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November 30, 2011

19-Foot Great White Shark Vs. 20-Foot Boat

A rare encounter with a giant shark off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, captured on video. "We think it's two dolphins pretty far apart. Those two dolphins turned out to be one giant shark."

The Episode Of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" That Might Bring Middle Eastern Peace

Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz sent this episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the hopes it might jump-start peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Seriously. The episode is called "Palestinian Chicken," in which Larry eats at a restaurant called Al-Abbas. The president of Palestine is Mahmoud Abbas. Har. A Pax Palestina is sure to blossom.

Herman Cain's Simplified View On Foreign Policy

Herman Cain's foreign diplomacy plan all comes down to countries who are our friends, and those who aren't. "Our Special Relationship" with the UK sounds alarmingly pervy coming from him.

"Bioshock" Movie Teaser Trailer Drops

If this is some sort of hoax, may whoever is responsible be set upon by Splicers. But if it's real, may it not fall into the yawning pit of horrible video game to movie translations.

Cool Kid Needs Her Sunglasses

Somehow, a pair of sunglasses act as a pacifier for a crying toddler. That's what happens when you're born cool.

15 Muppets Auditioning For Other Roles

Now that The Muppets are huge stars again, you've probably been wondering where they've been for the past decade or so. Well you aren't alone. The National Post's Steve Murray put together a series highlighting some of the roles our felty friends didn't quite land.

"The Wire" Monopoly Board

I have literally never wanted anything more than I want this. Someone at Parker Brothers better make this a reality. Tagline: It's all in the game.

Fire Alarm Interrupts The NBC Nightly News

Proving once again that he is among the coolest men in the universe, Brian Williams didn't let a loud fire alarm derail the news. Why? Because a professional, dammit.

Herman Cain Gets Very Candid With Wolf Blitzer

Conan O'Brien's version of yesterday's interview was way better than the real thing. Though it does seem that at this point the real Herman's getting closer to just bragging about it.

Man Sees Jesus In His Toast

BriTANicK finally has a new video, and Nick is seeing Tim Tebow Jesus in his toast. Brian isn't so convinced.

Crazy Photos Of Skiers On Snowless Mountains

This seems like a terrible idea. People apparently ski down slopes that have pebbles and crushed rocks in lieu of snow. I guess hurdling yourself down the face of a mountain on a slick, yet occasionally soft, surface is for losers.

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