture of Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, the golf Gestapo takes…

I Tried On Rihanna's Clothing Line

And lived to tell about it. (Then again, I also did not wear it back to the office.)

Farewell, Jane | The Hairpin

Please join me in wishing farewell to Jane Marie, who is moving on from The Hairpin. It's been a pleasure and ridiculously fun to work with her, especially because it's rarely felt like work. And although it's hard (/impossible) to pick such a brief… - What It's Like to Get a Biopsy - I'm Changing My Name, Again - Women Struggling to Drink Water - How to Use the Internet - The Best Time I Occupied Wall Street - And her lovely tribute to David Rakoff (She's also really good at …

35 Life Lessons You Learned From "The Powerpuff Girls"

It's not worth being a villain because they still have to do tons of paperwork. Also one third of every room you're in hates kitties.

Fake Bishop Attempts To Sneak Into Secret Pope Meeting

His cunning disguise included a too-short cassock, a black fedora in the place of a skullcap and a sash that was actually a purple scarf.

27 Suburban Kid Problems

Life is hard. Well, in retrospect, maybe not.

Kate Upton Has A Doppelganger

That sound you hear is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition editors planning next year's cover.

Why It's So Hard To Talk About Bareback Sex

With more than 50% of gay men no longer using condoms consistently, the shame that often prevents candid discussion of bareback sex may prove to be as dangerous as the health risks themselves.

15 Things Your Tampon Can Do For You

A new tampon subscription service sends you "feminine products" on the sly. But does anyone in marketing know what tampons really ARE?

Amazingly Awful Newspaper Headline Of The Day

Amateurs shouldn't play with type design. Via today's edition of The Free Press of Mankato, Minnesota.

Jane Lynch Raps Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass"

Step aside, Sophia Grace and Rosie.

7 Reasons You Can't Make Brooklyn In The New SimCity

This game allows you to build everything except a place for Lena Dunham to call home.

This ESPN Announcer Simply Has More Swag Than You

Jay Bilas calls college basketball games for a living. But he's also living proof that one human can have truly undeniable swag.

Immigration Reform Now Tops The Economy As First Priority For Latino Voters

The Hispanic community now cares more about passing immigration reform than fixing the economy, according to data released Tuesday. "A convergence of aspiration and opportunity," says Martinez de Castro.

Immigration Activists: Jeb Bush Will Support Citizenship "By The End Of The Week"

Supporters of the immigration reform movement say the governor's new position on a pathway to citizenship won't last long. "Jeb Bush is rusty," says Sharry.

Charlize Theron Has Always Been Impossibly Pretty

And here's proof, including rare modeling images from when she was a teenager.

Grooming Picks: March 2013

If you've got thinning hair, these are for you.

Jeb Bush Quietly Lays Campaign Groundwork Through Foundation

"The chatter is he's up to something," says one Florida operative.

Kim Kardahian And Kanye West's Nude Photos

NSFW! What are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West trying to prove with the super sexy (and a little bit awkward) photos inside a French magazine?

The 6 Most Badass Faces From The New "Game Of Thrones" Photos

Here's a guide of how to nail these looks, because season three is going to be epic.

Bret Michaels Meltdown: Rocker Loses It After Fired By Donald Trump

After the Poison singer became the first contestant booted from the all-star edition of Donald Trump's reality business show, he reportedly broke down off camera.

20 Cute And Quirky Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Enough with the baby's breath. Your bouquet deserves baseballs, buttons, and butterflies.

Entire Range Of Human Emotion Encapsulated By Single Pole Vault Attempt

French pole vaulter has a real case of the sacre blues.

Chuck Grassley Suggests Killing Iowa Straw Poll

Leader of Iowa Republicans says the process that gave us Michele Bachmann may need to go. But don't touch the caucuses.

Easy Weeknight Pork Chops With Mac 'N' Cheese

One smart trip to the butcher makes for easy dinners all month.

The 25 Hottest Photos Of Joe Dallesandro [NSFW]

In the '60s and '70s, the Andy Warhol superstar spent an inordinate amount of time with his clothes off. And he looked great doing it.

