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November 10, 2011

Listen To 10 Seconds Of Every Hit Song Of The '70s

Nat Roe from WMFU radio made these awesome mixes of hits songs from every year of the 1970s. This blows that 5 seconds of every #1 song ever mix out of the water.

Powerful Photos Of War

In anticipation of Veterans day, LIFE has put together a powerful gallery of photos that remind us why we celebrate and support our boys and girls who fight for this country. (Warning: Some Graphic Images)

Al Franken Owns Republican Senator On Gay Marriage

Al Franken went after Senator Grassley during today's hearings on DOMA. When will Republicans stop spreading their BS?

Penn State Child Molester May Have Pimped Out Boys To Wealthy Donors

Just when you think this awful story couldn't get any worse. Mark Madden, the sports writer in Pennsylvania who first broke the Jerry Sandusky child rape story, now claims that Sandusky is rumored to have sold children for sex to wealthy donors. Here's a radio clip of Madden discussing an investigation into the stomach-turning allegations.

Joe Paterno's First Public Comments, Moments After Being Fired

The brilliant Tommy Craggs called it Paterno's "Nixon-Boarding-The-Helicopter" moment, and he's spot on. It's tone deaf. Sad. Deserved. Chaotic.

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