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March 26, 2013

Esquire Writer Stands By Osama Bin Laden "Shooter" Story

Controversy over who really shot bin Laden.

Hilarious Craigslist Ad Of The Month

Guy looking for a roommate tries some funny — but risky — reverse psychology.

The Definitive Guide To Stalking Prince Harry During His Visit To America

UPDATE: THIS IS NOT A DRILL, HE IS IN AMERICA NOW. Prince Harry is gracing the United States with his royal presence for the next seven glorious days in May. Here's what you need to know.

35 VHS Movies Every Kid Watched Growing Up

Whether you rented, watched them at your friend’s house, or owned, these are the videos you've seen so many times, that you can recite them line by line.

8 Quirky Pets For Cheap, Lazy People

Because not everyone can handle dog ownership.

32 Ways To Eat Quinoa And Succeed In Life

Quinoa is more than just a grain (or seed, whatever). It's a LIFESTYLE.

11 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Today it was all about Amanda Bynes. And a few other people too.

Kate Moss + Skate Boards = Skate Moss

It really is just that simple.

Maine Senator's Marriage Position Remains Murky

BuzzFeed asked Republican Sen. Susan Collins's spokesman if her views have changed on DOMA and marriage equality. The two-paragraph response left the questions unanswered.

10 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Airfare

Amidst fears that airfare prices will soar, here are some tips to cut your travel costs.

Every Time Woody Allen Has Stammered In One Of His Movies

This supercut will leave you feeling a-a-a-a bit un-e-e-easy.

Tyra Banks Has The Best, Most Insane Vine Account Out There

You're gonna have to turn the sound on for this — oh yes — because Tyra likes to sing in her Vines.

31 Of The Most Awesome Dads Ever

Fatherhood: you're doing it right.

Sygmond The Grey Is The Most Majestic Cat You'll Ever Gaze Upon

If you're ready to fall in love, then this is the cat for you.

The "Full House" Guide To Hair Care Leads The Daily Links

Plus bad news for the Easter bunny, Kai the Hatchet Hitchhiker's surf trip, and all the times Fresh Prince broke the fourth wall.

Justin Bieber Continues His Strike Against Shirts

His cause is not one to be reckoned with. This time he protested the wearing of shirts while going through security at an airport in Poland.

12 Ways Bob Ross Improved Your Childhood

Little known fact: TV painter Bob Ross was actually an undercover agent specializing in management of childhood anxiety. The man was a genius.

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Can't wait until the world ends and EVERYTHING looks like this.

Kellie Pickler's 'DWTS' Performance Stuns Judges

Former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler gives an astonishing performance in her second week on "Dancing With The Stars."

James Franco Recalls The Time He Rejected Lindsay Lohan's Advances

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

18 Ways "Donnie Darko" Blew Your Teenage Mind

"Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?" Whoa.

Why Isn't Azealia Banks' New Single On iTunes Yet?

She just deleted almost all tweets referencing the March 26th release date of "Yung Rapunxel," the first single off her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. What's going on?

20 Young People Who Believe Marriage Should Be Between One Man And One Woman

I asked 20 young people at the Nation For Marriage rally to write on a pad of paper why they were supporting traditional marriage. Here's what they wrote.

14 Pancakes Experiencing An Identity Crisis

Oh, pancakes, don't you know we love you just the way you are?

10 Word Mix-Ups To Avoid, Presented By Adorable Animals

Dictionaries can be a real snoozefest. These fluffy little heroes are here to show you there's an easier way.

The Biggest Difference Between David And Goliath

How Duke and Florida Gulf Coast got their star players.

What's The Cutest Easter Photo That Ever Happened?

Hint: it features an adorable pit bull named Boom and a few of his friends.

Welcome To Post-Facebook Facebook

The social network is slowly getting more comfortable treating users like what they really are: a way to make money.

The 60 Best Signs Against DOMA And Prop 8 At The Supreme Court

*Applauds* All y'all are really good at making signs. I haven't seen signs this good in a LONG time.

The 19 Oddest Things You'll Encounter While Traveling Through Europe As An American

Get ready for weird signs, mutant Nutella, and bidets for days.

Sheryl Sandberg's Twitter Audience Is High-Earning, Influential

They're more likely than the average Twitter user to be female, Ivy-League-educated, and high-earning, according to an analysis exclusive to BuzzFeed.

The 37 Wisest Things Michael Scott Ever Said

Michael Scott wasn't just a man, he was a philosophical man. And without realizing, he taught us so much.

