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March 13, 2013

Google Reader Is Dead

The beloved service will go offline in July. "While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined," says Google.

12 Photos Of Catholics Losing Their Minds About The New Pope

All over the world, Catholics cheer, cry, pray, and wail after the announcement of the new pope on Wednesday night.

'Storage Wars' Lawsuit: Judge Hands A&E 1st Amendment Victory

Former "Storage Wars" star David Hester sued A&E and the show's producers after he was fired in December, claiming the show was defrauding the public by faking the competition.

Truest Facts About The Praying Mantis

Check it out on

12 Most Ridiculous Moments From Puff Daddy’s "Been Around The World" Music Video

This 1997 music video was epically bad, even by Puff Daddy standards.

Progressives Ready To Be Disappointed By OFA

Fears that the group will back a grand bargain and spark a dark money “arms race.”

15 Reasons MagiQuest Is The Most Fun You'll Ever Have

Best vacation ever. A mix between a video game and a Harry Potter wish-fulfillment center, MagiQuest is the perfect getaway for even the most casual nerd.

8 Adorable Pics Of Baby Liza Minnelli

Look at this little cutie pie!

How Progressive Will The New Pope Be?

How about some pink smoke, Francis I?

Kim Kardashian Covered In Blood

Kim Kardashian got a vampire facial and OF COURSE she instagram'd it and filmed it for her show. Warning: You will NOT BE ABLE to unsee the following picture. I audibly gasped the first time I saw it.

What Kind Of Conservative Are You?

This scientific quiz is the only way to be sure. Just in time for CPAC!

Ben Affleck Is Persona Non Grata In Iran

Is Matt Damon's mild-mannered best friend actually a covert government operative?

Aston Martin DBS 'Written Off' By Vauxhall Corsa After Driver Loses Control In Swindon

The sleek black sportscar was parked on a Swindon garage forecourt as its owner filled it up when the little pink runabout lost control on a roundabout and careered into it, pictured.

Perfect Easy Pie Crust For Any Filling

Make more pies! The world will love you for it.

10 Movies Based On TV Shows We'd Like To See Before "Veronica Mars"

The crowdsourced Veronica Mars movie is looking like a sure thing, but there are so many contenders more deserving of the big-screen treatment.

Your Artsy Instagram Is Not Original

And you're missing out on everything that doesn't fit into a square.

15 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Sea Life

From the shallows to the deep in 15 GIFs and marine facts.

Kim Kardashian Gets A Vampire Facial: Would You?

The reality star opted for a new type of treatment that uses blood from the arm with claims it will plump the face

Pope Francis Brings Lessons Of Argentina's Marriage Fight To Rome

Then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio bungled the fight against Argentina's "Equal Marriage Law" in 2010. "Let's not be naive," he wrote of same-sex marriage. "This is not a simple political fight; it is a destructive proposal to God's plan."

25 Classic Pin-Up Girls And The Photos That Inspired Them

Prepare to be hypnotized by these GIFs.

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Split Up Over Miley's Untamable Partying

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

What If Superheroes Had Corporate Sponsors?

You know, like NASCAR. Artist Roberto Vergati Santos imagines a future where capitalism intersects with caped crusaders.

Everything You Need To Know About Pope Francis

The Catholic formerly known as Jorge Bergoglio.

Here's The New Pope's Favorite Soccer Team

Maybe they'll see a big bump in Catholic support? Or DIVINE support?

Taylor Swift's Video For "22" Is Instagram Come To Life

It's basically the G-rated version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video. Cat ears, pool jumping, hipster glasses, and the girl that no one liked in Gossip Girl.

6 "Hunger Games" Portraits They Forgot To Make

The human actors got all the publicity. But these crucial Panem players deserve their own posters, too!

How Do You Dance To Dubstep?

Finally, an answer to this incredibly important question!

27 "Clueless" Promo Images You've Never Seen Before

This isn't like a Noxzema commercial — it's better. These pics are a dream come true.

17 Reasons To Have A Crush On Tegan And Sara

The Quin twins are total heartthrobs.

How Devon Sawa In "Casper" Caused My Sexual Awakening

In 1995, he was the hottest ghost boy I'd ever seen.

Mitch McTurtle

Mitch McTortoise?

Anti-Muslim Ads Offend Just About Everyone In San Francisco

Anti-Muslim ads, including one reading "killing Jews is worship," spark controversy. Despite public outcry, city officials say the ads will stay up.

20 Superheroes Whose Secret Alter Egos Are Adorable Little Girls

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the coolest kids ever! Girls Love Superheroes is the best tumblr.

Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, And Megan Mullally Sing A Song About Weed

And pussy. Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are there too! [NSFW-ish]

82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn

If you were looking for drawers OF porn, you came to the wrong place. Your dream drawer awaits.

11 Reasons The New Pope Is Clearly In The Illuminati

The conspiracy theories have begun.

16 Reasons Why Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Born To Play John Daly

You smell that? It smells like cigarettes and Oscar gold!

24 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Pi(e) Day

March 14 is here! Get ready to eat pie until you can't even comprehend what an irrational number is.

