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November 15, 2011


Yo, Maru, we herd you like boxes, so we made you a box to wear so you can wear a box while you sit in box.

The Best Error Pages Online

Sometimes your favorite sites need a little downtime. Other times they send you a link that doesn't go anywhere. These sites make their errors a pretty enjoyable experience.

6 Reasons Hippos Are Terrifying

As the poor sap who was mauled to death by his pet hippo unfortunately found out, hippos are not cute and cuddly--they are 5 ton murder machines. The hippopotamus is not a pet, it is nature's morbidly obese psychopath.

11 Photos Of Zuccotti Park Before & After Eviction

The before pictures were taken a few weeks ago, just before the leaves began to change. The after were taken this morning. Protesters are currently awaiting a decision by a judge to see if they can go back in.

Watch The Last Sonic Youth Concert Ever

After the recent separation of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore there has been speculation that last night's show in Brazil may be the last for the band. Hopefully it won't be, but if it is at least there was video.

Man Mauled To Death By Pet Hippo

So that makes this video especially creepy and oozing with tragic irony. Marius Els was a farmer in South Africa who had raised Humphrey the hippo since it was a baby. Els' body was discovered last week, ripped apart by the hippo's razor sharp teeth. The fate of the hippo remains unknown.


Part of me wants to tell this dog to wipe that smug expression off his face, but also, if you are posing with 9 cupcakes that look exactly like you, maybe that is an appropriate time to be smug about things.

Gabrielle Giffords Speaks

Representative Gabby Giffords gives her first television interview since being shot in the head by Jared Laughner. She frequently struggles with words and has a long road ahead of her, but that only makes her progress all the more inspirational.

The NBA Players Association Website Has An Obnoxious Error Message

Get it? Because the union rejected the last offer from the owners and has decided to decertify, which means we will almost certainly have no basketball this season. I can't decide which side of this negotiation I resent more, but this "clever" 404 screen isn't doing the players any favors.

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