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March 29, 2013

5 Legal Obstacles Trans People In Arizona Face

Transgender residents of Arizona aren't protected from job or housing discrimination, can't get divorced, and may not be allowed to use the bathroom of their identified gender. Arizona's laws and policies are a reminder of the problems trans people can face nationwide.

Gary Shteyngart Is Ready For Dystopia

The Super Sad True Love Story author talks about getting Google Glass, dealing with inevitable machinehood and the "endless experiments" of getting older.

A Pity Party For Victims Of Allergy Season

This one goes out to the stuffy-nosed, dry-eyed, and phlegmy heroes who have to deal with the Earth's constant need to change seasons even though it's clearly a direct assault on their bodies and no one is doing anything to stop it!

Democratic Congressman Deletes Tweet, Apologizes For Comparing NCAA Tournament To The "Trail Of Tears"

Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley drew the ire of Twitter last night when he compared Ohio State's last-minute wins in the NCAA tournament to the "trail of tears" — a term used to refer to the forced removal of Native Americans by the United States government in the early 19th century resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. Braley later deleted his tweet and apologized to "anyone who was offended."

9 Very Specific Foods Vegetarians Miss Terribly

Usually not eating meat is not so hard, and there are lots of good substitutes. But we BuzzFeed vegetarians all have that ONE thing we just really, really miss. Warning, NSFWW (Not Safe For Weak Wills).

Lying Around With Brandon McCarthy

It doesn't take too much to be the funniest guy in the major leagues. Fortunately, the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitcher, fresh off a little brain surgery, doesn't feel like doing too much right now anyway.

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