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March 29, 2013

The "Jurassic Park" Dinosaur Power Rankings Lead The Daily Links

Plus the oddly cute sound spaceships make when they dock, Game of Thrones house sigils for websites, and puppies just because.

10 Easter Bunnies Straight From Hell

Here comes Peter Rotten-tail...

The Best Way To Get Under LeBron's Skin

The most effective defensive strategy in the NBA.

Amazing Mass Swim Jump

Amazing Mass Swim Jump

28 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On "Walking Dead"

If I were a zombie, I'd save him for last, because he'd be the tastiest. Nom nom nom.

5 "Game Of Thrones" Predictions From Past Seasons' Trends

The rise of the Lannisters, a decline in direwolves, and more — BuzzFeed analyzed the scripts from the first two seasons for indications of things to come.

Animals March Madness: Semifinal Lightning Round

Who will play in the championship? Let your heart decide.

The 27 Most Memorable Moments From Spring Training

The games may not have counted, but these plays did...IN OUR HEARTS.

That Awkward Moment Drake The Rapper Thought Rosie O'Donnell Was Complimenting Him

That and 10 other tweets you missed today on celeb twitter.

14 Memorable Uncle Vernon Moments From "Harry Potter"

In honor of actor Richard Griffiths, who passed away at 65.

Charming Tumblr Shows Us "What Ali Wore"

This is Ali. He lives in Berlin. He walks past photographer every day while she works, so she started to keep track of his amazing outfits.

The First Disposable Cell Phone Was Smaller Than Your iPhone

This 1999 invention never took off, but the idea was pretty cool.

Facebook Is Taking On Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" Series

The social network's newest feature could create a rival to Reddit's AMA giant

23 Of The Greatest Puns Of All Time

It's just a fact: puns are the HIGHEST form of humor. There is nothing funnier, and there will never EVER be anything funnier than a pun. Maybe. Here are some of the best.

Lil B Will Bring Joy And Happiness To Your Life

He has a wacky rep, but he's about to become your positivity guru. Even if you can't get into his music, he can still make you smile.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results. For some reason, you were all really harsh on the ladies of Mad Men this week!

Listen To Best Amazingly Bad Melodica Cover Of The Game Of Thrones Theme

This version of the theme song is definitely more epic than the original. Bwaah bwaah bwahbwah bwaaah bwaaah bwah bwah bwaaaah.

9 Forgotten Easter Specials From Your Childhood

From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Fat Albert, there have been some pretty forgettable Easter Specials.

12 Old Timey Bunnies Doing Very Interesting Things

Easter isn't the only day bunnies conduct business.

Chris Brown Tells Radio Station He's Not Dating Rihanna Anymore

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

5 Legal Obstacles Trans People In Arizona Face

Transgender residents of Arizona aren't protected from job or housing discrimination, can't get divorced, and may not be allowed to use the bathroom of their identified gender. Arizona's laws and policies are a reminder of the problems trans people can face nationwide.

Remembering Care Bears Easter Baskets

Being an ‘80s kid meant only one thing, getting a Care Bear for Easter.

There's A Big Gay Marriage Debate On Beyoncé's Instagram

Fans on both sides of the issue of marriage equality are flooding the comments of B's recent photos.

Why Does North Korea Want To Bomb Austin?

America's weirdest city is on Kim Jong-un's targets map. Speculate within!

Donovan McNabb Is Really Mad At Tony Romo's New Bazillion-Dollar Contract

Tony Romo is getting the second-most guaranteed money in NFL history. And McNabb is not impressed.

14 Things Eliminated Reality Show Contestants Say

They weren't here to make friends ... but they did.

Tonight Is The Best Night Of The College Basketball Season

Perennial powers on the one hand, bloodthirsty underdogs on the other. Let's go.

Gary Shteyngart Is Ready For Dystopia

The Super Sad True Love Story author talks about getting Google Glass, dealing with inevitable machinehood and the "endless experiments" of getting older.

Amy Poehler Is Possibly A Never Aging Immortal

It's the only thing that can explain her being on the cover of a 1934 issue ofCosmopolitan.

28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

Amid all the craft fails and cooking flops, there are some things you read on Pinterest that actually work. The proof is in the pin.

Should You Delete Annoying Facebook Comments?

YES. Embrace your tyranny. Also: Who asks whom on a first Gchat date? And Facebook chatting old crushes.

27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes

Your life would be so much better as a cave-dweller.

Confirmed: William Shatner Is A Ninja

In 1981, he appeared on Circus of the Stars and Bruce Lee-d the crap out of everything.

This Cat Actor Just Doesn't Care About Acting That Much

Meet Pride. He's like the Franco of cat Hollywood.

North Korea's Tweets Are Like Bad Indie Rock Lyrics

Or like really good prog rock lyrics. All indie tweets courtesy of this English-translation of North Korea's Twitter feed @uriminzok_engl.

30 Brilliant Ways To Hack Your Booze

Because if you spend too much time finding/opening/chilling your alcohol, you won't have as much time to drink it.

Avatar Advocacy: How Facebook Turned Red In Support Of Gay Marriage

2.7 million people showed their support by switching profile pictures. But what does it all mean?

