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Here Are Some Of The Weird And Wonderful Things Left On London's Buses And Trains

They include a prosthetic leg, a life-sized Spider-Man doll, and “enough musical instruments to form a band”.

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More than 300,000 items left on London's trains and buses last year ended up at Transport for London's lost property office.

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A soft toy boar's head, a carved wooden mask, a nun doll and a prosthetic leg are among the items at the Transport for London lost property office, in central London.


TfL lost property manager Paul Cowan said "this is one of the most gratifying parts of the jobs".

"We've had urns of ashes come through, bundles of notes, we've got enough musical instruments – guitars and trumpets and flutes and clarinets, even drum kits – to start our own band," he said.

"It could be the cleaner who finds the item on a train or a bus, it could be another passenger, it could be a member of TfL staff.

"Getting the item back to the customer and seeing the smile on their face is fantastic."

All items handed in to the TfL's lost property office are stored for three months before they are donated to charity, sent to auction, or recycled.

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