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38 Reasons Jameson Is The Liquor Of The Gods

This one's for you, Jamie. Thanks for all you've done.

1. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

2. You don't need to wear pants to enjoy it.

3. Or a shirt.

Hey there, Donald Glover.

4. It's the long-standing shot choice of bartenders.

5. It goes well with a hearty breakfast.

6. But it's not just for breakfast anymore.

7. It's the ideal whiskey for chopping wood.

8. It makes every camping trip better.

9. It creates rainbows.

10. It fights the flu.

11. It's Oreo's favorite drink.

12. And McNulty's favorite drink.

13. And Bunk's.

14. And also Peggy Olson's.

15. Oh, and Rihanna too.

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16. It's the perfect aperitif for a fancy dinner.

17. It goes well with soft-serve ice cream.

Caption on this photo is "What you know about Jameson Soft Serve Ice Cream?"

18. And Froot Loops.

(Ed. note: we don't recommend actually mixing it with Froot Loops).

19. It's the No. 1 whiskey among bunnies.

20. Wookiees love it.

21. It can do a kickflip.

22. It will make you friends at the bar.

23. Picklebacks!

24. It's magic in coffee.

Especially with lots of whipped cream.

25. With hot water and honey, it soothes a sore throat.

26. It looks good with your new manicure.

27. It's easily transportable.

28. And bulldogs are happy to help you carry a bottle.

30. It makes an impressive chandelier.

31. Around the holidays, it works as mistletoe.

32. An empty bottle turns into a hookah.

33. It inspires works of art.

34. It helps you drown your sorrows.

35. "It tastes like the sweet kiss of the blessed virgin mother herself."

-John Stanton, BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief

36. It's a great kisser.

37. It never, ever complains about your dumb nicknames.

And don't worry if you run out!


38. Uncle Joe will pick you up some more from Costco.