17 Pinterest Fails

Pinterest — 1, Hopeful Bakers & Crafters — 0

You know that feeling you get when you’ve successfully completed a Pinterest project? Yeah, me neither. I once learned how to do the sock bun, but it didn’t look nearly as good as the original pin. This site makes you believe you can be a badass baker or a professional photographer, and then crushes your dreams when you fail. It’s depressing, but entertaining for so many others.

ID: 704033

1. S’mores Cookies

I’d probably still eat this. No need to waste a perfectly good amount of chocolate.

ID: 702857

2. String Art Balloons

A for effort.

ID: 702866

3. Family Portrait

This one’s going on the wall.

ID: 702872

4. Cookie Monsters


ID: 702882

5. Pepper Eggs

Is it weird that I still want to try this? Despite the guaranteed disaster?

ID: 702906

6. Marbled Nails

Not even going to attempt this one.

ID: 702925

7. Chickadees


ID: 703040

8. Tree Painting

I honestly feel I could do this one. Maybe.

ID: 703046

9. Crayon Art


ID: 703051

10. Kit Kat Cake

Close enough?

ID: 703077

11. Waffle Bites

This just looks messy. I’ll pass.

ID: 703837

12. Cookie Holders

Nice try.

ID: 703922

13. Minion Cake

Legit laughed out loud at this one.

ID: 703944

14. Pumpkin Baby

I know, I’d cry too.

ID: 703951

15. Christmas Card

Of all the ones listed, this picture is probably the most successful.

ID: 703964

16. Door Wreath

Sad wreath doesn’t like the holidays.

ID: 703969

17. Hair Whip

Can’t even deal.

ID: 705434

Today’s lesson:

ID: 703989

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