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19 Photos That Definitely Won't Make Sense To Tall People

"Wait for me, I have little legs!"

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1. Trying to perfect that selfie:

2. Attempting to do laundry:

3. The drastic measures to get something you need from the kitchen:

4. Always needing a stepladder in your house:

5. Like, for every room:

6. Desperately searching for a new pair of jeans:

7. Driving:

8. Attempting to see over the steering wheel:

9. Trying to sit comfortably at work:

10. Trying to sit comfortably outside of work:

11. Getting creative to achieve the things you want most:

12. Basically using any kitchen appliance to help your mission:

13. Buying shirts and turning them into dresses:

14. Letting nothing hold you back from your workout:

15. Saying "take me in your suitcase!" but really meaning it:

16. Missing out on the opportunity for that promo photo:

Mo > Monobrow, close enough.
Facebook: tahlia.pritchard

Mo > Monobrow, close enough.

17. Going to live shows:

18. Attempting to look older or more badass than what you are:

19. And hanging out with friends: