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    15 Reasons MagiQuest Is The Most Fun You'll Ever Have

    Best vacation ever. A mix between a video game and a Harry Potter wish-fulfillment center, MagiQuest is the perfect getaway for even the most casual nerd.

    1. MagiQuest is the closest you'll ever come to being a real wizard!

    Yes, even closer than Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Interestingly enough, rumor had it Universal approached the creators of MagiQuest to install their technology at Hogwarts but the plan never came to fruition.

    2. Choose your wand.

    Facebook: MagiQuest

    The first thing aspiring wizards must do upon entering the castle is choose their wand. Several models are offered, each with a detailed history of what materials went into its creation and what characteristics it represents. Basic wands are cheaper and can be modified at a later date with add-ons. Or you can purchase one of the special Dragon wands, which come with exclusive powers players cannot obtain through questing.

    3. If you really want to maximize your game, buy a wand topper.

    Facebook: MagiQuest

    Not only do they look badass and give your wand a sense of individual style, they each have a special power. Don't want to fight the Red Dragon? One-shot him. Need more health? Grab a heal. Want to creep out everyone in the entire building? Summon a Dark Wizard. Each topper is good for one initial use, then players must quest to recharge their powers.

    4. Or hell, throw caution to the wind and dress for wizarding success.

    Capes and crowns and WAND HOLSTERS. Sure, it's all a gimmick to get you to spend more money, but don't pretend like you don't want a wand holster.

    5. Time to get questing!

    Flickr: krystalc

    Once you're sufficiently suited up, it's time to rock and roll. MagiQuest is set up on timed play, with your wand charged to work for whatever number of hours you pay for, so time is of the essence.

    Each location has a Quest Hub, usually in the form of televisions embedded into a Stonehenge-inspired ring of trees. Once you wave your wand, a wizard will appear to send you on your first quest. After you complete each objective, players return to the tree for their reward and to unlock the next series of adventures.

    6. Don't worry: If you forget what the wizard said, use the Ancient Book of Wisdom.

    Or, if you're a power gamer, if you sped past everything he said because TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, LET'S GOOOOOO.

    All wizards are issued a book during the tutorial process that teaches the basics of wand waving and what sensors to look for to trigger events or treasure. The book lays out each quest objective, what steps to take to achieve it, and what powers and abilities each adventure unlocks in case you want to plan ahead.

    7. Time to wave your wand and gain some levels!

    The infrared technology embedded in your wand will trigger the sensors littered on just about everything in the land of MagiQuest. Wave your wand to open chests, collecting gold to buy dueling passes or to help complete quests. Find hidden rooms unlocked only by the magic of your wand. Or light up objects and bring animatronic creatures to life with the flick of your wrist.

    Like this.

    8. Sometimes you have to solve a puzzle to talk to a secondary quest giver.

    Facebook: MagiQuest

    Closed-off areas with large television screens can be found throughout the game. Sometimes they'll have a creature to fight, but sometimes they'll have a mythical creature or princess in need of help. In order to access them, players have to use their wits and Runes to solve puzzles.

    9. Completing objectives gives you new Runes, which unlock new powers for your wand.

    All new wizards start out with the title Apprentice, along with very few powers. However, as you progress through the game and gain experience, you also gain new titles and abilities. Eventually the spells of Lightning, Enchant Creature, Music, Protection, Freeze, Distraction, Healing, Portal, Dazzle, Reveal, and Ice Arrow will be at your disposal. Once you achieve the rank of Master Magi, new high-level adventures open up with the rewards being Fire, Shield, and Potion Runes.

    10. Some locations are big enough to actually get lost in.

    Over 8,000 square feet of magical lands is a lot of ground to cover. While some locations are only an Enchanted Forest, the larger realms have villages, ice caves, dungeons, a goblin kingdom, secret passages, and more. With each quest consisting of multiple parts, adventuring can be quite the workout.

    11. After running all over completing quests, you finally get to fight the BOSS.

    Facebook: MagiQuest

    Armed with the proper Runes, many quests culminate with the quintessential epic boss fight. You and the villain are assigned a certain amount of health, visualized by pillars on either side of the fight screen. Like a video game boss, players must figure out the pattern and weakness of their foe and defeat them before running out of health.

    12. Get bored doing quests? Fight other Magi in duels.


    Because the only way to be the best at something is to stomp your friends in one-on-one battle. Standing in front of specialized consoles, each Magi is able to use the Runes they've collected to battle it out for wizard supremacy.

    13. Like a video game, MagiQuest locations can add expansions.

    The creators of MagiQuest aren't just sitting around raking in cash hand over fist. They're constantly coming out with new content. Many of the larger locations have other things to do, like mini-golf or fun mazes, to fill the space until the new expansion comes out. The two latest innovations are the Ice Dragon kingdom and CompassQuest, both of which add hours of more adventures.

    14. You can even continue to gain levels and powers online.

    Just because you have to leave doesn't mean you have to stop playing. Each wand is imbued with a computer chip to save your progress. This means not only can you continue your quest with online-only adventures, but if you go to a new MagiQuest location, all your previous Runes and levels will be retained.

    15. Why are you still reading this? Go find the location nearest you and slay some dragons!

    There are 14 locations spread throughout the United States and two locations in Japan. You can find out all about the realm nearest you on the official website.

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