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November 9, 2011

Bowser Beer, The Beer For Dogs

It comes in beef and chicken flavors. Plus it's made in America. This will be the engine of our economic recovery. Sorry, frat guys who want to start a gross new Bros Bowser Beering Bros trend...there's no alcohol. But this commercial is fantastic.

Tim & Eric's Commercials For Saints Row

There must be so many confused gamers right now. I wonder what the venn diagram of people who are actually psyched for this game and avid Tim & Eric fans looks like.

Minecraft Massacre

Frackin' creepers! An eerily accurate portrayal of how Minecraft users feel about these green ninjas.

Yearbook Photos Of The 2012 Candidates

High school and college yearbook photos of all the White House hopefuls. Young Biden+Young Romney+Young Perry=Hunk Sandwich. Young Cain+Young Santorum+Young Huntsman=Nerd Burger.

Maria Bamford Killed On Conan Last Night

Maria Bamford is a genius. She is one of the funniest comedians alive and has been for years. If you haven't seen her live find out where she's going to be performing and go see her. That's right, travel cross-country if you must. She's that good.


What happens when you mix facial hair and recursion? Nightmares.

Vacation Cat

Someone's cat got caught trying to take a pretty sweet new profile picture of himself, but he could do better. Use our Photoshop tool to edit him into some places really worth traveling to, because he's worth it.

R. Kelly's Memoir Has An Incredible Title

I always think to myself, "how can anyone not love R. Kelly?" Then I remember everything that's happened with R. Kelly and think, "oh that's why." But this is awesome.

Batman Is Terrible At Riddles

Now if only The Riddler could translate that failing into success, then he could move up in the Batman criminal hierarchy.

Yoga Breakdancing

Well this is something I'll never be able to do. This guy is awesome and not because he resembles former BuzzFeed intern Todd Van Luling. Well not just because of that.

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