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It’s Not Even Cold Enough For The Winter Festival In Ottawa

More like Waterlude lolol.

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This winter is so damn warm that the capital of Canada — Canada for chrissakes — can't even pull off a winter-themed festival today.

This is what the canal looks like now: a really big puddle.

Instagram: @amerry

Ice sculptures are cowering in fear.

Our @SimonGardnerCBC has found another victim of this mild weather at #Winterlude. A poor ice sculpture. #ottnews

Snowmen have been transformed into tragic tableaux of global warming.

RIP snowman. #Ottawa #Winterlude #weather

With a high of 4 degrees, it's basically Waterlude out there.

.@NCC_Skateway closed due to mild weather #ottnews #Winterlude https://t.co/2gcT8Jxe1K

And all events at Jacques-Cartier Park — aka "Snowflake Kingdom" — were cancelled for Feb. 1.

Sculptures being covered, some Jacques Cartier Park slides being closed as @Winterlude preps for rain.

Thankfully there was enough chill on the weekend for Winterlude to pull off a new record for most snowmen built in a single hour. 2,069, to be exact.

Wow! 2069 snowmen, that’s incredible and a new world record is set during #Winterlude! Congratulations everyone!

Why the long face, little guy? Is it because you're probably now a pile of slush?


While the weather is expected to dip back below freezing on Tuesday, Ottawa will see temperatures of around 7 degrees on Wednesday.

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