17 Excuses To Use Glitter In The Real World

It may have been your favorite part of elementary school craft hour, but chances are you haven’t used it lately. Get your Mod Podge ready, because the sparkles are coming.

1. 1. Glitter Bow Necklace

Can’t afford the bow-themed stuff from Kate Spade? Make your own, and make it better. Directions here.

2. 2. Glitter Stripe Candles

By now you probably know that you can do whatever you want to candles. Including glitter. Directions here.

3. 3. Glitter Wooden Blocks

Great for little kids, or just fun things to hand out to your friends. Maybe try a shamrock stencil for St. Patty’s day? Directions (sans shamrock) here.

4. 4. Glitter Jars

Hipster triangles and trendy chevrons make these feel like trendy log cabin fixtures. Directions here.

5. 5. Glitter Coffee Tumbler

Forget those plastic things emblazoned with the Starbucks logo. Directions here.

6. 6. Glitter Giraffe Head

Can’t decide if it’s cute or creepy. Don’t really care — it’s a giraffe covered in glitter. With fake eyelashes. Directions here.

7. 7. Glitter Eggs

The glitter-blocking (like colorblocking, but better) make these more awesome. Directions, with paper mache eggs, here.

8. 8. Glitter Swizzle Stick

For all of those stirred-not-shaken grown up cocktails you drink after work. Uses glitter tape instead of sprinkle glitter. Directions here.

9. 9. Glitter Hangers for Your Tutus

If you don’t own a tutu, you’re not secure enough in your own grown up-ness. Directions here.

10. 10. Glitter Clip-On Earring Shoe Decorations

No one needs those 1985 cheapo vintage clip-ons, until you cover them in glitter. Clip onto shoes, headbands, scarves, dog collars, ties… Directions here

11. 11. Glitter Cocktail Ring

To make an oversized statement about your sparkliness. The larger the ring and brighter the glitter, the better. Directions here.

12. 12. Glitter Geometric Vinyl Necklace

The color combo duos for this triangle-shaped colorblock necklace are endless. Gold and silver, mint and white (yes, white glitter), pink and purple. Directions here.

13. 13. Glitter Foam Fingers

Do ‘em up in your college colors for some team solidarity. Directions here.

14. 14. Glitter Cap Toe Flats

Put your own stamp on Chanel’s iconic flat style with the help of some sparkle. Directions here.

15. 15. Glitter Antlers

These antlers get bonus points for the oversized metallic circles. Extra shine is always better.

16. 16. Glitter Throw Pillow

You could totally draw stripes or chevrons instead of a heart here. Or circles, or stars, or horse shoes, or clovers. Or use blue glitter for a moon.

17. 17. Glitter Vases

Especially in the turquoise color. Directions here.

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