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November 29, 2011

11 Anachronistic Photos From Behind The Scenes

There is something discombobulating about Ring Wraiths using umbrellas. Just because the actors are portraying fantastical worlds or lush time periods doesn't mean they don't need modern conveniences.

Awesome Barney Frank Poster

His rumpled, slovenly, disheveled badassery will be dearly missed in Congress. Presumably from his re-election campaign for the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1979.

Monster Bark (Puzzle Game)

Here is a charming puzzle game with a very distinctive style to help you while away your afternoon. How far can you get? Post a screenshot in the comments.

Rick Perry Doesn't Know How Old You Have To Be To Vote

Nor when you vote. Oops. Here's Rick Perry hoping that a room full of college students in New Hampshire turn 21 by November 12th. For the record, you only have to be 18 to vote and the elections in 2012 are on November 6th. Someone please take his campaign behind the barn and put it out of its misery.

Apple's Siri Is Pro-Life

The iPhone 4S's killer feature is apparently anti-abortion. When posed with questions about a need for birth control, abortion clinics, or emergency contraception, Siri dodges the question or suggests pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

12 Clever Curbside Haiku Posters

As a cute way to promote pedestrian and cyclist safety, New York City is planting over 200 of these nicely illustrated bits of poetry at busy intersections. Hopefully pedestrians and cyclists aren't so distracted by artist John Morse's cleverness they ironically cause an accident.

Patrice O'Neal Dead At 41

The sometimes controversial, but always hilarious comedian Patrice O'Neal died last night after suffering a stroke back in October. These are some of his best moments. RIP.

Katherine Heigl Really Hates Balls

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this video made me kind of like Katherine Heigl. I didn't know that was possible. I mean I actually saw "The Ugly Truth," there should be no recovering from that.

Free Shrugs

This was someone's Halloween costume. He was spreading random acts of meh.

Beyoncé Says "Oh Baby" A Lot, Is Adorable

This behind the scenes video from the shoot of her music video "Countdown" features Beyonce talking about her pregnancy. It also features her being super cute. How could anyone not find this endearing?

This Is How You Advertise For An Art School

What happens when you make anti-drug PSAs about art? An awesome series of photos that make me want to go to art school. Now I just need to learn how to draw. But they'll teach me that, right?

The Cutest Lil Printer

Little Printer sits on your desk, connects wirelessly, and prints out all the news and puzzles from your smartphone. So unnecessary, yet I must have one.

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