9 Fantasy Characters Who Ultimately Regret Their Final Decisions

I've made a huge mistake. Just because the credits roll, doesn't mean the story ends.

22 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Realize Were The Same Age

Some of these celebs are looking really good for their age. Then again, some others... Let's just say that they have old souls.

17 Gymnasts Who Totally Nailed It!

You think this is easy?!

This Is The Severed Ear That A Crazed Fan Sent Jared Leto

Question being, did it come on the necklace or did Jared Leto put it on a necklace? NSFW obviously, because this is a photo of a severed ear.

Confessions Of An Extras Casting Director

How Hollywood makes the world on screen conform to your stereotypes.

Very Important GIFs Of Obama And John Kerry Heading Soccer Balls

The president showed off his skills at a White House ceremony while the Secretary of State strutted his stuff in Kabul before a meeting with a women's soccer team. (h/t @ShawnaNBCNews)

15 People Who Just Realized Amanda Knox Is Hot

It looks like the #FoxyKnoxy hashtag is back after news broke Tuesday that the highest court in Italy is retrying Amanda Knox for the murder British student Meredith Kercher.

14 Incredibly Dark Takes On Pac-Man

Who knew Pac-Man was secretly an existential treatise?

Was Mohamed Morsi Literally Asleep At The Arab League Summit?

Or just closing his eyes? Important questions out of Doha.

'90s TV Families Were Totally Broke

There's no way could the 7th Heaven family could have gotten by on a minister's salary. A BuzzFeed original analysis of the finances of five TV families.

15 Easy Hacks For Perfect Eyeliner

From flawless cat eyes to Scotch tape stencils, these tricks will ensure you never leave the house with crooked liner again.

And Now For A House Built Out Of Recycled Heineken Bottles

As if you need another reason to drink.

The Dorchester Monster

17-year-old Terri Leigh Cox spotted this strange beast running through a park in Dorchester, Dorset. “It looked about the size of a small gorilla."

35 Cute And Clever Ideas For Place Cards

Because if nobody knows where they're supposed to sit at your wedding/dinner/party, it'll be ANARCHY.

11 More Of The Best/Worst Local Business Slogans

Sometimes when you play with words, they bite. Graded A — F.

You Can Now Access 1993 From Any NYC Pay Phone

Quick: If you are in Manhattan, go to a pay phone and dial 1-855-FOR-1993. This isn't a joke. It's art.

What It's Like Being The First Game Developer In Your Entire Country

Leti Games is the only game studio in Ghana. "We are on the verge of creating not just a game company, but an entire industry," says a founder.

Lindsay Lohan Hanging Out With Charlie Sheen And Eddie Winslow From "Family Matters"

Glad to see that Darius McCrary is still acting, but is the best role Eddie Winslow can get is that of an inmate? C'mon, Hollywood!

Animals March Madness, Round 2: Red Pandas Vs. Foxes

Wild puppies versus wild pokemon. You decide!

There Was A Man In A Tutu At The Supreme Court And He Stole The Show

There were a lot of demonstrators outside the Supreme Court Building Tuesday when the court heard arguments for Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Prop 8 case. Including this guy.

White House On Supreme Court Prognostication: Remember Health Care

"I think we've seen in recent history that there's ample reason to be cautious," says Carney.

Rob Lowe's Movie Debut Was LITERALLY 30 Years Ago

Rob tweets a thank-you to anyone who bought a ticket in 1983 to his first film. He also reminds us (yet again!) that he has not aged.

The Emotional Speech From The Only Republican In Congress Who Opposed DOMA

Steve Gunderson, a Republican Congressman was famously outed by another Republican member of Congress in a personal attack. "Why must we attack one element of our society for some cheap political gain? Why must we pursue the politics of division, of fear, and of hate," Gunderson said in an impassioned speech against DOMA in 1996.

How To Make Adorable Easter Egg Cakes

The Easter bunny may not exist (oops, was that news?) but this magic is very real.

The 13 Coolest Movie Theaters In The World

Free foot massages, views of ancient landmarks and even a big screen in a cemetery? YES, OKAY.

Here's A Song Dedicated To Zac Efron In Flaunt Magazine

Side note: don't forget to breathe while looking at these photos.

Desnuda - Eat - Thrillist New York

It basically means "naked" in Peruvian, but you should probably put on at least a tank top before heading to Williamsburg to enjoy the much larger offshoot of Desnuda, the St. Mark's ceviche fave from the team behind Gin Palace, Amor y Amargo, and…

12 Things Repealing DOMA Would Change

Striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, on which the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments, could change more than 1,000 laws affecting 9 million Americans.

