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    13 Incredible Tiny Paintings Made Out Of Food

    Artist "Red" Hong Yi is making a new food-painting every day in March. (Although it'll be really hard to top the dragon made entirely of dragon fruit.)

    1. Landscape Made From a Single Cucumber

    2. Tiger Made From Carrots, White Radishes and Prunes

    3. Chicken Made From Eggs

    4. Dragon Made From Dragon Fruit

    5. Banksy Graffiti Made From Nori and Apple

    6. Oreo Dogs

    7. Edible Garden

    8. Giant Squid Attack Made From Squid Ink

    9. Cherry Tomato Balloons

    10. Ice Cream Bar Bears

    11. Three Little Pigs, Part 1

    12. Three Little Pigs, Part 2

    13. Three Little Pigs, Part 3