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    25 DIY Ways To Update Your Stairs

    Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. But after seeing these staircases, you'll realize that a boring staircase is an opportunity squandered.

    1. Wallpaper

    Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair-- switching up patterns makes it extra eye-catching, as in this pic.

    2. Painted Stripes

    Wonky painted stripes add color and character. Found on this post.

    3. Chevron

    Use stencils to paint a chevron pattern. Read about it and find a tutorial here.

    4. Books

    If you're a seriously skilled painter, depict your favorite books on each step. As seen here.

    5. Washi Taped

    Decorate a staircase with patterned adhesive tape. Find a link to the video tutorial here.

    6. Nautical Rope Banister

    Use door knockers to secure the rope. Via Jonathan Adler (left) and Bockman + Forbes Design (right).

    7. Staircase Decals

    These are available to buy here. $34.95 for a set.

    8. LED Lit

    Lighting along the base creates a floating effect. Read more about it here.

    9. Bike Rack

    Secure a bike wrack, like this one under the stairs for an aesthetically pleasing way to store your cycles.

    10. Piano Keys

    If you're a true musical fiend, you could easily DIY these in your own home with black and white paint. Found here.

    11. Wooden Palletts

    A great makeshift staircase for a loft. Get more information here.

    12. Lego Railing

    20,000 legos were used to create the rail int his chelsea apartment- surprisingly chic and modern! Get the details here.

    13. Rainbow

    Painting each step riser a different color is an easy way to brighten up your home. Picture found here.

    14. Ombre Bannister

    Or, keep the stairs white and paint each bannister railing a different hue to create an ombre effect. Image from here.

    15. Carpet Collage

    These stairs were decorated with 6 rugs sewn together. Read about it here.

    16. Numbered

    Perfect for kiddos. Read about the farmhouse containing this numbered staircase here.

    17. Chalkboard

    Paint each step riser with chalkboard paint, then write whatever messages or doodles you like. Found on this blog.

    18. Mirrored

    DIY these by adhering mirror tiles on each stair riser. Sort of creates a disco ball vibe.

    19. Balloons

    A cluster of balloons on the staircase are a quick and temporary way to create a party vibe, as done by this blogger.

    20. 18. Knitting

    These knit stairs could be replicated with a whole lot of patience by knitting scarf-like strips and adhering them to step risers.

    21. Rainbow Lighting

    Light outdoor steps in rainbow shades, found here.

    22. Vintage

    Use paint to create a vintage vibe on wooden stairs, like this blogger did.

    23. Mini Carpets

    Layering small, colorful rugs creates a magic carpet-like vibe. From this blog.

    24. Stamped

    Add some romance to the home with stamped X and Os. Get a detailed tutorial here.

    25. Pet Stairs

    Get directions here.