That Ford India Ad Isn't As Unusual As You Might Think

Two proposed Ford India ads — both depicting women bound and gagged in Ford trunks — forced an apology from the company, but marketing that uses violence against women to sell a product is hardly new.

31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

While you're impatiently waiting for summer to just GET HERE already, start planning your outdoor space.

Fox Sports Ohio Cuts Two Female Fans Kissing From Rebroadcast Of Spring Training Game

There's nothing salacious about this video. But that didn't stop it from being cut.

Why Are The Serial Killers On "The Following" So Hot?

Don't they make ugly psychopaths?

When Crowdfunding Is A Matter Of Life And Death

With the health-care system in crisis, a growing number of people are turning to crowdfunding sites to pay their treatment bills.

The Prop 8 Case Could Be A Movie Soon

Director Rob Reiner says he still plans on directing a feature film version of Dustin Lance Black's play 8.

Here's The Transcript And Audio From Today's Historic Marriage Equality Arguments (UPDATED)

The Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments and discussed the Proposition 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, on Tuesday.

Lil Wayne Is A Human On "I Am Not A Human Being II"

This isn't a bad thing, but he's making it easy to forget exactly how unhinged, weird, and brilliant he can be.

The Most Deceptive Ads In The History Of Advertising

The "life size inflatable doll" ads of 1971 promised so much, but delivered so little.

The Insomnia Test

Sleep is for the weak. So is lunch. Here are 11 signs you might be suffering from sleep deprivation.

Katie Price Dressed As Some Kind Of Pink Centaur

Nobody explain this to me. I don't want to know. Okay fine, I'll explain what I do know: She's at the launching of KP Equestrian, her clothing line for horse riders.

Kelly Osbourne May Or May Not Be Taking Fashion Advice From Her Dad

This has to be the most she's ever looked like Ozzy Osbourne, right? I know, biology is crazy.

Baseball's Worst Owner Is Taking Fan Alienation To A New Level

He will sue the crap out of every last supporter if he has to.

30 Photos Of Marriage Equality Demonstrators Who Couldn't Make It To D.C.

People who couldn't make it to the Supreme Court's Prop 8 and DOMA arguments this week held their own rallies.

No, Sheryl Sandberg Does Not Have To Talk About Clothes

Another bullet on the growing list of Sandberg criticisms is that she fails to address fashion in Lean In. But so what?

World Handstands By A Lone Traveler Chick

Doing a handstand is hard. Getting foreign strangers to take the picture is harder. Her blog:

These Hip-Hop Lyric Street Signs Need To Be Permanent

Oh, yeah, just take a left at Nas' "You Wouldn't Understand" and go straight until you get to Jay-Z's "Where I'm From" and then take a right at Redman's "Rated R."

18 Examples Of Weird And Wonderful Band Merchandise

From weed grinders to Snuggies to condoms, these musicians went WAY beyond simple t-shirts and hoodies.

8 Healthy Smoothies Made With 3 Ingredients

Plus the world's best freezer hack so you'll actually make them.

This Anti-Gay Tweet That Went Viral Is Actually Fake

If a congressman's official website is hosted on blogspot, he may not be a real congressman.

Prop 8 Lawyer: "I Have No Idea" If The Court Will Make A Sweeping Ruling

After the oral arguments end, Ted Olson refuses to read the tea leaves.

20 Things That Will Probably Happen When You're Single At A Wedding

Here's a tip: Just RSVP with a plus one, and bring your best drunk friend along for the ride!

Forgotten '90s Boy Bands: Where Are They Now?

BBMak, won't you come back?

Simply Wonderful Illustrations Of "Parks And Rec" Characters As Superheroes

The cast is basically the justice league so this isn't too far off.

This Is The Greatest Sports GIF Of 2013

I don't even know where to begin. Everything about it is just...just perfect.

Obama Leads Rubio In March Madness Bracket Battle

The president jumps out in front against his Republican rival, but DC hoops bragging rights are still up for grabs.

The Anthony Adams Retirement Video Is Amazing

The Anthony Adams retirement video has officially set the bar for spectacular pro athlete retirement announcements.

Adorable Animals Continue Stealing Hugely Glamorous Jobs From Human Models

Celebrity pomeranian Tito the Pom stars in the new ads for Tous accessories. Shot by famous fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

Homeland Security Secretary Defends Domestic Trials For Terror Suspects

Despite criticism from Republicans, DHS has "gotten what I believe to be very, very goods results from a security and a law enforcement perspective," Napolitano says.