18 Funny, Sexy Men's Underwear Ads

Bizarre funny ads. Creepy funny ads. Disgusting funny ads. Hot men and hot women. But NO David Beckham.

15 Reasons Cara Delevingne Is The Jennifer Lawrence Of Models

In an age where the supermodel is a thing of the past, Cara Delevingne quickly rose to dominate the internet. She's the one cool, pretty, skinny girl that you're not allowed to hate.

The Truth About Bondage

The bondage community does care about safety. And no, most of us don't light one another on fire.

32 Ways To Show Banana Haters The Light

Bananas are good for you and they make everything delicious. Get on board the banana wagon!

16 Things People Are Blaming On The Sequester

Some of these are stupider than others...

The Minnesota Timberwolves Killed The Harlem Shake With A Baseball Bat

This is an official video from an NBA team. And it's amazing.

The 33 Most Annoying Things About Being President

Being leader of the free world is not all it's cracked up to be.

The 10 Cutest Pictures From The Former Pope's Online Scrapbook

Before stepping down, Pope Benedict XIV put together an online scrapbook of photos and Comic Sans captions.

Gabby Giffords Calls For Expanded Background Checks In Gun Control Ad

"There are solutions we can agree on, even gun owners like us," Giffords says in ad. "Take it from me, Congress must act. Let's get this done.

True Facts About The Fruit Bat

The elegant megabat flasher.

How Twitter Ruined Twitter For Chuck Grassley

"A lot of time I get unpleasant [responses]," the 79-year-old lawmaker says of reactions to his offbeat Twitter musings. Assume Twitter Dead.

9 People Who Got Fired For Going Viral

A group of miners in Australia were recently fired for recording themselves doing the Harlem Shake while on the job. They're the latest in a long line of people who were fired, justly or unjustly, for not thinking before they posted something on the Internet.

15 "Rolling Stone" Covers That Immortalized 2003 In Pop Culture

Looking back at 10 years ago, to what really mattered to us then.

8 Reasons Why Kobe Needs To Stop Calling Himself Vino

Self-appointed nicknames need to be stopped!

The 22 Most New Jersey Songs Of All Time

Surprisingly, they're not ALL by Bruce Springsteen.

4 Quotes From Taylor Swift's Vanity Fair Profile That Prove She's Self-Aware

One of them is a giant diss towards Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (how dare she). The others are about her love life.

The 22 Ugliest Examples Of '90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes

None of this ever had to happen. (But what do you bet you owned at least a couple of these shoes.)

10 Questions Every Stylish Man Should Be Able To Answer

Do you know when your belt should match your shoes?

New "Iron Man 3" Trailer Drops

It's here! Things have been rough for Tony Stark since the events of The Avengers.

How Steadicam Changed The World

The humble hardware behind some of the best shots in history. And the best Steadicam shots ever taken.

Carly Rae Jepsen And Train Pull Out Of Boy Scouts Jamboree

Both acts have turned down their invitation to the national Boy Scouts Jamboree after pressure from GLAAD to denounce the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scouts and leaders.

Sequestered Development

And now, the story of a wealthy country that lost everything and the government that had no choice but to keep the nation together. Arrested Development quotes help us understand the sequester.

A Most Adorable Peeps Ad

It borrows heavily from a memorable scene from "Forrest Gump." Bring on the Easter candy!

Watch Two Tennis Stars Play With Ben Stiller And A Little Girl

Rafa Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro made an interesting choice of doubles partners at Madison Square Garden.

"Oz The Great And Powerful" Promotional Balloon Fittingly Gets Swept Away In Central Park

The balloon only made it about 10 to 20 feet in the air before high winds crashed it into a fountain. A movie that features a hot air balloon going astray begets a promotional hot air balloon that goes astray.

"Super Smash Kittens" Is The Video Game You've Always Wanted

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros meets IRL kittens.

Hinge - Sex + Dating - Thrillist Washington DC

Everyone knows that Facebook friends of Facebook friends are all 100% vetted and respectable, so Hinge would like to invite you hook up with them. The DC-born dating app will send you pics of 25 friends of friends every day. Any singles that you… Don't believe it? Then watch the above video, where even our editor manages to score a date!

