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    13 Alternative Haggadahs To Brighten Up Your Passover Seder

    Did you know there's a Haggadah for Buddhists? And hip hop fans?

    1. For the hip hop fan:

    The So-Called Seder comes in CD format, and features a matzoh on a turntable.

    2. For the "confused Jew" who enjoys puns:

    3. For the Facebook addict:

    The story of Passover is told here in a series of Facebook updates.

    4. For Buddhists:

    Zen types will enjoy the Haggadah for Jews and Buddhists.

    5. For Christians:

    Christians, meanwhile, can use this Haggadah to have "an authentic Jewish Passover seder, from a distinctively Christian perspective."

    6. For the enthusiastic online dater:

    The most popular Jewish online dating website naturally has its own Haggadah, which you can download or view on an iPad. The introduction reads: "Look around and appreciate all you have, for we were once Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt where there was no cell reception and very few taxi cabs." So, there's that.

    7. For the feminist:

    In The Traditional Egalitarian Passover Haggadah, the four sons are replaced by the four daughters.

    8. For the literary snob:

    The author of Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close edited a haggadah that was released last year. The New Yorker approves, so... you're good.

    9. For the vegetarian:

    Seder plates typically involve a lamb shank. Not so in the Haggadah For The Vegetarian Family.

    10. For the animal rights activist:

    Haggadah For The Liberated Lamb is not only vegetarian, it also "celebrates compassion for all creatures." And it was in an exhibit at Harvard once!

    11. For the Pinterest fanatic:

    A website that allows you to put together your own custom Haggadah and print it out will indulge the DIY-obsessed.

    12. For the person who refuses to see 2-D movies anymore:

    13. For the socially awkward:

    The Un-Haggadah promises "to keep the conversation and wine flowing."