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November 21, 2011

The Greatest Mug Shot Ever

This woman drove drunk, shoved one cop, and kneed another in the groin. Her coup de grâce? This mug shot. Ms. Lohan should take lessons from her.

Leonardo Da Vinci's To-Do List

No matter how productive you think you are, you'll never hold a candle to this man. Historian Toby Lester translated these scribbled notes from the famous inventor/painter/all around awesome guy.

Vertical Chess Set

This is an awesome idea. It comes with a "last move" marker that lets you know whose turn it is. Hang it on the wall and play a game with your roommate one move at a time. I want one.

Mitt Romney Is Hard To Relate To

This may be the most ridiculous thing Mitt Romney has ever said. I know that he is Mormon, but his "wayward" meter doesn't seem all that well-calibrated.

Hogwarts Walk Of Shame

Pro-tip: The walk of shame would be shorter if you'd sleep with guys in your own House. But then you wouldn't get to sing this awesome song.

American Migration

Do people want to live in your home town? Or your adopted home town? See for yourself.

Real Life Mario Karts Are Fantastic

West Coast Customs, aka those guys from "Pimp My Ride," made real life versions of the karts from Mario Kart. I want one immediately.

Chuck Norris Approved

And suddenly there was a noise. As if all of Barrens Chat cried out in ecstasy in unison.

The Human Senses

Turns out there are waaaay more than five. Once again, elementary school gave us only an elementary education.

Kitten Wrestling

There is no sport more raw, more visceral, or more adorable than kitten wrestling. Mittens 3:16 says "I just whooped your ass, Whiskers."

Horrifying Video Of Police Brutality In Egypt

Disturbing footage of protesters being savagely beaten by state police in Cairo, where 22 people have been killed over the weekend. Protesters are demanding the interim military council, who took power following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, step aside and refrain from interfering with next week's elections.

Pitbull Enjoys Lapdance from Jennifer Lopez

During last night's American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez gave Pitbull a lap dance, and the rapper seemed to really enjoy it. What Marc Anthony, who was in the audience, thought about it is less clear.

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