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November 14, 2011

Watch Herman Cain's Campaign Fall Apart Before Your Eyes

Sexual harassment charges haven't been able to bring him down, but this might. When asked if he supports how President Obama handled the situation in Libya, Herman Cain can't remember exactly how that all went down. The best quote: ”I’ve got all this stuff twiriling around in my head.”

The Original Titles Of 15 Classic Novels

The world probably would have been a much different place had some of these original titles stuck. I mean, would have taken the author of "Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice" seriously?

Calorie Burning Underwear Is Ridiculous

Calorie Shaper! It's the underwear that makes everything you do exercise. I don't speak Japanese though, so it is possible that it only works if you do dance routines like the people in this video.

9 Troubling Questions About The Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

On the heels of the revelation that the judge who freed Jerry Sandusky on bail was a donor to Sandusky's Second Mile charity, and the incredulous questions as to why she did not recuse herself, here are some more unanswered questions surrounding this awful scandal. Not to get into the realm of conspiracy theory, but there are some very disturbing "coincidences" surrounding this case.

PETA Attacks Mario Bros.

You ever wonder where Mario gets those cute little Tanuki suits he wears to make him fly? From Tanukis, obviously, which are real actual animals, also called Raccoon Dogs. And PETA is (understandably) pissed that he's still wearing Tanuki fur in the new "Super Mario 3D Land." So pissed that they made a fun little Flash game about it. Which is apparently what you do to vent your frustrations when you're mad at an imaginary video game character.

New Stills From Pixar's "Brave"

Looking good, Merida. Not scheduled to release until June of 2012, these little snippets are just enough to assage the already ravenous fan base.

If "Star Wars" Was Like "Cheers"

Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name. You know, a spin-off about the wacky antics of the Mos Eisley Cantina patrons wouldn't be the worst thing Lucas signed off on.

Joe Adams' Insane Punt Return

The most exciting 40 seconds in sports is without a doubt an amazing punt return. This one from this weekend's Arkansas-Tennessee game proves that in a big way.

Map Projections And You

Personally I can't decide between the Robinson and the Plate Carree. Of course, I didn't even have an opinion on this until this morning. Thanks, XKCD.

2Gether Possibly Reuniting

LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Legendary early 2000s boy band, 2Gether (RIP QT), is thinking about reuniting. Here's what we know so far about their possible reunion plans. If you want this to happen as bad as I do, you should share this post and sign the petition here!

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