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November 10, 2011

The Medvedev Girls, Russia's Presidential Cheerleaders

The president of Russia has his own cheerleaders. Not politically or metaphorically...literally attractive young women in tight tops and short skirts. These are the Medvedev Girls, an online activist organization who really love Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. They're the Betty to Femen's Veronica.

Pig Shaped Pork Product

It's even called "Mini Piglets". Perhaps the fastest way to use a crock pot to traumatize dinner guests.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sesame Street

Everyone's favorite childhood show turns debuted 42 years ago today. To celebrate we've put together a list of things you may not have known about that most awesome of streets.

Birds Are Vain

A bird gives itself feather extensions by ripping scraps out of a newspaper. Showbird is the new showpony.

World's Largest Pet

It's a 1500-pound buffalo who cruises around in a convertible with his owner. The buffalo and the cocker spaniel make cute Canadian countryside friends. They should have their own wacky sitcom.

Herman Cain's New Slogan Is Awful

While in Michigan, Herman Cain posed the question, "How do you beat Obama?" His answer was an unsurprisingly ridiculous new slogan. Here's a good rule of thumb, Herman. If your slogan has a double meaning, it's only good if one of those meanings isn't a horrific act of violence that has racial undertones.

Powerful Photos Of War

In anticipation of Veterans day, LIFE has put together a powerful gallery of photos that remind us why we celebrate and support our boys and girls who fight for this country. (Warning: Some Graphic Images)

Ron Swanson Moustache Combs

Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec, has an actual woodshop, where they create handmade wood products, like this moustache comb. If you buy this, some of his dapper will probably rub off on you.

Dancing Cloud Phenomenon

This is some X-Files stuff, this is. Scientists are uncertain the exact cause, but the leading hypothesis is that ice-crystals in the Earth's atmosphere and electric discharges from thunderclouds create these strange jumping clouds.

Cupcake Turkey Dinner

Along with tiny candied yam tarts and green bean casserole quiche. By far the most adorable Thanksgiving dinner ever conceived. Thank, Celine!

Penn State Students Plank Amidst Their Riot

So I thought this had already happened, but planking is definitely over now, right? When a trend is used to voice support for a man who enabled a child molester that's the end of the trend. It's over.

Rick Perry's Stock Took A Bit Of A Hit

Oops. Intrade is the online prediction market that follows everything from stocks to box office openings to presidential candidate prospects (it's basically online gambling). Here's a snapshot of Rick Perry's standing immediately after his debate meltdown.

Pretty Sure Rick Perry Was Drunk Again

Rick Perry at the GOP debate can't remember his own talking points when coming up with the third department of government he would eliminate. "Oops."--Former Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

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