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November 9, 2011

Tea Party Congressman Screams At His Constituents, Is Massive Jerk

Illinois Representative Joe Walsh, corrupt deadbeat dad and Tea Partier, began berating voters from his district when they dared question the motives of big banks. He's a people person (if those people are corporations).

Elephant Who Lost Leg To Landmine Gets Prosthetic Limb

See? Our species isn't always awful. Following in the prosthetic footsteps of Motala, this is Mosha. An organization called Friends of the Asian Elephant provided Mosha with an artificial limb after she lost her leg to a landmine in Thailand.

You Stay Classy Ashley Madison

I'm shocked that a website designed to help married men have affairs would produce an ad this offensive. Okay that was sarcasm. I'm not at all surprised. But that doesn't mean that this isn't horrible.

Marcel The Shell Sings "My Mother Got Lost In The Rug"

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is back with a new song. He reassures us that this song isn't about HIS mother. Phew.

Maria Bamford Killed On Conan Last Night

Maria Bamford is a genius. She is one of the funniest comedians alive and has been for years. If you haven't seen her live find out where she's going to be performing and go see her. That's right, travel cross-country if you must. She's that good.

Vacation Cat

Someone's cat got caught trying to take a pretty sweet new profile picture of himself, but he could do better. Use our Photoshop tool to edit him into some places really worth traveling to, because he's worth it.

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