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November 7, 2011

Amazing Photos Of A Rhino Being Airlifted

And upside down, no less. Don't worry, the big fella is fine. This is all part of a relocation plan for black rhinos, meant to move the endangered species to less populated areas so that they have a better shot at survival.

The Mark Sanchez Flinch

No, it's not a gross new entry on Urban Dictionary. New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez got spooked by Buffalo Bills cornerback Drayton Florence and did a little pee pee dance.

Irritated Skin Art

Brooklyn artist Ariana Page Russell creates designs out of her dermatographia-plagued skin, a condition where hypersensitive skin easily swells and welts up with minimal contact. I can't wait until someone makes some psoriasis art.

10 Things More Likely To Be True Than The Bieber Paternity Accusation

When word leaked out that Mariah Yeater tried to tell an ex-boyfriend of hers that the baby was his, before filing a paternity suit against Justin Bieber her story began to look even shakier than it did initially. So we've gathered together a list of things that are more likely to be true than her Bieber baby accusations.

Dennis Ritchie

Did you know the guy who invented UNIX and the programming language C died on Oct. 13 of this year? No, of course not, you were lamenting the death of genius Steve Jobs.

Couple Gets Married While Running New York Marathon

Marriage, in many ways, is like a marathon. Unless you're Kim Kardashian. Then it's a sprint. Mary and Raymond Donaldson, who met while running marathons, tied the knot yesterday as they ran through New York. Hopefully the groom's bloody nipples won't cost him the deposit on his tux.

Man Shot With Rubber Bullet For Filming Police In Oakland

This is shocking. A man is filming a police line in Oakland when a police officer opens fires on him. I honestly am at a loss for words. But I'd like to take this moment to remind our boys in blue that pointing a camera at a police officer is not a crime.

Hayden Panettiere Is Interrupted By A Streaker At The MTV EMAs [NSFW]

So file this under "maybe fake." At MTV's European Music Awards Hayden Panettiere was presenting the award for "Best Song" (which seems like way too big an award for an actress of her current level of fame to present, but maybe Heroes never started sucking in Europe), when a streaker ran out on stage. So what did Hayden do? She let him talk on the microphone and the two had some witty banter. If it wasn't for his visible penis I'd be screaming "set-up," but now I'm not sure. What do you think?

Batman Goes After Pedophiles

He'll hunt them because they can't take it. Because he's not their hero. He's our silent guardian. Our watchful protector. Our dark knight... And this guy's a pedophile.

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