‘Meet The Press’ Reenactment Theater: John Boehner’s Sequester Blame Game

Current TV’s John Fugelsang and Frank Conniff recreate Speaker of the House John Boehner’s March 3, 2013 “Meet the Press” appearance during which NBC’s David Gregory asked the congressman about the sequester.

Everything You Need To Know About Oberlin College's Race Problem

Oberlin College cancelled classes Monday to address the drastic rise in hate incidents on campus. WARNING: This post contains photos of hate speech.

16 Weirdly Specific iTunes Essentials Mixes

What does iTunes recommend for stressed out soccer moms? And funerals? And Cee-lo's cat?

The "Glee" Cast Gets Their Archie Makeover

The kids look good in ink. Hopefully the Gleeks adjust well.

Life-Changing Tip Of The Day: Marshmallow Peep Bra

Perfect for Easter/laundry day.

How To Actually Get More Twitter Followers

The internet is awash in some pretty bad advice on getting more Twitter followers. Here are some more practical (and realistic) suggestions on getting, if you must, Twitter famous.

Selena Gomez Is Shooting A Sexy Music Video Right Now

It's obviously to make Justin Bieber sad and jealous all over again.

This Is Michael Vick's New Dog

The brave little girl and her owner were at a PetSmart training class. So I guess that's a good sign.

U.K. "Batman" Is Really A Chinese Food Delivery Man

And he wasn't fighting crime, but playing a prank with his pal. There are no heroes!

Mycestro - Own - Thrillist Nation

Ideal for presentations, gaming, or just browsing the web like a pretend wizard, Mycestro's a flash drive-sized, Bluetooth-enabled dongle that straps onto your index finger and wirelessly controls your computer by tracking hand motion. Described as a "3D mouse", it moves the cursor by whatever path you trace in the air, while scrolling's as simple as sliding your thumb across its touch-sensitive panel, and "clicking" is accomplished by tapping your index finger and thumb. Even…

Playboy South Africa Draws Condemnation For Racy Anti-Rape Cover

A naked woman is used to "attract the reader's eye" to Playboy SA's cover decrying rape, a marketing tactic that isn't sitting well with gender equality activists.

Mila Kunis Participates In The Best Interview Ever

BBC Radio 1 interviewer Chris Stark got the chance to interview Mila Kunis and was a nervous wreck. Mila handled it awesomely. It's worth watching the full seven minutes.

Quiz: Can You Tell The Difference Between Reviews Of Rihanna's Line And Saint Laurent's?

The collections were very different, but also had a certain weird ugliness in common.

Hebrew Playboy Launched In Israel

"Playgoy"? "Shebrew"? "Oy Vayboy"? Eh, you get the idea.

Kate Moss Looks Brilliant As Queen Elizabeth II

Also see Posh as, appropriately, Queen Victoria.

Florida Student Suspended After Disarming Gunman

The student, who does not want to be identified out of fear for his safety, said the football player was threatening to shoot a teammate with the loaded .22 caliber RG-14 revolver. He grappled with the suspect and disarmed him, afterward saying…

15 No-Bread Sandwiches

Whether you're gluten-free or Paleo — or maybe you just really hate bread — these are the sandwiches for you.

5 Awesome Proofs Of God

These have all been refuted in one way or another, but they're still pretty badass. Which one's your fave?

The Son Of Cory Matthews Leads The Evening Links

TVLine reports that the producers of the Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World have cast Cory and Topanga's son.

Call Me Maybe Mashed Up With NIN's Head Like A Hole

Weird day (fuck, weird week) but this totally totally made it. Some genius took Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe and mashed it up with Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole.:

Cory Booker To Push Back Against Attacks On Legacy In Newark

The Newark mayor's State of the City address Tuesday will be a pointed defense of his record. A stable budget, increased development, and reduced crime, says a city official.

Chuck Grassley Blasts Obama For "Socialist" Agenda, Refusal To Work With Congress

"You'd think [because] he served in the Senate, it'd be different. But he evidently doesn't like to interact with members of Congress," the Senator tells BuzzFeed.

Chavez's Respiratory Problems Worsen

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's breathing problems have worsened and there is a new 'severe' infection, Associated Press reports.