The New Pope's First Tweet

25,000 retweets in the first 10 minutes. It roughly translates as "We Have Pope Francis."

20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be the bane of your existence this year. And you'll feel like such a boss once it's actually done.

30 Examples Of How We Were All Sam Weir In High School

You are Sam Weir. I am Sam Weir. We all are Sam Weir.

43 Vintage Apple Products People Are Going Nuts For

There is some totally weird and random stuff in here. Turns out, people will shell out for '80s/'90s corporate Apple memorabilia.

College Explained Perfectly In Pie Charts

A picture is worth a thousand-word term paper.

25 Celebrities You Might Not Remember Appearing In "Playboy" [SFW]

Remember when Ginger Spice was on the cover?

Pink Smoke Released At Vatican To Protest Ban On Women Priests

Catholic women put on a demonstration during the conclave.

LoungePac - Own - Thrillist Nation

The collapsible, party-ready LoungePac's a modular beach chair equipped with everything you'd need for a relaxing, boozy day in the sun, including wine-bottle-sized thermal coolers on either side (each rocking built-in cupholders), a foam pillow, a… Even better: it sets up in under 10 seconds, has a huge storage compartment concealed beneath the leg rest, and can either be carried with straps like a backpack or rolled like a suitcase, thanks to built-in wheels & telescoping handle.

The 14 Most Existential Questions Ever Asked On "Pete & Pete"

The Nickelodeon show that tried to answer the meaning of your childhood.

The 26 Greatest Bootleg DVD Translations

#1 Funny American DVD actors tronslated poorly.Much fun. Let's go see quickly! Storring Ahnold Shartzneger and USA Actor #1.

The O.C.'s Jimmy Cooper Was The World's Worst TV Dad

When you first watched The O.C., you probably felt bad for Jimmy Cooper and thought his wife Julie was the evil one. Don't feel bad for Jimmy Cooper! He was THE WORST.

The Most Iconic Papal Election In History

When Scotty became Pope. You know, in Eurotrip.

Short, Fat Guys Are Overrated — And Other Observations From A Big-Ass Study Of Football Recruiting

We're in that football void between national college signing day and the NFL draft. How many of those high school stars will turn their potential into a pro career?

Obama Leaves Door Open On Keystone Pipeline

Rep. Carter emerges from their presidential lunch confident Obama may move forward with the pipeline. The White House rejects the claim: "He did not indicate either way."

Watch A Legendary Baseball Manager Shake His Butt

Terry Francona ended the curse of the Bambino in Boston. Now he's dancing like this in Cleveland.

What Job Did Anna Wintour Turn Down?

Insiders wonder if Condé Nast promoted the Vogue editor in order to prevent her from leaving the company for another opportunity.

Meet Pope Bird, The Holy See-Gull

Anointed pope of our hearts.

ABC Is In Last Place...So Why Does NBC Get All The Bad PR?

ABC is doing poorly again this season.

A Five Year Old Transplant Survivor's Inspirational Message

A brave Australian boy's heartwarming video to a fellow kidney transplant patient. In other news: the Buzzfeed office is out of tissues.

Rep. Grayson: There Is No Fiscal Crisis, We've Just Given In To Republican Crisis Mindset

Grayson also shares his thoughts on the Congressional budget battle. “This terrible preoccupation with austerity, with deficits, with debt is mistaken,” Grayson says. “The government has never been able to borrow at such low rates for my entire…

"Veronica Mars" Is Already The Biggest Film In Kickstarter History

After just four hours, the film reboot of the cult show is the biggest video project in the site's history. And it's on track to break first-day records across all project.

There's A New Pope

White smoke! Say hello to Pope Francis.

Cory Booker Launches Quiet Fundraising Blitz

As many as eight events in support of the Newark mayor's Senate race are slated for March and April. Katzenberg and Weintraub in Los Angeles.

Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With A Flashmob At The Airport And It Is Adorable

When Brittany Jones' boyfriend came back from a two-year church mission, she decided to surprise him in the cutest way.

Nick Offerman Remembers "Making Mischief" In His Youth

He calls himself a "class clown," but I'm pretty sure everyone else thought he was the Resident Cool Guy.

German Craftsmen Still Go On Hardcore Medieval Pilgrimages

For three years of training they're not allowed to go home, drive or use public transportation. The term "jack of all trades" came from them.

Dennis Rodman Is Campaigning For A Black Pope In Rome

Mostly though, he's promoting a gambling website.

"Beverly Hills Teens": A Cartoon Embodying '80s Decadence

This was the original Beverly Hills, 90210, but way, way more ridiculous.

23 Vicious And Masterful Atheist Takedowns

WARNING: This post is not for religious people!

Even In A Cruel League, The Ravens Are Some Cold-Blooded Dudes

The Super Bowl champs ditch one of their best players, and for what? For a little bit of money.

Dancing With Aunt Viv

When Aunt Viv turned 40 on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, she didn't just dance; she inspired my queer little 6-year-old self to dance too.

17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

From no-heat waves to sticky bobby pins, these easy hair hacks will banish subpar styles from your life.

