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March 31, 2013

Someone Is Pretending To Be A Badly Injured Louisville Player On Twitter

Creating a fake Kevin Ware Twitter account is about as classless as it gets.

Pantless Golfer: Andreas Hartø Takes Off His Pants To Hit Shot Out Of Water

The Danish pro golfer is competing in European Tour's Trophée Hassan II tourney.

A Louisville Player Just Sustained One Of The Worst Injuries In Sports History

Kevin Ware suffered an unspeakably gruesome broken leg in today's Elite Eight game against Duke. WARNING: This video is graphic.

John Fugelsang: Prop 8, DOMA And Why Easter Matters

But whether you regard the Bible as ancient poetry, literal fact, parable — like the way Jesus spoke — the Easter story does have relevance for all of us. It’s a story of pain and suffering, of death and rebirth.

WonderCon Is OK With Bloody Violence, But Not The F-Word

Sony had to bleep out some — but not all — of the f-words from the This Is the End footage at the fan convention. But the horrific violence in Evil Dead was fine.

Man Caught With 21 Tons Of Stolen Cheese

Veniamin Konstantinovich Balika recently used false paperwork to load his 18 wheeler with 42,000 pounds of Muenster cheese worth about $200K. Balika's plan was to sell the cheese to retailers on the east coast.

Conan Celebrates Easter @

Find out what happened in his latest twitpic.

Basketball Player Or Wizard?

Michigan's Mitch McGary might be the breakout player of the 2013 NCAA Tournament. And based on this play, he also might be magic.

The 16 Funniest "Game Of Thrones" Parodies Lead The Weekend Links

Plus very weird Shakespeare news, drones delivering newpapers, and Kate Gosselin's Twitter habits.

Ryan Gosling Fashion - Eva Mendes Dress

Did Ryan Gosling outshine girlfriend Eva Mendes at the premiere of their latest movie?

The 17 Greatest Easter Hats In All The Land

Easter is a time when Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's also a time when people wear fantastic hats to church. These are some of the best from Easter 2013

George W. Bush's Big Art Show Opening In New York City!

It happened last night at the Gagosian Gallery — you missed it!

15 People Who Think Google Is Honoring Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez was the socialist president of Venezuela; Cesar Chavez was a labor leader and civil rights activist. See the difference?

Is The Rock The New Heather Locklear Of Hollywood?

Dwayne Johnson boosted the Fast and Furious and Journey franchises, but his magic was muddled for G.I. Joe: Retaliation's box office.

A Complete Breakdown Of Sex On "Game Of Thrones"

Where it happened, whether someone paid for it, who was naked (spoiler: mostly women), and more. A BuzzFeed original analysis.

Man Tattoos Pit Bull: Outrage From Animal Lovers As Ernesto Rodriguez Gives DOG A Tattoo

There was a huge storm between animal lovers and North Carolina tattoo artist, Ernesto Rodriguez, as it was revealed he had tattooed the belly of his own pet dog.

Google Celebrates Easter With Cesar Chavez Doodle

Google says its doodles are meant to "celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists."

25 Reasons Harry Styles Will Never Follow You Back On Twitter

Sorry, One Direction fans. It's just not going to happen.

9 More Of The Most Offensive Fake Ads Of The Year

Even more entries from the world's biggest fake ad contest — the Chip Shop Awards. Via England.

45 Odd Facts About U.S. Presidents

WARNING: Watching this delightfully silly mental_floss video is guaranteed to make you smile. If you don't want to smile, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Watch This: Kate Upton Shows Off Her Strange Laugh For Gillette

Kate Upton has a crazy laugh, but it\'s not as important as all of this weekend\'s college basketball.

Children Who Are Terrified Of The Easter Bunny

All the reasons why kids and the Easter Bunny don't mix.

Chocolate Bunny Rises From The Dead

It's an Easter miracle!

Top 10: Things No Man Can Wear After 30

You're a grown-up. It's time to start looking like one.

Why The Tampa Bay Rays Have The Best Mascot In Major League Baseball

In honor of the 2013 baseball season upon us, everyone needs to know why our favorite sea dog Raymond is the best mascot in the MLB!

5 Awesome Things We Learned About "Pacific Rim" And Guillermo Del Toro At WonderCon


NYT Leads Obit For Brilliant Rocket Scientist With A Nod To Her Cooking And Parenting

I find it kind of hard to believe that the Times would start an obituary for a man this way.

There's A Tiny Door In A Tree And No One Knows Where It Came From

A cute hinged door at the base of a tree in Golden Gate Park is drawing the attention of residents and media.

Wichita State Underdogs Overcome Bonkings, Face-Elbowings, Ohio Comeback To Reach Final Four

The Buckeyes can't get it done, and the Big Ten is almost finished.

Your March 28-April 3 LA Event Punchlist

Want to know what Littlefork is doing for brunch? Or where you can go to meet models who might actually make eye contact with you? Or other stuff that sounds even cooler than that, somehow? Well, then read on.

Best Of The Best - Eat - Thrillist Miami

In case you were busy looking at photos of Andy Enfield's wife all month (even though you only found out about her a week ago), we rounded up our finest stories from March and put them all together for you to... hey, stop switching to that tab with…

Donut Bar - Drink - Thrillist San Diego

About the time you’re stumbling home from the bar at the unfortunate hour of 3am, things are just getting started at downtown's Donut Bar as they plot to pull you deeper into an unhealthful existence with these Maple Bacon Bars and other creations…

Best Of The Best - Eat - Thrillist San Francisco

Wondering what you're going to do now that the city banned "hanging out on the corner of Castro and Market with all your naked fat friends"? Well wonder no more, because we've got 10 of March's bestest new things to do and eat and drink, ready and…

Kick-Ass 2: Redband Hit-Girl Trailer

'Try to have fun. Otherwise, what's the point?'

David Phelps, Son Of Westboro Baptist Church Leader Attacked By Naked 35-STONE Man In Hilarious Publicity Stunt Video

It was claimed that a son of gay-hate church leader Fred Phelps has been attacked live on TV by an obese naked man who sat on him and shouted 'who's your daddy now?'

Video Movie Supercut: Howling Fat Men Of The Coen Brothers

I’ve often said that the best supercuts are the most obscure and specific, and this one ranks right up there. Ian Larsen‘s “Oh Fat Men Where Art Howl: The Howling Fat Men of the Coen Brothers” shines a spotlight on perhaps the most overlooked part…

Good Riddance To Mariano Rivera

We kid, sort of. He's a great player and a class act on the field. But his psychological hold over GMs has caused fans a lot of grief.

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