The 17-Year-Old Tech Millionaire

More than a hint of despair in writeups about Yahoo's $30m acquisition of Summly. This one, however, explains it best.

Life-Changing Tip Of The Day: Roast A Ton Of Hot Dogs At Once

You'll be invited to every campfire until the end of time.

This Store Wants You To Pay Them A $5 Browsing Fee Just To Look Around

Apparently, some people like to go into stores to see how much things cost and then find them cheaper online. Who would do such a thing?!

Kids React To Grumpy Cat

"When you say 'grumpy,' it makes the cat grumpy." GENIUS.

The 6 Best GIFs From The IRS "Star Trek" Parody Video

$60,000 of taxpayer money was spent on this Star Trek parody IRS employee training video — here's what America got in exchange.

Here's A Preview For The "Go On" Episode When Monica And Chandler Reunite

Not Monica and Chandler per se, but who cares, they're together!

Robert Reich: ‘There Is Nothing That Is Particularly Important About Balancing The Budget’

Reich weighs in on criticism that the budget drawn up by the Democratic senators doesn’t balance. “There is nothing that is particularly important about balancing the budget,” Reich says. “It sounds good, but you don’t really want the budget to be…

Your Busted Bracket Is Not The End Of The World

Now you can actually enjoy the tournament.

The 11 Worst American Remakes Of British Shows

Unfortunately lost in the translation, or blindingly awful production decisions? You decide! Hint: The second one is the answer.

Is Zach Braff A Time Traveler?

Well, this certainly proves he's not NOT a time traveler.

Meet Mohawk Ad Man

Mohawk, Mo Money.

Homeland Security Secretary Questions Creation Of Security 'Trigger' In Immigration Bill

"Once people really look at the whole system and how it works, looking at one thing as a trigger is not the way to go,” Napolitano says. But conservatives may demand inclusion in bill.

What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like

As translated into bagels, burritos, and more. This will come in handy if you ever decide to subsist on chicken nuggets alone.

45 Things Every Visitor To London Needs To Know

Key facts to bear in mind when planning a trip to our fine capital. Photos via the mighty Shit London.

Dead Duane Allman Stars In New GEICO Ad

Their new motorcycle insurance ad features the classic Allman Brothers song "Midnight Rider." Thing is, Allman and bassist Berry Oakley both died in motorcycle accidents.

17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed

Some map porn for cartophiles. Is that a thing? Regardless, these are delightful.

Amanda Knox To Face Retrial For The Murder Of Meredith Kercher

“I am happy the Supreme Court has seen the faults in the acquittal and I trust the next trial will be fair and balanced,” said Francesco Maresca, a lawyer representing the Kercher family.

Jim Carrey's Country Song About Guns Leads The Daily Links

Plus James Franco as a cookie, the most expensive t-shirt in New York, and a really gross thing that happened to someone from Game of Thrones.

Deconstructing "The Wolverine" Vine Teaser

Because we need something to fill those three days until the full-length trailer is released.

Snooki Has Settled Into Motherhood With Baby Lorenzo

It's been a year since the former party girl announced she was pregnant and turned her life around. We gotta admit, motherhood suits her!

Belgium's Sweet Chocolate Postage Released For Easter

The Belgian post office released 538,000 stamps that have pictures of chocolate on the front and (are supposed to) taste like chocolate when you lick them.

36 Things You'll Need To Know The Next Time You Camp Out In Front Of The Supreme Court For Days

Camping in front of the Supreme Court building any time soon? I've got you covered. Listen to tips from people who have been living outside of the Supreme Court for the past couple days now.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened on celeb twitter today!

The "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Likability Rankings

As Season 3 comes to a close, we look at which Housewives have found redemption, and which are past the point of no return.

10 Things You Might Not Remember About “Out Of This World”

Sure, the TV show had a ridiculous plotline, but did you know it had an Oscar-winning song as its theme song?

Rare Rothschild Baby Giraffe Stands For The First Time

There are only 670 left in the world and none are cuter than this one.

Irrefutable Proof That Justin Timberlake And Guy Fieri Are The Same Person

This conspiracy theory just got a double dose of frosted tips!

Geneticist's Renderings Suggest The Royal Baby Would Be Hotter As A Dude

Behold: an arbitrary yet IMPORTANT imagining of what the royal kid could look like as a 25-year-old.

Matt Lauer ABC: 'Today' Host Almost Left NBC For ABC

Matt Lauer almost ditched NBC for ABC during last year's Ann Curry debacle, a new report claims.

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