Meet America's Sadness Belt

The country's unhappiest states are all in one cluster in the South and Midwest.

The "Veronica Mars" Movie Might Actually Happen, Thanks To Kickstarter Campaign

Creator Rob Thomas (this one, not that one) took to Kickstarter Wednesday, meeting his $2 million goal within hours.

"The Care Bears Movie": An Experiment In Testing The Limits Of Sanity

In which I review this 1985 feature and try not to lose it. Oh, and SPOILERS AHEAD.

"Dad Of The Week" Goes To This Guy Who Got Ryan Gosling To Write A Note To His Daughter

In all fairness not all dads are news anchors that happen to be interviewing Ryan Gosling, but still.

Netflix Is On Facebook Now

Telling, I think, that much of the early response to this is negative. Netflix, free of automatic sharing tools, has became a private — and even shameful — service in our minds.

The First Paintings Of 14 Famous Artists

Before they hit the Louvre, they were just like us. Okay, except they painted brilliant works of art.

Here's An Insane North Korean Anti-American Propaganda Video

America: where we've devoured all the birds in the sky, and the biggest treat you can have is coffee made out of snow.

8 Times Liam Hemsworth Has Looked Really Bored Next To Miley Cyrus

Page Six reports that the pair has split due to Miley's partying ways... but maybe Liam was just bored? (Or he could just have a bored face. Either way, here's the evidence!)

Khloe Kardashian Got A Bulldog Puppy

His name is Bernard Hopkins and he's adorable.

Young Women More Likely To Admit Hitting A Partner

But their top reason for hitting was, "They hit me first."

Rachel Sklar: Why Don't We Fret About Men Helping Other Men At Work?

"The only group that really has it made are the white, straight, upper-class men," said Sklar, a Sheryl Sandberg champion.

Two Tiny Puppies Were Saved From A Fire In Florida

Oh my god, they're using tiny gas masks. Don't worry, neither of the puppies were injured!

17 Popular Websites Before They Were Popular

Your favorite gossip blogs, tech news outlets, and online shopping sites haven't always been there. At one point in time, they all just belonged to crappy bands from California.

Lesbian Ladies' Thoughts On Penises

You heard gay guys' views on female anatomy, now it's the ladies' turn.

9 Things You Should Know Before Talking About The Papal Conclave

How to talk about the papal conclave in a way that won't annoy Catholics.

LL Cool J And Robert De Niro Walk Into A Bar

Not once, but twice! I did not even know these two were friends let alone dinner buddies. Oh yeah and James Carville was there too.

Florida Lieutenant Governor Resigns Over Ties To Internet Gambling

Jennifer Carroll once represented a veterans group now suspected of selling illegal gambling software.

This Is Not A Nice Way To Treat Your Twin Brother

Brook Lopez is already the better basketball-playing Lopez, and he had to rub it in by jamming all over twin bro Robin.

22 Reasons Why St. Patrick's Day Is The Greatest Holiday Ever

FYI: Drinking all day counts as a reason.

Kelly Rowland Gets Down And Dirty In The Most Adorable Way

She likes her "kisses down low," if you catch her drift.

This Amazing Obituary Will Make You Laugh, Then Maybe Cry A Little

He loved deviled eggs and loathed Martha Stewart. A sweet, funny send-off to "ladies' man, foodie, natty dresser" Harry Weathersby Stamps — you'll want to read the whole thing.

10 Smart Writing Tips From The Homeless

Ends up, the strategies for asking people to buy your product and asking people for money are basically the same. But homeless people are much better at it, believe me.

Absolutely Perfect New Poster For "Taxi Driver"

With one beautiful image, Illustrator Martin Ansin takes you back and plops you down in seedy mid-1970s midtown Manhattan.

Mitch Seavey Becomes Oldest Iditarod Champ

"This is for all of the gentlemen of a certain age," he said after crossing the finish line in Nome, Alaska. Seavey wins $50,400 and a new 2013 Dodge Ram pickup truck for winning the 1,000-mile race in nine days, 7 hours and 39 minutes.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar And Breckin Meyer Film A Surfing Scene

For their show Franklin & Bash. Did I mention they're shirtless?

How Big Gulps Are Exactly Like Cigarettes

Two industries, the same tactic: money to minority groups and politicians. Local politics at its grimmest.

The Most Inspiring Kid You'll See Today

I totally have something in my eye, brb.

The Greatest Music Video The Czech Republic Has Ever Produced

And by "greatest" I clearly mean "worst."

Martin O'Malley Makes Risky 2016 Bet With Maryland Gas Tax

After 2012, Democrats are now arguing tax increases can win them votes. "Reaganomics is effectively dead. We're dealing with Obamanomics now," says Stanford.

George P. Bush Launches Political Career Accompanied By Beyoncé

The soundtrack to his announcement video sounds an awful lot like "Halo."

Judge Judy Sued? TV's Famous Judge On The Other Side Of The Bench

Judge Judy is caught in an employee's messy divorce, with the ex accusing her of helping the employee skimp on a settlement.

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