A Pity Party For Victims Of Allergy Season

This one goes out to the stuffy-nosed, dry-eyed, and phlegmy heroes who have to deal with the Earth's constant need to change seasons even though it's clearly a direct assault on their bodies and no one is doing anything to stop it!

16 Foods That Should Actually Blow Your Freakin' Mind


Facebook's Data Team Crunches Numbers On Red Equality Profile Pictures

Did it seem like Facebook was extra red this week? Facebook’s Data Science Team posted a note highlighting the activity on Facebook around this week’s debate on the future of same-sex marriage in the United States.

Did Esperanza Spalding Come Out Last Year With This Music Video?

The Grammy Award-winning jazz bassist and singer released the video for "I Can't Help It" last July. In addition to being a beautiful video about a beautiful song, it is also wonderfully queer. How did we miss this?!

The Shirtless Scene You Won't See In "G.I. Joe: Retaliation"

This bar scene with Channing Tatum, D.J. Cotrona, and The Rock was cut from the film, which is a terrible, terrible shame.

All The Swearing In "Game Of Thrones"

Westeros is full of potty-mouths. NSFW language, obviously.

22 People Who Found Jesus In Their Food

He may have been crucified 2,013 years ago today (ish), but when you scarf potato chips, he's watching.

"Everyone Is Jesus" Is The Best Religious Pop Song By A Swedish Swami You Will Hear Today

Sheep + watering cans + a trippy Jesus = music video gold.

Epic Piano Version Of "Walking Dead" Theme Includes Zombie Violinist

This is going to get you so pumped for the season three finale.

14 Shocking Confessions From "Jurassic Park Secrets"

This is the Tumblr for anyone harboring awkward feelings toward velociraptors. You are not alone.

The 12 Most WTF '90s Nintendo Commercials

Nintendo got with the 90's rude 'tude.

Michelle Shocked Stages Strange Sit-In At Canceled Show Venue

After nearly all of her concerts were canceled due to an anti-gay slur she made earlier this month, folk singer Michelle Shocked held a very bizarre sit-in in Santa Cruz, California.

Bronson Pinchot Resurfaces Making A Mess Of A Local Weather Forecast

"We're not really on TV are we?" ! Actually yes, YOU ARE.

Could A Win On Marriage Weaken LGBT Organizations?

"After marriage passed in the Netherlands, the movement more or less collapsed," said the lawmaker who sponsored the Dutch marriage equality bill. Could that happen in the United States?

8 Notable Cats Who Are Now Less Famous Than Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat beat out Maru, Lil Bub, and Garfield, according to Google Trends.

18 Insane Photos Of Houses Devoured By A Landslide

A huge landslide in Washington state sent trees, yards and homes into the sea.

19 Reasons You Should Not Go Out To Da Club Tonight

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

Democratic Congressman Deletes Tweet, Apologizes For Comparing NCAA Tournament To The "Trail Of Tears"

Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley drew the ire of Twitter last night when he compared Ohio State's last-minute wins in the NCAA tournament to the "trail of tears" — a term used to refer to the forced removal of Native Americans by the United States government in the early 19th century resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. Braley later deleted his tweet and apologized to "anyone who was offended."

This Should Be Marvel's New Logo

Swoooooooooon. This gorgeous fanimation was created by Blackmeal.

Who Would You Rather Be Friends With In High School: January Jones Or Christina Hendricks?

These two beautiful Mad Men actresses had very different experiences in high school.

One Bunny's Tips To Become King Of The Easter Egg Hunt

Nervous about competing in an Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday? Don't worry! Rambo's got you covered.

All Of Kanye West's Yearbook Photos

Love him or hate him, 'Ye was a really cute kid.

8 Utterly Blasphemous Crucifixion Ads

Happy Good Friday! One ad is NSFW.

Where Did Kim Jong-Un Get His Apple Computer?

A trade embargo between the U.S. and North Korea doesn't stop Kim from being a Mac guy. Did he get it from China?

We Need To Talk About John Travolta's Goatee

Is it even a goatee? More like a chintee, it's like a little chin yarmulke.

Let's Play The Walmart Game

3 items. 1 Cashier to terrify. Go.

Why The Billion-Dollar Gluten-Free Industry Is Secretly Laughing At All Of Us

Gluten, the protein-complex mainly found in wheat products, has become a recent villain of approximately 29% of American's, according to the NPD Group. Is all the hype legitimate though? According to the University of Chicago's Celiac Disease…

The 8 Best College Foods In America

According to the Internet.

Is It Possible To Eat This Bar Of Chocolate Forever?

No. No, of course it's not possible. Are you crazy?

Catholic High School Welcomes Male Couple To Attend Junior Ball

After calling in to a local radio station, two gay teens who attend McQuaid Jesuit High School are being welcomed to attend their Junior Ball as a couple.

Morrissey Is Exactly The Same As He Was At 21

As evidenced by this Letter of Note: "I'm unhappy, hope you're unhappy too." This note from a pre-Smiths Moz to his pen pal is amazing.

