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March 23, 2013

This Costumed Colorado State Fan Is Not Having Any Fun

Colorado State gets crushed by Louisville, and Justin Stank is not enjoying himself anymore.

No, Magic Johnson Didn't Partake In A Charity Blood Drive

An old PBS screenshot turns into a Twitter hoax within minutes.

Saving Tessa, A Blind Dog Who Couldn't Walk

"Tears stream down your face," indeed. Tessa is still looking for her forever home, check out the Bill Foundation for more.

Chris Matthews Was A "Goldwater Radical" In High School

The MSNBC host used to lean to the right. Apparently Matthews has always had a thing for politicians named Barry.

Tilda Swinton Is Sleeping In A Glass Box At A Museum Right Now

Yes, you heard right, we've all been blessed with the opportunity to watch Tilda Swinton sleep in a glass box at The Museum Of Modern Art. Hurry, it closes at 5:30!

Pencil Vs Camera By Ben Heine

Ben Heine grew up in Ivory Coast. He lived there 7 years, along with his parents and his 3 sisters. His father was a commercial engineer and his mother a Modern Jazz dance teacher.

Adonis Thomas Lost His Shoe But Kept Playing Anyway

They sure don't teach this in practice.

Chris Christie Looks Pint-Sized Shaking Hands With Shaq

New Jersey's rotund governor and the towering NBA great are a perfect match. Here's the unlikely pair meeting up in Christie's office on Friday.

Tim Hardaway Jr.'s Two-Handed Reverse Slam Made His Dad Proud

Beanie don't lie. The elder Hardaway approves.

7 GIFs Of Adorable Fainting Goats

Myotonia congenita is easily the cutest neurological disorder.

Michigan's Mitch McGary Just Will Not Be Moved

VCU's Briante Weber fall down, go boom.

Gloria Steinem Blasts "Real Housewives," But Likes "Girls"

Girls shows "that all sex is not wonderful," Steinem said. "Some of it is silly and boring."

The 6 Best "Earth Hour" Ads.

March 23rd is the date we are all urged to turn off our lights for an hour at 8:30 pm. The Darth Vader one is the best.

Footage Of The Massive Meteor That Flew Across The East Coast Sky

The American Meteor Society received more than 500 reports of a bright meteor seen as far south as North Carolina, as far north as Maine and as far inland as Ohio.

What The F*©K Ad Of The Week

A Muslim woman breaks tradition and walks in front of her husband because he breaks wind too much.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

Alfred Hitchcock Was A Brilliant Ad Writer, Too

In this 1964 trade ad, he kindly suggested that movie theater owners kill themselves.

Camilla Luddington

She's gotten naked on Californication. Now she's kicking ass.

Obama To Hit The Trail On A Mission To Revive Gun Control Fight

Gun control groups, White House prepare to step up the fight with legislation on the table

Star Wars 7 Cast: Five Actresses Who Could Play Jaina Solo

With the original 'Star Wars' trio of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford all but certain to return for 'Episode 7', it's looking increasingly likely that their characters' kids will be the focus of the new trilogy.

8 Potential New "Late Night" Hosts Who Aren't White Men

The New York Post says Seth Meyers or Howard Stern may take over for Jimmy Fallon when he moves to The Tonight Show. Hey, NBC, why not consider someone who isn't a white man?

19 Breathtaking Photos From The US Men's Soccer Blizzard Match

On Friday night, the US Men's National Team defeated Costa Rica in a must-win game on their road to the 2014 World Cup. But, most notably, the game was played during a blizzard in Colorado.

The Sweetest Moment Of One Of The Biggest March Madness Upsets Ever

Florida Gulf Coast was founded in 1991. They're a 15-seed. And they just beat Georgetown.

The Hazards Of Tweeting While Watching TV

Twitter is hailed as a measure of TV engagement, but scientists say tweeters are paying less attention.

16 Truly Terrible Beatles Covers

There are many great covers of Beatles songs: these are not them.

Pennsylvania 'Suicide Bomber' Brad Kollar Used 1,600lb Device Similar To Oklahoma City Bomb

Police say 40-year-old Brad Kollar, pictured, had tried to kill himself with a huge Oklahoma City inspired bomb last summer, less than a year before he blew himself up outside a suburban home on Tuesday in Patton, Pennsylvania.

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