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March 15, 2013

Fiery Plane Crash In Florida Parking Lot

A Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport spokesman says the plane began experiencing problems shortly after takeoff and was trying to return when it hit a warehouse at 53rd Street and North Powerline Road.

Should We Be Playing Video Games In The Classroom?

The Sunday Times wonders if learning experiences that prioritize fun teach kids about the real world: "Do we want children to “barely notice” when they develop valuable skills? Not to learn that hard work plays a role in that acquisition? It’s important to realize early on that mastery often requires persevering through tedious, repetitive tasks and hard-to-grasp subject matter."

What Does A Woman Need With A Smartphone?

The launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S IV saw women celebrating the phone's capacity to track their weight, shopping, and wedding planning. Here's what other phone companies think their female customers might use those cute pink box things for.

What We Really Lost With Google Reader

The head architect for Google+ asks his followers, "what are the aspects of the way Reader works that made it so useful for you?" He then adds, "This is not a thread to simply complain." The answers — and there are many — are actually pretty great.

Mitt Romney Does Not Want To Be A Conservative Superstar

Friends of the failed candidate say he has come to an annual gathering of conservatives not in pursuit of celebrity, but to make amends. "It's up to us to make sure that we learn from our mistakes — and my mistakes," he told the crowd Friday.

When Everyday Sound Becomes Torture

The most hellish thing about hyperacusis is that it renders the slightest mundane sound so unbearably loud that suicide seems like the only relief. The second most is convincing people that this condition is real.

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