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November 28, 2011

Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall

VEVO originally had an entire Adele concert online, but they decided to take that down. So, here's the one performance they kept up, "Turning Tables."

Taekwondo Shufflin'

Bruce Lee meets Party Rock. What starts out as a flash mob dance routine quickly morphs into a martial arts extravaganza.

The Highest Dog At Occupy Albany

Albany, New York has one of only a dozen or so remaining Occupy camps. Over the weekend I decided to check it out. Here's my favorite occupier I saw there.

Which Avenger Has The Best Butt?

This is the question Marvel doesn't want you to ask. By concealing all behinds other than Black Widow's, how are consumers supposed to make an educated decision?

The Tire Pile Visible From Space

These nearly one million tires on 50 acres of land in rural South Carolina might get the property owner arrested. He was apparently hoarding them to sell to China, but the used tire market (sounds legit) collapsed and he got stuck with this sprawling graveyard of rubber and mosquito breeding.

The Coworker Hippo Meme

Turns out we're not the only species who has to deal with obnoxious coworkers peeking over our cubicles to annoy us. It plagues the noble hippopotamus as well.

Mitt Vs. Mitt

For an attack ad, it's actually pretty funny. The Democratic National Committee is running this in 6 battleground states, suggesting they don't think the Newt bubble is going to prevent Romney from getting the nomination. Ew. "Newt bubble."

Dunder Mifflin Is Now A Real Paper Company

Have you ever watched "The Office" and thought to yourself, "I wish I could actually buy the paper that they're selling"? If you said "yes" then we are no longer friends. But you can bounce back from the dissolution of our friendship by buying real Dunder Mifflin paper.

Ray Of Light On Dog Rescued In Iraq

Your heartstrings are about to be played like a fiddle. This is Hero, a dog rescued in Iraq by Army Specialist Justin Rollins. Shortly after saving Hero, Rollins was killed by a roadside bomb. Here now is the unlikely story of how this picture, which was not Photoshopped, came to pass.

Classic First Edition Book Covers

If you've ever wondered what your favorite books looked like when they were first published, wonder no longer. Flavorpill has put together a great collection of those covers. Here are our favorites.

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