28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

    Amid all the craft fails and cooking flops, there are some things you read on Pinterest that actually work. The proof is in the pin.

    1. You can grow a clementine tree indoors.

    2. You can use fire glass instead of wood for your backyard fire pit.

    3. Make incredibly realistic roses out of chocolate candy clay.

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    4. Lemons make great emergency candles.

    5. Making a brownie in a mug actually tastes delicious.

    6. You can use super glue to close up small flesh wounds.

    7. Behold: the world's best and cheapest slip and slide is made from plastic sheeting and baby soap.

    8. Run past one of these digital speed readers and it really tells you how fast you're going.

    9. This special fan for under the sheets really works to cool a bed.

    10. Orajel will stop mosquito bites from itching immediately.

    11. Reflexology.

    12. Apparently, this stuff gets rid of acne and fever blisters.

    13. Use newspaper beneath mulch to keep the weeds out in your garden.

    14. Make a reusable dryer sheet with a hand towel.

    15. Whitening toothpaste will remove nail polish stains.

    16. Unshrink a sweater with baby shampoo.

    17. Yes, you can turn a flannel shirt into a sexy strapless dress.

    18. Put baby powder in between coats of mascara and you'll notice a huge difference in volume.

    19. Put fidgety kids on an exercise ball and they'll concentrate better.

    20. You can clean dirty water with a stone and sunlight.

    21. Use deodorant on your razor burn.

    22. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar will get all the build-up out of your hair.

    23. This mango pitter looks magical, but is it?

    24. It's complicated, but you can make your own gin.

    25. Rid your pet of skunk spray smell with baking soda, liquid dish washing soap, and hydrogen peroxide.

    26. Use toothpaste to take the scratches out of DVDs and CDs.

    27. Suave Clarifying Shampoo works as an inexpensive soap scum remover for your tub.

    28. You can make this cool layered drink by stacking the sugar content.

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