Bloggess Jenny Lawson On Her ‘messed Up’ Childhood

Jenny Lawson, the blogger behind The Bloggess and author of the memoir “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” talks with “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar about her unconventional upbringing.

10 Surprising Places To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Most die-hard Irish-at-heart know all about the huge celebrations with big parades in places such as New York, Chicago and Boston, but there are plenty of other festivals that celebrate the green each year in some surprising…

Bailey O'Neill Death: Tragedy As Philadelphia Boy, 12, Dies Weeks After Bullying Attack By Classmates

Bailey O'Neill, from the suburbs of Philadelphia, had been in hospital in a medically induced coma for weeks as doctors battled to save his life.

15 Things You Didn't Know R.L. Stine Wrote

Goosebumps might be his best-known work, but his writing talents go beyond the horror genre.

Lamborghini Veneno

This will poison your heart.

The Miz's Movie-Star Debut

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin went from The Real World to the WWE — and now he has his first big acting role in The Marine 3: Homefront.

20 Things "Real Housewife" Adrienne Maloof Is

Now that she's leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?

The Beginning Of The End Of Native Twitter Apps

Twitter is sinking the original TweetDeck to make way for its web apps. And why Twitter is done with native.

San Francisco Player Who Made Anti-Gay Remarks Visits Gay Youth Outreach Center

Weeks after saying a gay teammate wouldn't be welcome in an NFL locker room, the San Francisco cornerback made another step toward amends.

Juhu Beach Club - Eat - Thrillist San Francisco

Much like you right after leaving a liquor store, Juhu Beach Club is no longer located in a liquor store (!), having ditched their former SoMa pop-up in favor of a permanent home in the Temescal, complete with a six-seat bar, tables they sanded and… The walls are covered in all kinds of cool stuff, including these pictures of the owner's family from the '60s and '70s, when men were men and women were just about as hairy. The food's from a very-preetty former Top Cheftestant who's doing stuff like this Curryleaf Coriander Shrimp, or slider-ish "Pavs" served with awesomely named proteins like Holy Cow, Chowpatty Chicken, or Sloppy Lil' P, also a nickname you hope your GF never, ever gives you. Spices come from these jars/ Mr. and Mrs. Halliwell. And of course, they've got wine and six beers on tap (Linden, Speakeasy, Drake's...) along with 24oz bottles of Taj Mahal and Cobra, which'll have you GI Joenesing for more.

Carnal Swine - Eat - Thrillist Chicago

Carnal Swine isn't just a Cinemax spec script Kermit's been working on, it's also a is delivery service unleashing an avalanche of porcine goodness on Chicago. The owner got started with a street cart, but has traded in the late-night street brawls… The Meat Me Sunday is a meat sundae made with alternating layers of mashed potatoes, pulled pork, baked beans, and cole slaw. In place of hot fudge there’s chipotle BBQ sauce, and the cherry on top is of the tomato variety. Pulled pork can be had three ways (calm down Kermit): braised, smoked, or in a signature Dr. Pepper-marinated chipotle recipe, as featured in this Biggie Piggie, an Italian loaf also packed with pickle, red onion, pineapple, and homemade sweet relish. In his food cart days, the owner caught heat for being a white boy vending tacos, hence these proudly named Gringo Carnitas. This honey-glazed bun actually contains a veggie option, consisting of a mix of jackfruit, garlic, and spices, that serves as a pork substitute, but don't expect Kermit to cast it in Carnal Swine II: Passion of the Pork.

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks To Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile // Current TV

The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for

"Friend Zone" Is Now In The Dictionary And We Feel Slighted

If you’ve been tracking my astounding rise through the ranks of the literary intelligentsia, you may remember an article I wrote last year about retiring the term "friend zone" from our lexicon. I’m sure some of you are already feeling a little…

The 23 Most Relatable Hannah Quotes From "Girls"

Because we are all Hannah Horvath, whether or not we're willing to admit it.

Whitney Houston FBI Files Detail Fan Extortion

The FBI released more than 100 pages of documents related to Whitney Houston, including letters from crazed fans and a "friend" attempting to extort money in exchange for privacy.

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