The Risks Of Wearing A Dress With Two Sllits In The Leg

As evidenced by Kylie Gillies at the Prix de Marie Claire Awards. Just because Angelina Jolie can rock a look, that doesnt mean everyone can.

18 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The Gym

Welcome to the gym. Population: not you.

The 10 Dumbest Ads In The World

From March. These aren't all necessarily terrible ads, just stupid.

Someone Needs To Have An Intervention With The Two Pieces Of Hair On Bradley Cooper's Face

And they need to do it as soon as possible. Sorry, Bradley.

Sorry, But This Video Of Fred Phelps' Son Being Attacked By A Fat Naked Man Is Fake

What's even weirder is that it was actually a publicity stunt to advertise a live crucifixion.

Kate Upton Wants Men To Shave Their Balls

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is particular about her men.

What Amazon Is Getting From Goodreads

A community of reviewers that's many times as active as Amazon's.

John Mayer Is Wearing His Oversized Hat Again

Guess this means he's single again.

9 Very Specific Foods Vegetarians Miss Terribly

Usually not eating meat is not so hard, and there are lots of good substitutes. But we BuzzFeed vegetarians all have that ONE thing we just really, really miss. Warning, NSFWW (Not Safe For Weak Wills).

14 Photos Of George W. Bush Touching Bald Men's Heads

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Jessica Simpson's Intelligence Defended By Fashion Designer

"I mean, she's smart. People don't realize it."

Kyle Richards Went Shopping With Aviva Drescher In LA

It's blowing my mind that these two hang out, it's like a Real Housewives combustion!

The First Truly Honest Cable Company

"Fuck you, you'll take what we give you."

Doug Gottlieb: CBS Analyst Apologizes After Telling Panel He's There 'To Bring White Man's Perspective'

Sitting in the middle, Gottlieb said: 'I don't know why you guys ask me, I'm just here to bring diversity to this set, give kind of the white man's perspective,' he said during the show.

Nick Offerman's Break Dancing Is A Delight

And you need to watch this clip right now.

Filipino Catholics Nail Themselves To Crosses On Good Friday

Honoring the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Looks pretty painful.

Hanksy Nabbed By Cops Putting Up "Weird Gal Yankovic"

All this month in Los Angeles, the street "fartist" has been putting up his bad-pun art to promote an upcoming show.

Why The '90s Was The Golden Age Of Magazines

Thanks for ruining all this, internet.

48 Reasons It's Great To Be British (Yes, Really)

It's OK, you can admit it. You're allowed to be proud.

Mass Rally In Pyongyang In Support Of Kim Jong Un

Thousands of North Koreans turned out for a rally at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang in support of leader Kim Jong Un’s call to arms.

How Obama Decided God Was OK With Marriage Equality

The last great mystery of Obama’s marriage shift.

JFK Jr. Photos Released

Fifty-year-old images of John F. Kennedy Jr. sitting in the pilot's seat of his father's presidential helicopter were digitized and released online Thursday.

11 Photos Of Ryan Gosling's Fists Of Glory

We love Ryan's go-to face, almost as much as he does.

Lying Around With Brandon McCarthy

It doesn't take too much to be the funniest guy in the major leagues. Fortunately, the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitcher, fresh off a little brain surgery, doesn't feel like doing too much right now anyway.

Paul Walker's Cars

The Fast & Furious 6 actor really knows his stuff. Respect.

The Texas Nationalist Movement Is Pretty Good At Photoshop

Apparently the TNM's end game involves Texas transforming into an island and floating around in the Gulf of Mexico. Don't forget to send postcards, guys!

How To Make Your Own Peep-Tastic Work Of Art

Good Morning America asked BuzzFeed to come up with something larger-than-life made of Peeps. So we decided to recreate Van Gogh's Starry Night. Pretty easy, right?

Alaska Republican Congressman: My Father Used To Have "Wetbacks" Pick Tomatoes

In an interview with a local radio station on Thursday, longtime Alaska Congressman Don Young used the racial slur "wetback" while discussing the economy.

LaQuinton Ross's Buzzer-Beater Propels Ohio State To The Elite Eight

"A COLD-BLOODED THREE." Indeed, Kevin Harlan.

15 Beautiful Buildings In Cleveland, OH

They may never get Ikea, but at least they have these...

Dating Advice From Cats

Never underestimate our furry feline friends -- they have more dating insight than you think.

Vigilantes Seize Town In Mexico And Shoot At Tourists After 'Commander' Is Killed

The 1,500-strong force has also set up improvised checkpoints on the major road running through Tierra Colorado, which connects the capital Mexico City to Acapulco, a coastal city popular with tourists less than 40 miles away.

Lion Kills Heron In Front Of Crowd In Amsterdam Zoo

A family of lions was caught on film catching and killing a heron at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

The Gross Hipster Sexism Of "Spring Breakers"

I can't stop thinking about how much I hate this movie.

28 Things That Will Make You Seriously Miss Recess

Recess should be mandatory for grown-ups. Just saying.

20 Completely Unbelievable Vintage Record Covers

Holy crap, why can't music still be this awesome?

2014 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac has redesigned the CTS and it's one seriously handsome automobile.

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