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November 25, 2011

The Governor Of Kansas Likes Picking On Teenage Girls

What a statesman. The office of Sam Brownback saw a joking tweet by Kansas teen Emma Sullivan and promptly ran crying to her high school principal. Her school was going to force Sullivan to write a letter of apology to avoid a negative mark on her college transcripts, but she is rightfully refusing. #heblowsalot

Watch The Muppets Host A 1994 Episode Of "Larry King Live"

In honor of "The Muppets" opening this weekend, you can check out this trip down memory lane. Kermit and Gonzo guest-hosted "Larry King Live" in 1994. Their guests were Ted Koppel, David Gergen, supermodel Carol Alt, and Hulk Hogan. You can watch all of the nostalgic goodness here.

Seriously, Look At This Kitten

To help cure your post-Thanksgiving hangovers and food comas, look at this kitten. No, I'm serious. Stare deeply into those little tiny eyes, and all is better.

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