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9 Very Specific Foods Vegetarians Miss Terribly

Usually not eating meat is not so hard, and there are lots of good substitutes. But we BuzzFeed vegetarians all have that ONE thing we just really, really miss. Warning, NSFWW (Not Safe For Weak Wills).

1. Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli

2. Meatball Appetizer with Grape Jelly

3. Salami

4. Pastrami Sandwiches

5. Pulled Pork

6. Chicken Salad

7. Tuna Sandwiches

8. Fried Chicken

9. And for vegans, it's all about CHEESE.

What non-veggie friendly food do YOU miss the most?

Add yours in the comments! This is a SAFE SPACE. (Although if you don't miss any meats or cheeses, good job. Stay strong!)